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Shandong: food "hidden money", consumption "sweeping monk"

2022-06-24 09:41:54New consumption of tide watching

 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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The taste can be recalled from the emotional feelings , You can also taste it from rational innovation .

If Shandong has a taste , It must have the mellow smell of thick soup and juice of Shandong cuisine , There are also refreshing summer beer , New consumption is bursting with new inspiration in the collision between traditional taste and new raw materials .

The east coast of China 、 The lower Yellow River , Shandong , A city with a permanent population of more than 10152 A province of million people is located here . By 2021 At the end of the year , The regional GDP of Shandong Province 83095.9 One hundred million yuan , GDP per capita 72151 element .

In the memory of my hometown , Shandong is the source of the national wind , Hometown of Confucius and Mencius 、 A land of rites and music , From this corner comes the eternal culture , Drifting overseas . Now Shandong has “ Never tire of eating 、 I'm not tired of eating ” The huge Shandong cuisine system , At the same time, it is also behind the fast-moving new consumer products “ Operator ”.

01 Shandong , A gourmet province

A pancake can roll everything , A cage of steamed bread nourishes ten thousand people . Shandong cuisine does not show mountains and dew , Nourish taste buds in daily life , Become an attractive human delicacy .

No meat, no joy ? Halogen free how happy ? Plump chestnuts with native ground chicken , A Laiwu home cooked chicken and chestnuts came out of the pot ; A bowl of Shanxian sheep soup , Forget the impermanence of the seasons , The Milky sheep soup is boiling in the pot ,“ Full of freshness ” The mutton is running wild in my mouth ; Drink Tsingtao beer in summer , There is no shortage of barbecues on the street ; A dazzling array of seafood , It is the best companion for supper .

source :《 Shandong flavor 》

Popular 《 Shandong flavor 》 Let the unknown “ A gourmet province ” Back into the public view . mutton 、 chicken 、 Seafood 、 tofu 、 Steamed bread 、 pancakes , steamed 、 cook 、 Fried 、 Fried 、 stew 、 Fried 、 bake , The taste of Shandong cuisine seems to penetrate the screen , It stimulates the senses of wanderers .

Speaking of Shandong flavor , The elegant Shandong cuisine should be in the first place .

Shandong cuisine , It is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines , Is the oldest 、 The most abundant skills 、 The most skillful cuisine .

As early as the spring and Autumn period , People in Qilu began to use cattle 、 sheep 、 The pig 、 The birds 、 Seafood is used for cooking . Chefs everywhere are unknown “ The five flavors are in harmony ” When , Shandong chefs have created a variety of dishes .

It developed to the Ming and Qing Dynasties , Shandong cuisine entered the court , Become the imperial dish , Also known as Sichuan cuisine 、 Huaiyang cuisine 、 Cantonese cuisine and other cuisines .

picture source : The little red book

“ hospitable ” Shandong people , A large amount of food , Shandong features in the steaming atmosphere , The variety of Shandong cuisine 、 classic 、 The delicious food is brought into full play .

Shandong cuisine is rich in dishes , The elegant and noble cultural heritage is also one of the reasons for its long history .

A fresh chicken , Remove the fascia from the chicken breast , Cut into shreds along the grain , Add spring onion and ginger water to remove the fishy smell . Boil oil , Seasoning with scallion and ginger 、 Stir fried shredded chicken 、 Garland garland embellishment , A reel “ Shredded chicken and tarragon ” It's done. . In addition to the fragrant food ,“ Jade wormwood ” The elegance of the word "meat" has made most of the meat greasy , This is also the essence of Confucian cuisine .

Shandong cuisine deals with details and beauty no less than French food , It's all due to “ Picky food ” Confucius of .

“ Never tire of eating , I'm not tired of eating ” Confucian culture , Pay attention to the delicacy of diet 、 neutralization 、 health . As a branch of Shandong cuisine, kongfu cuisine , In the practice of Confucius' sage , Become an elegant cuisine , Further enhance the taste of Shandong cuisine .

Besides the cultural influence , Natural geographical advantages 、 Rich products are also a major reason why Shandong cuisine has a far-reaching impact .

Along the Yellow River 、 The end of the Bohai Sea , A humid climate 、 Fertile soil , So that there is an endless stream of agricultural products throughout the year , Fish, shrimp and sea crabs are the freshest ingredients available .

Besides , There are many kinds of vegetables in Shandong , Weifang Shouguang 、 Jiaozhou cabbage will build Shandong into “ Three major vegetable gardens in the world ”. The nationally famous Laiwu ginger 、 Cangshan garlic 、 Zhangqiu scallion, etc “ Soul ingredient ” It is the finishing touch of Shandong cuisine .

In terms of seasoning , Shandong relies on “ manufacturing ” The technological advantages of a large province , Make the seasoning industry stronger .

according to the understanding of , In recent years , Soy sauce in Shandong condiment industry 、 vinegar 、 The production and sales volume of the three leading categories of monosodium glutamate ranks second in China , The sales volume of monosodium glutamate ranks first in China . Powerful fermenting power , Make the delicious Shandong food more delicious .

From field to plate , From the tip of the tongue to the heart , Shandong cuisine full of smoke , It is the combination of delicacy and details .

02 The trader behind the new consumption

In recent years , Yuanqi forest redefines bubble water , Coca Cola 、 The farmer mountain spring 、 Pepsi Cola and other new and old brands are coming one after another , Zero sugar, zero fat and zero calorie swept the whole food and beverage industry .

According to the 《2021 China sugar free beverage market trend INSIGHT REPORT 》 Show , The market scale of sugar free beverage has increased from 2014 Year of 16.6 100 million yuan increase to 2020 Year of 117.8 One hundred million yuan , Seven year growth 609%, Far exceeds the overall growth rate of the beverage industry .

Behind the ten billion new market , Erythritol, a sugar free sweetener, is the biggest contributor , Shandong is the largest producer of erythritol in the world .

Erythritol is a filling sweetener with zero energy coefficient , It is widely found in mushrooms 、 melon 、 grapes 、 Pears and other foods . Erythritol is as sweet as sucrose 60%-80%, At the same time, it has pure natural extraction , Zero calorific value , Not involved in blood glucose metabolism , Is not fat “ Sweet element ”.

With sorbitol 、 Xylitol 、 Maltitol is compared with mannitol , Erythritol has high tolerance , High safety 、 Cold sweet effect and low moisture absorption 、 Zero calorific value, etc , This also makes it the best sugar free drink “ raw material ”.

According to Sullivan data , The output of sweeteners in China is from 2015 Year of 15.3 10000 tons to 2019 Year of 20.9 Ten thousand tons of , Erythritol has the fastest growth rate ,2015-2019 The annual compound growth rate is 29.9%.

In terms of regional distribution , All over the world 95% All of erythritol depends on 5 This factory supplies , There are three in Shandong Province , They are head ternary creatures , As well as Zhucheng Dongxiao and bowling Bao, which followed .

As the earliest manufacturer of erythritol industrialized production in China, ternary organisms , It has undertaken the main supply of erythritol at home and abroad .

According to Sullivan data ,2019 In, the output of ternary biological erythritol accounted for... Of the total output of erythritol in China 54.90%, Of the total global production 32.94%, It is the largest producer of erythritol in the world .

2021 In the first half of , Yuanqi forest has become the largest customer of Sanyuan biology . This year, 2 month 10 Japan , Sanyuan biology is listed on the gem .

Founded on 2004 Zhucheng Dongxiao biology in , Relying on Shandong starch cleaner production engineering laboratory, etc 3 Provincial innovation platforms , And established 260 R & D team of more than people , And with colleges and Universities 、 More than ten professors from scientific research institutes 、 Experts have established industry university research cooperation .

Bowling Bao is the only full range of functional sugar products manufacturing service provider in the domestic market , At present, starch has been formed — Starch sugar — Functional sugar — Functional sugar alcohols — Pharmaceutical raw and auxiliary materials — Complete product structure of prebiotics , And with Coca Cola 、 Pepsi Cola 、 Erie 、 MENGNIU 、 Yuanqi forest and other enterprises have strategic cooperation .

Erythritol “ Love alone ” Shandong , It's no coincidence .

according to the understanding of , Erythritol with wheat 、 Starch such as corn is used as the main raw material , The wheat is soaked 、 Fracture 、 make unbaked bricks 、 Fine grinding 、 liquefaction 、 After a series of production processes such as saccharification , Turn into starch sugar , Then it is transformed into erythritol through microbial fermentation, extraction and other processes . Shandong is a big corn growing province , Sufficient raw materials 、 Low transportation cost , It has become the best choice for the factory .

Erythritol is not a new raw material , As early as 20 Industrialization was realized years ago , Stimulated by new consumer brands , A new life .

With the surge in demand , The price of erythritol in China is from 2021 At the beginning of the year 1.5 Ten thousand yuan went up to 3 More than ten thousand yuan , Organic erythritol exceeds 4 Ten thousand yuan / Tons of . The soaring price has also triggered a round of expansion of erythritol production .

data display , end 2021 In the first half of , Ternary organisms have annual production capacity of erythritol 8.5 Ten thousand tons of , a 2018 Annual growth 336%.

Except erythritol , In the hyaluronic acid industry , Shandong's contribution is even greater .

“ Hyaluronic acid industry in China , China's hyaluronic acid see Shandong ”, Made in China has transported... To the world 75% Hyaluronic acid products , Almost monopolized the global hyaluronic acid industry , Global Front 5 Big suppliers are also from Shandong, China .

The position of hyaluronic acid in the field of medical aesthetics is self-evident , In this rising tide of beauty makeup , Kuadi 、 Embellish a hundred beauties 、 Rellet 、 Functional skin care brands such as Dr. yu'er are all from Shandong . Early last year , The National Health Commission on “ Food grade hyaluronic acid ” The official reply of has brought new “ food ” machine .

Huaxi creature moves very fast ,2021 year 1 Registered hyaluronic acid snack brand in June ,3 In June, the company launched hyaluronic acid drinking water ,4 Monthly sales of hyaluronic acid pet food .

Huaxi biology also from raw materials 、 Medicine and equipment 、 Development of functional skin care products “ troika ”, Add functional foods to “ Four wheel drive ” shift .

At this year's performance meeting , Zhaoyan, chairman of Huaxi biology, said that functional skin care products should be a trillion level market space , The future of functional food will be a 10 Trillion market space .

Compared with overseas markets, the categories are rich , The larger status quo , The popularity of hyaluronic acid food in China is still very low . Head raw material suppliers and brand merchants , Competing to endorse with relevant research and data , Try to set off 「 Everything can hyaluronic acid 」 The boom of .

Whether it is medical beauty or food and beverage industry , Shandong seems to have become a new consumer brand “ lifeblood ”.

03 Prefabricated vegetable “ Dishes ”

As a major agricultural province , In the hot prefabricated vegetable track , Shandong will not be absent , There are more or less prefabricated dishes in the eight major cuisines “ Shandong flavor ”.

Before takeout , Prefabricated dishes have become a must for the standardized operation of major restaurants . And under the epidemic , Increased emergency demand for stock up , Prefabricated dishes are easy to store 、 Advantages of simple operation , Be part of the must-have list , Pre prepared dishes from the previous restaurant kitchen , Move to the front of the home kitchen .

According to AI media consulting Statistics ,2021 In, the scale of China's Prefabricated vegetable industry was 3459 One hundred million yuan , expect 2026 The market scale of prefabricated vegetables will reach 10720 One hundred million yuan .

Braised pork knuckles with soybeans 、 Braised Beef Brisket with Tomato 、 Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork 、 double cooked pork slices 、 Pepper Chicken 、 Steamed Abalone with Shark's Fin and Fish Maw in Broth 、 Sauerkraut fish in golden soup …… These delicacies , It is only a small part of the Shandong Huifa food prefabrication series .

Enterprise check data show , Enterprises related to prefabricated dishes include 7.19 Thousands of families , New registrations have been added in the past year 4000 home . In terms of geographical distribution , Shandong 、 Henan 、 jiangsu 、 The number of enterprises related to prefabricated vegetables in Guangdong and Anhui ranks in the forefront , Among them, the number of prefabricated vegetable enterprises in Shandong is the largest , reach 9246 home .

A In the prefabricated vegetable plate , Shandong has 7 Listed company , Including spring snow food 、 Longda cuisine 、 Shuangta food 、 The East Sea 、 Dulce 、 Good at home 、 Huifa food , The total market capitalization of more than 300 One hundred million yuan .

Weifang Shouguang as the National “ Vegetable basket ”, It has become an important part of the national agricultural development strategy . data display , Last year, the total amount of food processing and production in Weifang reached 1676.7 Ten thousand tons of , Food processing enterprises above Designated Size realize operating income 1487 One hundred million yuan .

according to the understanding of , Weifang alone has a market for prefabricated vegetables, with nearly 2000 home , Ranking the first in the country 3 position , The product covers 8 Great cuisine 1200 Many varieties .

This year, 4 month , Weifang City has released a three-year action plan for the high-quality development of the prefabricated vegetable industry . According to the action plan , To 2024 In, the number of main bodies of Weifang prefabricated vegetable market will reach 3000 home 、 The scale of the whole industrial chain has broken through 3000 One hundred million yuan , make “ The first city of Chinese prefabricated food industry ”.

Shandong is a big agricultural province , Its output ranks first in China , In addition, the accumulation of heavy industry technology , It has a long-term development advantage in the industrial foundation .

Data provided by Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission last year showed that , The cold storage capacity of the whole province exceeds 1100 Ten thousand tons of , The proportion in the whole country exceeds 20%, The scale of cold storage ranks first in China , The ultra-low temperature storage capacity exceeds 6 Ten thousand tons of , Refrigerated transport trucks approach 3 Thousands of cars .

It is also worth noting that , Shandong in this year 4 The month also set up 10 A billion yuan prefabricated vegetable industry fund , Focus on the production of prefabricated vegetables 、 Intensive processing 、 Equipment manufacturing 、 Storage and transportation .

04 Conclusion

If Shandong is a dish , That must be a homely dish . Shandong cuisine originated from the folk , With a thousand years of ancient charm , It has achieved the taste of a city , It has also become a city representative .

Erythritol reawakened , Started the trend of low sugar zero card consumption , In a market of hundreds of billions , Find the consumption entrance ; Deep accumulation of prefabricated vegetable technology , After the home scene changes , Become the darling of capital ; hyaluronic acid 、 Synthetic biology and so on have opened the next vent .

Shandong , In the ancient Confucius and Mencius culture , Be standardized and inherited , Shandong flavor , Therefore, it becomes more diversified .

It is not as hot as Sichuan and Chongqing , There is no Cantonese Lingnan flavor , But under the collision of tradition and Modernity , Out of their own rhythm . Shandong has not only become the source of new consumption “ boss ”, It has also propped up half of the new consumption .

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