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What are the methods of Douyin promotion?What are the ways and techniques of Douyin promotion?

2022-08-06 09:23:38inner demon

Hello, everyone, today, the editor of the media box is here to share with you the dry goods knowledge of soft text promotion. The main content of this article is: What are the methods of Douyin promotion? Douyin promotion methods andWhat are the tricks?

The development trend of Douyin in recent years is very fast. In just two years, it has occupied the hearts of more than 10 million customers, and the customers are all younger,People with higher working ability.Therefore, in order to better promote their own products and services, advertisers also want to carry out promotion based on the Douyin service platform.So, how does Douyin promote? What are the promotion methods? Let’s take a look at it together.

I. How to promote Douyin?

1. Identify consumer groups

The purpose of Douyin's promotion is to better allow people to requestof customers quickly find their favorite products and then consume them, allowing advertisers to profit from the relationship.Therefore, to promote in Douyin, it is necessary to analyze the consumer groups of the goods/services, what are their correlations, what requirements and preferences, and then formulate a detailed promotion plan, so that the subsequent advertising promotion can be simplified along the formulated being implemented.

What are the promotion methods of Douyin? What are the methods and techniques of Douyin promotion?

2, clarify the cost of advertising and promotion

Douyin’s promotion requires capital investment, and the first charge is 10,000 yuan.However, advertisers don't have to have high expectations for how much the 10,000 Almighty will generate, and they must rely on continuous charging to see the actual effect.Therefore, before the promotion of Douyin, advertisers must plan to promote the assets, and do a good job in the overall planning of the maximum daily consumption, so as to prevent the whole process of promotion from being easily abandoned and losing the best time for promotion.

3. Fully display the advantages of the product

The same product is displayed in different ways, and the actual effect is different.Therefore, when doing promotion on Douyin, you can flexibly use the short video method to fully display the advantages of the product, and then integrate some funny, humorous and interesting videos to show it, increase the customer's understanding and memory of the product, and then complete the purpose of marketing promotion..

Second, what is the promotion method of Douyin?

1. Use cheap marketing to attract abortion

Like offline promotion, many servicesStudents are advertised outside, as low as 9.9 yuan... and then continue to attract customers to continue to walk in, but after entering, they will follow the requirements of consumption, this kind of marketing is cheapPromotion attracts customers.Therefore, in Douyin promotion, you can also use cheap marketing promotion to attract a large number of customers to browse you.

2. Promotion by time range

According to the specific time of the activities of the customers of the audience, analyze the time range of the most active theme activities of the product demand groups that you promote, and then carry out the analysisTime frame promotion.This will ensure the largest number of customers and the least cost.

3. Purposeful promotion

It can record the movement trajectory according to the customer's search history, and then use AI technical indicators to analyze the customer's personal hobbies and carry out targeted promotion, such as according to the attributes of the product, such as menstrual cups, which can be promoted to married women, while menstrual cotton can be moderately expanded and promoted, and can be targeted to women between the ages of fourteen and fifty, so it is not easy to affect ordinary users., can also increase the total sales of goods.

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