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High temperatures continue, Europe faces rare drought

2022-08-06 07:54:23Chinese Industry Information Station

Water levels in the Po River, which irrigates across northern Italy, have fallen.The local meteorological department predicts that the highest temperature in Italy will reach 37 to 39 degrees Celsius on the 5th and 6th local time.

On the 5th, the French Prime Minister's Office issued a statement saying that France is facing "the worst drought on record", which is not only a disaster for farmers, but also a disaster for ecosystems and biodiversity.The drought is likely to continue for the next two weeks or even worsen.The temperature has soared, the evaporation of rivers and lakes across France has increased, and the water level has continued to drop, making it difficult to guarantee agricultural irrigation needs.Many fear that this could lead to reduced production of grains and other crops, driving up food prices further.

In response to the drought, the French government has decided to launch an inter-departmental crisis response working group to coordinate the work of various departments to mitigate the impact of the drought.In addition, the French government also called on the public to save water.As of the 5th, almost all of France's 96 provinces have issued water-saving measures.

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