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Kuaishou in-depth research report: Kuaishou, from slow to fast

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Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

一:Quickly development:From the natural growth to accelerate business cash

1.1 From the application to the transformation of the short video community

2011 年 3 月,程一笑创立了 GIF 快手.彼时的快手尚未成长成为一个短视频社区,Is a production only GIF 图片 的手机应用.GIF The early stage of well quickly in weibo、Renren community as application scenario.At this time, Weibo is in the stage of vigorous development,人 They produce a large number of interactive content,The prevailing fighting culture,Dynamic figure on weibo very hot,快手的生产内容得以在微博上快速传播, Completed the initial user accumulation.早在 2011 年 10 月,快手就开始长达几年的痛苦的转型之期,Cut off weibo this huge traffic 源,Self-directed traffic.2012 年 11 月,Well quickly forced transformation into a short video community,Without the transformation of transition lead to well quickly DAU falling off a cliff, Bad reviews online.而这么强制转型背后的原因我们认为有如下几点:

一. 工具类 APP Difficulty monetizing traffic.Cognitive users is difficult to reverse,Will not easily to pay in order to use the tool,Advertisers have better release channel,Does not necessarily will consider your product.

二. No core barriers.Users will be lost to better or more convenient tools,If weibo mining the demand,In their products 部设置入口制作图片就难以避免用户的流失.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

2013 年夏天,快手的创始人程一笑与宿华重要性的会面,To quickly into the central force.Cheng smile who have served in renren, His dreams with social entrepreneurship,On behalf of the enterprise in the social elements,While SuHua who have served in Google,百度,Proficient in search and algorithms recommend, On behalf of the enterprise in the algorithm elements.after the meeting,Su Hua decided to join Kuaishou,And he led the whole team into Kuaishou.Su Hua and his team 的到来无疑是对快手这款产品的革命性升级.

2014 年春天,快手正式将算法推荐运用于内容分发,极大提高了生产内容和用户兴趣的匹配程度.用户体 Immediately improved,快手下载量明显上扬.同年 11 月,GIF 快手改名为快手.至 2015 年 1 月,Kuaishou users have broken through 千万.此外,在 2014 至 2015 年间,A group of anchor from YY Platform migrated to Kuaishou,这些前 YY The anchor of the department later became the head content creator of Kuaishou mainstay among authors,为快手后来以直播和电商带货变现打下了坚实的基础.The fast hand that grows naturally until 2016 年下半年 Just started building APP 推广部门,2017 年 12 月,Kuaishou Daily Active User Breakthrough 1.1 亿.Compared with the growth strategy of radical trill,Fast hands obviously 更加佛系,在广告增长和商业化变现方面也更加克制.直至 2018 年 4 月,Top competitor Douyin's daily active users surpass Kuaishou,快手开始逐渐撕去佛系和慢公司的标签,Began to accelerate user growth and realized commercialization.到 2018 年底,Arrived quickly 1.6 亿日活 用户,对比 2014 年底,仅用了 4 year-to-year digital growth 16 倍.截至 2020 年初,Well quickly day live users have more than 3 亿.

Core barriers of products:Kuaishou's core barrier lies in the company's values,And the values ​​are reflected by the excellent algorithm mechanism.Quick hands have always been 来的战略点是创造一个普通人记录和表达的普惠社区.Quoting Su Hua“快手这家公司为什么存在,It's Xi Hope can connect the neglected majority in society,快手不为明星存在,也不是为大 V 存在”To reflect the core values ​​of Kuaishou is public Flat Pratt & Whitney,That is to ensure that each user's content is displayed,Each ordinary people's life is respect.These values ​​are not just vain rhetoric, But literally write algorithm.


第一、 Kuaishou passes the algorithm,在流量分配上施行普惠.快手运用了经济学的一些理论如基尼系数以及边际效用 For flow balance and distribution,避免生产者之间的贫富差距过大以及进行相应的平衡性流量分配.

第二、 Kuaishou passes the algorithm,Trial Pratt & Whitney on the heat.Heat weight can play a role in selecting the good and the bad,Video heat after reaching a certain threshold reduces exposure,Give more opportunities for new show

第三、 Kuaishou passes the algorithm,在社群网络结构上施行普惠.新的作品通过同城或关注进行小范围曝光,测试用户 接受度,After reaching a certain threshold tagged,And a higher level to cover,直到进入发现页,进行全网分发.快手 On the one hand, to ensure the high quality works to show the algorithm of strategy,On the other hand also constantly strengthen、Precipitate a personal social network. Well quickly continuously strengthen small community,最终形成去中心化网络.

2019 年 6 月,创始人宿华给内部的一封公开信宣告了 2020 The goal of the Spring Festival:3 亿 DAU,Kuaishou successfully won the Spring Festival Gala Red envelope partner rights,斥资 10 亿作为促活、拉新的营销费用,Help fast DAU 达 3 亿.

与快手用户增长加速同步演进的是快手的商业化变现. 2016 年 4 月,Quickly started to broadcast function,一开始就 采用了“直播+打赏“”Two-legged walk.快手直播的崛起后来印证了这条路径的可行性.2018 年,快手在 The first live to sell goods section to shine,粉丝 4000 More than the head of the anchor sanda elder brother to 1.6 Million with cargo row quickly anchor first,Sounds fast E-commerce reputation,Make Kuaishou e-commerce officially enter the public eye,Let the outside world intuitively feel the huge potential of this ecology.2019 年 11 月 6 日, Well quickly electricity take goods king activities again,3000 More than fans simba to break 4 Million in sales beyond sanda elder brother is called 2019 带货王.快手电 商的变现能力得到了电商行业内的一致认可.

1.2 从“南抖音,北快手”to the national level application

快手用户在南方城市的渗透率逐渐提升.Kuaishou has a solid mass base in the north,素有"南抖音,北快手"之称. 从 TalkingData The platform quickly user profile can be seen,快手在冀晋辽等北方地区具有明显的地域优势.近年来,快手 In the southern region of permeability gradually enhanced.2019 年 7 月 24 日,快手在首届光合创作大会上首次披露南方日活跃用户超过 8000 万,相比于 2018 年翻了一倍,南方城市成为快手未来的用户增长重点.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

From the user level of city distribution,快手用户的城际分布相对抖音较为下沉,Three or four line and below the city accounted for more.抖音用 Close door and sinking market in recent years,The proportion of users in first- and second-tier cities has increased from the same period last year 52%down around this year 40.2%,And recently,快 The proportion of users in first- and second-tier cities is gradually increasing,根据 2019 年 7 月 24 日快手在首届光合创作者大会上披露的数据,快手在一 Second-tier cities, live users more than 6000 万,account for new user growth 50%以上,First- and second-tier cities have become new user pools for Kuaishou.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

19 年上半年,Quickly the user's age distribution gradually tend to be balanced,The ratio of the elderly population rising,Z 世代比例从 41.2%下降至 36.5%, 其中 30-44 Old users of ascension is obvious,Well quickly gradually developed as a universal application.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

二:Well quickly business model:短视频、直播、E-commerce multi-point blooming

2.1 短视频领域

2.1.1 Development in the field of short video:Short video industry for outbreak,Douyin Kuaishou double strong hegemony

1)Short video development history:Short video by slow turning fast track,迎来爆发

2011 年开始,移动端陆续出现一些主要由新生公司研发的短视频产品.2011 年,GIF The birth of quickly fired In the development of a short video first shot.GIF Quickly at the beginning is an instrumental application,Soon officially become a short video community.同年 11 月,Shoot in seconds 布.2013 年,腾讯推出微视,Second shoot in sina microblogging households end,Internet giants began to lay out in the field of short video.

When the mobile Internet is still under construction,Due to the limitations of hardware and software facilities development,Short video did not hit the network at the time.2014 年,移动 通信技术的发展,4G 和 Wi-Fi 的普及,流量资费下降等推动了娱乐全民化的趋势,Blowing a burst of spring in a short video field 风.

从 2016 年开始,Short video industry development into the fast lane, 移动资费大幅降低助力短视频用户规模持续增长.头条系的 抖音、火山小视频,Baidu is good-looking launched in succession such as video.2017 年,Alibaba's established 12 Years of video site tudou 宣布斥资 20 Million comprehensive transformation for short video.直至 2018 年,A short video industry competition pattern at the beginning of,Trill quickly become short video head double strong, Bytes to beat its short video performance bright eye.2020 年 9 月抖音 DAU 达到 6 个亿.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

2) A short video reasons:4G Universal power short video and,Short video entertainment model relevant to the user experience

3)A short video industry current situation:Pan entertainment outshine the rest for a short video

短视频从 2016 年开始爆发式增长,目前,Short video industry is entering its heyday.仅 2018 年至 2019 年一年时间,短 Super video user growth 2 亿,用户规模超 8.2 亿,同比增速 32.3%,增长速度超越绝大多数泛娱乐典型行业,with online viewing The gap in the scale of frequent monthly active users is further narrowed.

与此同时,短视频用户时长占据移动互联网的比例持续增长,贡献了 6 Into a more incremental market.截至 2020 年上 半年,根据 Questmobile 数据显示,A short length video users share close to 20%,成为仅次于即时通讯的第二大行业.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

根据 Questmobile 的数据,直至 2019 年 6 月,A short video on per capita use over 22 小时,In typical extensive entertainment industry 第一,同比增长 8.6%.Meanwhile online video、在线阅读、手机游戏等泛娱乐行业的人均时长均不同程度下降,短 视频的爆发正逐渐侵蚀着其他泛娱乐行业的时长.

A short video is gradually occupied the user mind,7 user retention rates continue to improve.用household entertainment、社交、Shopping demand through a short video no the same degree of satisfaction.根据 Questmobile 数据,Centering on the content of trill active users 7 日留存率达到 81.7%,People-oriented Kuaishou 活跃用户 7 Maximum daily retention rate reached 84.4%.

4)A short video industry market size prediction:From the flow accumulation to flow to liquidate,It should be a short video industry in the future

2017 至 2018 年,A short video industry rapid growth of traffic,Accumulated a large number of user size,User stickiness gradually increases.2018 年初,短 The video industry pattern is initially determined,The headline is the trill and quickly become increasingly competitive,Entering the stage of dual power hegemony.截至 2020 年 6 月,my country's short video household size 8.18 亿,占网民整体的 87.0%,用户规模较 2020 年 3 月增长 5.8%.Various short video platforms have begun to shift from traffic accumulation to change in traffic,通过直播带货、广告、The commercial liquid of knowledge for business model.As the short video entertainment mode gradually occupied with 户心智,It is expected that the short video business has huge potential for realization in the future,在 2021 years or attainable 2000 亿市场规模.

2.1.2 内容分发机制:公Flat Pratt & Whitney、去中心化

1)Pratt &whitney values content distribution mechanism,And through the waterfall flow interaction forms to realize

快手inclusive values决定了其内容分发机制是去中心化、Fair and inclusive.Quickly the official book《被看见的力量——快 What is the hand》强调“Kuaishou serves the recording and sharing of ordinary people,The core values of equality pratt &whitney is well quickly.We believe everyone deserves to be 记录,Whether it's a star or a big V,No matter in the city or the countryside,每个人都拥有平等分享和被关注的权利,Kuaishou will not be treated specially,Don't hold star celebrities,不进行流量倾斜.”快手的“去中心化”,让用户看到的是形形色色和自己相似的人群,可 以有效地激发用户的表现欲望和拍摄热情、To promote the creation of the user motivation,社会各个阶层的用户都能通过快手表达自 我,The content of the platform therefore gradually diversified.

双列瀑布流交互形式有利于曝光中长尾内容,Discover user niche interests,沉淀私域流量.The content of the trill short video to show The form is a single-column slide up,用户只需不断向上滑动即可浏览不同的短视频,This form of interaction increases the user's sense of immersion,为了满 Full user for the next content higher expectation,Douyin needs to keep pushing out high-quality content.Different from Douyin's single-column large-screen pull-down mode,快手以 Double row cascade flow forms are short video,Mobile phone one can present more content.Through this interface display form,Quickly can expose more small change Or in the tail content for users to choose,容错率较高.不仅有利于为长尾部内容提供更高的流量,Also helps with small sample test To dig the user's niche interests and personal qualities,使短视频内容满足不同圈层用户的需求.此外,Between the two video can't switch directly, After a short video drop-down directly into the comments section.这样人为降低用户沉浸感是为了在一定程度上去除平台的娱乐属性,enhance its society 交属性,To promote the interaction between the users,增强了用户与视频发布者之间的信任感,Conducive to community formation and private domain traffic precipitation, 私域流量在一定程度上为快手直播及电商版块的发展提供了流量支撑.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

2)Decentralized algorithm is recommended to precipitate the private domain of traffic,Guided by the creator to form community properties

Algorithm distribution mechanism of adhering to the principle of universality,With double waterfalls flow show form complement each other,Promote long tail content exposure,Expand Kuaishou private domain flow quantity boundaries.Algorithms are the prerequisite for Kuaishou to realize the values ​​of fairness and inclusiveness,Well quickly decentralized algorithms recommend mechanism,As the long tail content exposure to provide technical foundation.过去,业内常见的做法是运营好长尾曲线中头部的“爆款”视频,But quickly decentralized algorithms recommend machine System can be integrated with the double row cascade flow interaction form,Can serve more traffic to medium and long tail content,For the private domain traffic continued diversion,Widen the private domain quantity boundaries.

Algorithm recommended video creators oriented,To form a good circulation of the author and the user,promote community formation.Trill user experience oriented,其 Recommend to users precise algorithm head content,Users pay more attention to hot spots rather than specific video content,Therefore weak social relations precipitation.And Kuaishou through interest、 Regional and vocational divide customer,不同圈层的客户通过寻找各自圈层关注点形成其社交关系.Such products logic practice well quickly inclusive values,Although can't guide the generation of high flow video,但却能为尾部创作者带来更多的流量关注,The main author of the tail video Enthusiasm greatly increased.This helps video creators to develop vertical、accurate fan base,Improve conversion rates and sticky,promote community formation and 私域流量的沉淀,而这反过来促使创作者生产出更多优质内容,形成良性循环.根据 QuestMobile 的数据,截 至 2019 年 2 月,Quickly the user viscosity(DAU/MAU)In the mobile Internet second,达到 58%.The first is WeChat 82%,第三 是 QQ54%.快手的 DAU/MAU Has been higher than trill,并在 2018 年 11 Gradually increase after months,The stickiness of quickly than trill,Quickly the loyalty of the users of the platform is higher.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

2.1.3 Kuaishou ecological perfection:Creators continue to flow in,As a platform into continuous power

1)10W+Account has grown significantly,But growth trill there is still a gap compared

快手粉丝量 10W+Active accounts are in 2019 In the steady growth,但是相比于抖音账号增长仍有一定差距.2018 年年末,快手粉丝量 10W+The number of accounts is 4.34 万,Higher than Douyin platform 3.07 万,2019 The number of Kuaishou accounts has grown significantly year by year 增长,同比增长为 40%,The growth rate of Douyin is 148%.Although the overall growth rate has a larger gap than Douyin,但是快手 10W+活跃 账号的显著增长能够说明其不断创造优质视frequency main,At the same time continuously to attract the attention of fans,On the whole ecological at the video master and powder benign growth stage.

2)Reasonable distribution of the number of creators at different fan levels,And all can achieve significant growth

The tail in the video creators of the highest,30W The creator of fans below the proportion is as high as 62.85%,The tail creators are enough.快手粉丝 量在 10W All of the creator,30W Fan the following proportion is as high as the creator 62.85%,是 30-50W fans of creators 3.8 倍,这 一方面说明 30W The following creators are enough,On the other hand, it also shows that the creators are mostly focused on 30W Below the fan level,30W number of fans For a short video creators line.对于 30W The development path of creators below the fan level,Either break through the development bottleneck with high-quality content and become Waist account,Its future development will be more smooth;Or cultivating existing fans through niche content,To realize its commercial value.

同粉丝层级创作者粉丝数量均能实现稳定增长,平台流量向中尾部倾斜反而有利于头部账号的增长.快手 平台上,粉丝量在 300W The creator of the following proportion is as high as 78.19%,粉丝量在 100-300W The creator of is 300-500W 创作者的 3.5 倍.在快手 300W The number of fans is an obvious threshold for creators,快手中腰部创作者占比远高于行业平均,头部账号 占比较少,This is the result of the long-term inclination of its flow to the mid-waist.

快手各粉丝层级的创作者数量均能实现较为稳定的增长,growth rates remain at 40%以上;But by contrast well quickly and 全平台各粉丝层级创作者增长率可以发现,快手创作者年增长率最快的是粉丝量在 300-500W 和 500-1000W 的 账号,这说明虽然 300W The number of fans is a threshold,但是数量庞大的腰部创作者通过沉淀的私域流量和优质的内容为 其头部创作者的增长贡献了巨大的增量.同时账号的快速增长又能够持续为平台提供高质量内容,Promote the platform 良性发展.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

3)Content production more common,Joint short video group as a whole picture,Cover the layers to the user

Content creators conform to short video group user portraits,More relevant users daily life.在快手,First-tier creators only account for all platform creations 者 12.81%,The second-tier cities accounted for the highest,高达 38.17%,The second is four lines and the city,占比为 27.04%.Ranking by number of creators The top five cities respectively Harbin、广州、沈阳、Chengdu and Zhengzhou,而抖音Ranking by number of creators前五的城市为别为北京、广州、 深圳、Changsha and Shanghai,More concentrated in the first-tier cities.快手大量的非一线城市创作者生产的内容更加贴合短视频用户群体 daily life content,To provide users with more empathy,而这往往是沉淀私域流量所需信任关系形成的前提.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Users quickly creators covers various spheres of,Provide a platform for different groups of people to show themselves.Similar to Douyin,Well quickly head content creators covers sport 笑、宠物、剧情、美食、features such as appearance,And both the difference is,快手上中部和尾部创作者涵盖各行各业的人群, 他们通过记录普通生活与相同圈层的人形成共鸣,This kind of empathy is easy to form a trust relationship,And precipitation for the private domain flow.以快 Hand Content Report Occupational Case Example of Truck Driver,其中名为某宝哥的视frequency main的粉丝关注量有 405W,Called a cloud song video Lord of followers are 185W,且其每条短视频下的评论用户几乎都是卡车或者货车司机.Video Lord and users from all walks of life Through the same story together,Due to circle restrictions, it may not be possible to form a head account,但是其为快手提供了内容丰富的中腰部视 frequency main,满足了不同人群的不同需求,同时视frequency main和用户之间的互动也为半熟人社区的形成提供了坚实的基础.

4)Fans overall quality is better than that of short video platform,Precipitation of the private domain flow value better

5)Well quickly creators active,媒体号、政务号、MCN Helping Ecological Upgrade,Merchant account has a bright future

6)Support creators to grow,快接单等多样的变现方式吸引Creators continue to flow in

2.2 直播领域

2.2.1 The development status of the live broadcast field

Current live users PC The proportion is gradually falling,Mobile end users increasing proportion,Live broadcast users maintain the trend of migrating to the mobile terminal. 各级电竞赛事的不断涌现和完善以及短视频平台不断开拓直播业务,将成为推动直播用户增长的两大主要力量. 艾媒咨询数据显示,由于大规模行业发展和用户激增的阶段已经过去,The future user growth is expected to gradually slow,直播行 业未来的发展重点将会是存量用户价值的挖掘和商业变现方面,预计 2020 年中国在线直播用户规模将达 5.26 亿人.疫情期间“宅经济”The rise of or stimulate the industry to accelerate the growth.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Well quickly broadcast platform from behind,The first broadcast domain platform,Game live broadcast has grown significantly.根据快手 2019 年直播生态报告,纯 直播领域 DAU 超过 1 亿,Games live, to live is more than 5100 万,far more than a betta、虎牙之和,In less than six months time,快 Hand game live, live to increase 45.7%,增幅明显,通过短视频导流短时间实现了传统直播平台花费数年积累下的 日活用户,且在不断增长.In terms of income scale live,快手 2020 年 2 月 24 日至 3 月 1 日 top10000 The host for exceptional income 3.36 亿元,More than the game live platform canine teeth and the sum of the betta,其中 YY as an included music、科技、户外、体育、games etc Capacity of the live entertainment platform,Its revenue is still less than well quickly.快手无论是从收入规模还是日活用户来看,It has already been realized 弯道超车,Become the first in the field of broadcast platform.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

2.2.2 Perfect live broadcast ecology:Broad coverage of subdivisions,优势显著


Game live broadcasts in the entire industry mostly focus on head games,分化明显.以 2019 年第二季度为例,User to watch the longest duration of five game King glory respectively、英雄联盟、和平精英、PUBG and Legends,其中观看时长最长的王者荣耀为英雄联盟和和平精 more than twice as much as English,Legend of the game and desperately is ranked fifth 2 倍多.当前在游戏领域用户的注意力多集中于头部游戏,The differentiation is more obvious.According to the small gourd index before 1000 The distribution of top anchor to see,主播关注的游戏基本上与用户关注的游戏保持 一致,顶级主播分布板块前四名King glory respectively、英雄联盟、Elite jedi survival and peace,The four game anchor accounted for as much as 50.9%,Far above the waist end game anchor accounted for.Judging from the ability to attract money and the popularity of the whole network,The current live game field concentration is higher,Head effect should be obvious.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

So the fire four game,The total number of active anchors in Kuaishou far exceeds that of Huya and Douyu.So the fire four game for king glory、和平精英、 英雄联盟、绝地求生,快手平台上四款游戏活跃主播人数最高,达到 19.35 万人,Far above the canine teeth and bettas are active anchor 人数之和.其中移动端两款游戏王者荣耀和和平精英占有绝对优势,PC Two games, League of Legends and PUBG Mobile, are active masters Sowing amount is lower than the other two games platform,分别为 0.4 万和 0.35 万,Live well quickly in hand swim side obvious advantages.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Joining forces with Tencent,Opened a carnival feast belonging to video games.在游戏领域,Tencent is undisputed global gaming market 的老大,Institutions by market Newzoo 的数据,腾讯连续 6 年稳居第一,In overseas and domestic respectively control the 15%和 44%的市场份 额,Overwhelm Sony、微软和苹果,Volume is almost equivalent to netease game 4 倍.快手凭借与腾讯等游戏大厂的紧密合作关系, Have the glory of the king、英雄联盟、和平精英、Live content of hundreds of games such as Crossfire.Tencent game every year have annual conference, 2020 年腾讯游戏通过快手游戏直播平台曝光了 40 多款游戏.超过百万的用户通过快手游戏直播平台观看发布 会,Well quickly game studio also received 1.5 Ten thousand comments and nearly all gift.

The game market has a bright future,Sustainable development well quickly game live,Resources are tilted towards game live broadcast.China is now the world's largest gaming market,且 The vast majority of netizens are the target customers of game marketing,China's online game users about 5 亿人,占整体网民的 55%左右.快手 APP 中, The live square covers the show、Live and Game Live,但是快手直播网页端的首页和热门全是游戏直播,Quickly with the game live with Competition from traditional live streaming platforms will further intensify.2019 年 7 月 23 日,快手科技副总裁林粼在快手光合创作者大会游戏分论坛 上,宣布“百万游戏创作者扶持计划”, 强化对中腰部和尾部游戏创作者的专业化管理和扶持.Kuaishou will launch the game 内容聚合页,The optimized content presentation,在“发现”和“同城”Pages will give game content nearly 10 billion exposures every month.同时快手在 2019 no less than 500 A head game content creators,投入价值 10 亿元的流量、资源、Money quickly game anchor in Off-site influence.同时,Well quickly game content will introduce MCN、The guild and other cooperation partner,加强运营,To the content of the game host to provide professional advice.


从整个直播行业来看,Show live broadcast still occupies the majority of the live broadcast field,市场规模最大,Anchor head higher than to the game's head 直播.秀场直播的关注点主要是头部主播和打赏大户,Through to the small gourd for statistical data platform,We will small gourd index(由 收入指数/Gifts and Popularity Index/The bullet screen is calculated with a certain weight ratio)As a measure of the host,Anchor head show anchor of high 达 56%,The second is live game accounted for as 39%,Anchor head mainly gathered in the show,目前秀场直播市场规模最大且粉丝打赏规模 最大,是一个巨大的流量池.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

无论是从快手角度还是全平台角度来看,Live well quickly shows obvious advantages.Live well quickly mainly live show,其次是游戏 直播,According to small gourd platform,快手 top200 主播中,The proportion of show hosts is 70%,The proportion of game anchors is 18%.From a platform-wide perspective Watch the show live,我们统计了 2020 年 2 月 17 日至 2020 年 2 月 23 Daily Gourd Index 1000 Live broadcast of the show,总样本数 为 123 人,Which quickly anchor head accounted for as much as 83%,higher than the betta、虎牙和 YY 的和,The top five anchors are well quickly anchor.秀 场直播的竞争主要集中在对头部主播的争夺,从这个角度看,The live broadcast of the Kuaishou show undoubtedly has huge advantages.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast


Live well quickly life cover all walks of life,Covers the different types of people,为用户提供看见和分享多样生活的可能性.Be quick The content of the former contains a variety of,In the field of breakdown cover wide.Live life is characteristic of fast worker class live,涉及生活的方方面面,Including raw live class(烹饪、健身、美妆)、传统文化类(戏曲、二胡、书法、相声)、Agro-breeding(钓鱼、养殖业等)、学习类. This shows the average life truth,rather than deliberate performance,Influencers and users in the same circle resonate,established a solid“老 铁关系”,Trust comes from this.

In order to quickly live broadcast of the contents of the ecological report, for example,A rural uncle plays erhu on Kuaishou live broadcast every day,Slowly the big ye have more and more powder 丝.截至 2019 年 10 月,This guy has it 9 万多粉丝,每天晚上七八点,就会有粉丝在直播间里陪伴这位大爷聊天进行互动、听他拉二胡.这种人与人之间真实的陪伴和互动正是快手的价值所在,It is based on love between let strangers Good connection and trust each other.Spend in the desert 16 From ten thousand mu of oasis guard member,在可可西里生命禁区守护藏羚羊的巡山人员, Diving Salvage Rescue……They all live on fast hands through share stories,They present thousands of professional faces on Kuaishou.This kind of concern for little people Huaihe equal treatment makes Kuaishou truly do it“在快手,看见每一种生活”.对于直播者来说,直播、Is a short video with the world 连接的一种方式,也是得到别人的理解和认可的一种方式.

4)Short video and live form a closed loop,Obvious advantages compared with the traditional broadcast platform

用户通过发布短视频积累的私域流量可以转换为直播流量的基本盘,Interaction with users through live broadcast can further increase Strong relationship with the fans,Quickly can do short video、The three content forms of long video and live broadcast are seamlessly connected,This is the most direct platform does not have 的优势.According to the statistics of Alibaba Entertainment,:用户需要 18 次触达,Would be converted into registered users live,An average user visits 26 The anchor may produce a pay into,观看 26 A host of process need to consume 47 分钟.So it's difficult to attract live users,获取直播 User value is harder,对直播产生兴趣需要一个长时间的教育过程.但是短视频平台积累的巨大流量具有天然强大 Users touch of ability,可以花费更低的成本将未被教育过的用户挖掘出来.创作者发布短视频可以积累一定的粉丝, 由此形成的私域流量可以在创作者直播前就积累一定的人气,Therefore, the new anchors in Kuaishou have a strong ability to increase fans;The anchor is straight 播时与粉丝的互动也会加强主播与粉丝的联系,To further enhance the trust relationship between the two.and during the non-live time period,发布的 Myopia frequently can continually be users browse,Can continue to give priority to planting diversion.

Broadcast industry can be used in advance 5G Big business opportunity,Layout in advance can real interactive live.“直播+”Model empowers traditional industries,“大 数据”、“物联网”、“高流量”Advantages of realizing enterprise digital transformation.The future direction of live broadcast should be to reconstruct the operation scene、Boost traditional lines 业,Online live broadcast industry purpose在拓宽商业潜力与社会价值.and consumption scenarios、商业模式、Combining public welfare channels,Online live broadcast industry purpose In realizing greater business potential and social value.等到 5G 全面普及、VR/AR Technology upgrade live,高清流畅、Real-time interaction possible. Deep cultivation mode,拓宽渠道,Live will no longer be just live.

Quickly to enrich the content of the broadcast form,To create more possibilities for broadcast industry.当前很多人对直播的印象仍然多局限于秀场 Live broadcast and games such as entertainment,Think that live is the product of boring economic.这在一定程度上限制了直播目标客户的数量.但是 在快手上直播所展示的内容却不局限在游戏和秀场,It also includes a variety of content in different fields.在快手上,can see a An ordinary industry state of life,You can see performances of intangible cultural heritage,Can learn knowledge in fast hands,Can even see the world in art Heart of high-end art live exhibitions and concerts.通过直播这种形式打破了传统传播媒介形成的信息壁垒,The live explanation restores the most original message state,For some people to see more real world.同时直播内容向不同领域延伸使直播突破了传统游戏和秀 Televised such boring economic restrictions,不同文化阶层都能够展现自己的文化特性,Make the future live may have more,拓宽了 The Boundaries of Live Streaming.

快手主播整体打赏收入高于传统直播平台,Income advantage more focused on the head of the waist,The advantage of the tail tipping income is not as obvious as that of the head. Before Kuaishou 1 Thousands of the host of the weekly average exceptional income as 3.36 万元,斗鱼为 1.7 万元,虎牙为 1.68 万元;快手前 1 10,000 hosts The median tipping income is 0.6 万元,斗鱼为 0.42 万元,虎牙为 0.55 万元,主播打赏收入相较于传统两大直播平台更具 优势.将三个平台的主播按照打赏收入分别进行排序,Every thousands of statistical median,前 7 in the subgroup,Well quickly anchor The median were higher than bettas and canine teeth,7 Thousands to 1 Thousands of tail between anchor income,Huya has an advantage,The second is quick,Betta fish is the lowest.

From the perspective of income concentration,Fast on the waist than exceptional accounted for a higher,The whole ecological more attractive.快手 top20 Anchor reward income top10000 Reward income 33.1%,top50 占比为 45.3%,top500 占比为 69.9%,Both are higher than Douyu and Huya,Income advantage is more concentrated In the head and waist anchor.但是因为 top7000 个体收入水平Both are higher than Douyu and Huya同名次主播,And the whole and the exceptional income average The highest number of digits,The tail anchor also more friendly.总的来看,快手相较于另外两个平台的收入优势更加明显,The whole ecological more attractive,Waist to constantly attract anchors in.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Trill live overall growth faster,But there is a great deal of uncertainty.In view of the fact that Douyin is currently not authorized for mainstream game live broadcast,Douyin live multiple episodes Live in the show,Although the overall ability of its show anchor to increase fans is higher than that of Kuaishou,The first category and show live to live by,But compared to Kuaishou 说,The coverage range is relatively single,风险较高.Douyin’s main revenue comes from advertising,The gross margin is far higher than live income,用户使用 app Total length is constant or slow growth situation,When live occupy part of the user length,Will no doubt use short video traffic,Which affect advertising revenue water 平.因此,抖音直播能否崛起仍有很大的不确定性.

2.3 电商直播带货

2.3.1 Kuaishou E-commerce Development History:Self-built started with electricity,After comprehensively through third-party electric business platform

2.3.2 Quickly the cause of the rise of electric business:Electric dealer market competition under the background of stock,Community ecology helps Kuaishou e-commerce rise strongly

2019 双 11 Live well quickly electricity sales super 20 亿,这一年,Known as the first year of e-commerce live broadcast.Kuaishou is crazy on the short track of e-commerce live broadcast 奔,成为仅次于淘宝直播的第二电商直播成交平台.Live well quickly electricity with the success of the cargo,是行业发展趋势、Kuaishou community students The result of state synthesis.

Electric stock of dealer market competition stage,Live with goods become the new growth opportunity. 随着互联网流量红利的消失,Industry penetration peaks,拉 New costs climb,E-commerce industry urgently needs new development drivers.新兴的直播带货形态相比于传统的电商图文展示具有如下优 势:首先,直播带货使得商家与消费者之间的互动更加频繁,The needs of consumers can get timely feedback,“人、货、场” Close the relationship between the day.其次,电商平台主导的直播带货将评价体系纳入了流量分配政策中.Platform according to each anchor Follow-up rate of fans、活跃度、Live room dwell time、下单转化率、售后满意度等多维度指标为主播分配流量资源, 从而使得主播群体形成了良性的自然筛选机制,The live broadcast ecology can realize a positive cycle of survival of the fittest.再者,Consumers in live With strong engaged in,Compared to the traditional graphic display,The host's explanation is also more lively and interesting,And the explanation and display of the anchor during the live broadcast 更具有真实性更好地打消消费者的顾虑.然后,Live delivery bypasses traditional intermediate channels such as dealers,Directly realized commodity and disappear Consumer connection,在价格方面占据优势从而吸引消费者购买.最后,Consumers in live的氛围中更容易被刺激产生购买行 为.

Kuaishou community students态助力电商直播带货发展如火如荼.一方面,There is a natural transaction demand on the Kuaishou platform,据快手介绍, 每天在平台上与交易需求相关的评论超过 190 万条,Users will comment on whether it is useful or not after watching the short video,多少钱,怎么卖, 哪里买等.Users have the need to buy,The anchor has the ability to bring goods,And Kuaishou e-commerce provides a platform for the two to trade.此外,短视频+Live stream Tensor form has more immersive user experience,More effective terrain closed-loop finished product,Full audience coverage.另一方面,Quickly caught the sinking market 红利.快手中 59%of users are from cities below the three county level.快手上架的电商商品也与快手的用户属性契合.According to Kath 数据以 2019 年 9 月 11 日-10 月 10 Day cycles for the data to write《抖音 VS 快手:30 Red electric business research report》,超过百分之 The old iron of 60 buys goods in Kuaishou, the unit price is 50 元以下.此外,快手半熟人朋友圈的社区生态有助于形成老铁关系,粉丝 Based on the trust relationship between commodity purchase.快手去中心化的内容分发机制使得平台主播积累了大量的私域流量,These fans and Frequent interactions between hosts,Buy products recommended by the host based on trust relationships,粉丝粘性强,Has the very high conversion rate and buying rate.根据秒针 Research on the e-commerce marketing value of Kuaishou platform released by the system,32%of Kuaishou users buy products because they trust the streamer.此外,Fast worker community formation state closed loop.Kuaishou is used by many users app 数量极少,Some people only use WeChat、快手,This makes them neither aware nor easy to use other appSuch as Taobao Jingdong and other online transaction purchases,To look for the root well quickly,Make fast worker community fan is not easy to lose,Community ecology can be autistic boom.

快手电商深度连接消费者的需求和产品的供给.一方面,快手利用算法而非时间顺序进行内容分发:利用 算法,The content and user to understand,Match people with content more efficiently.Algorithms let videos find people,Fans can more quickly find attention streamer you are interested in,Even if it is a small culture,主播也同样因为具有针对性的粉丝群体而成功带货.另一方面,快 Lots of hands“native broadcaster”This kind of talent with the shipper information is given priority to,他们原本在线下就经营着某一品类的生意,Have their own supply chain or 货源,With the help of Kuaishou live broadcast e-commerce platform, traditional business“线上化”,To expand its coverage of.Quickly in 10 samples of the host,商品 来自自家货源或品牌的主播和商品来自第三方品牌的主播比例几乎为 5:5.This directly show the product source、产品产地 way of selling,Allows users to have an intuitive understanding of the product,从而提升他们对产品的好感度和忠诚度.此外,By eliminating the middle Business docking link,High cost performance goods,Are more likely to attract consumers to buy.

根据尼尔森在 2018 年 6 月至 8 月对快手上部分卖货商户进行了深度定向调研数据显示,Among the merchants surveyed, 48%The quick hands directly received the business,其中 42%In well quickly topped last year 10 万,The average video can bring 1068 元收益.

三:Way of quickly converted into cash:直播为主,广告为辅

3.1 广告业务

3.1.1 Advertising the main driving factor

用户数量庞大,流量充足.Quickly now, live user breakthrough 3 亿,Content of ecological perfect,Is among the present stage of China mobile Internet National-level applications in the field.And from the hand of the user structure to see,Its distribution is similar to the distribution of mobile users in the whole network.,high user penetration.其 立足于用户自我表达和记录真实生活的价值观在不同用户圈层中有很高的接受度和认可度.To its ample flow For advertising bring huge exposure.

算法优化,广告精准定向.Kuaishou platform has accumulated a large amount of user data,根据广告主希望获取的目标人群,可以通过 用户的基本信息、兴趣爱好、用户环境和算法优化四个方面进行目标人群的定位.Well quickly advertising precise orientation can help Help advertisers accurate target groups,不浪费广告的每一次曝光和点击最大程度的提升广告的转化率.

快手“抖音化”,融入“上下滑”模式.快手在 19 Updated in the function of the page,添加了“大屏模式”setting selection 择,Users get the trill type immersion experience.在 20 年 9 Quickly in online selection page,“上下滑”Mode of operation and single waterfall flow, are very similar to tiktok.前后两次更新为快手的信Streaming advertising打造了一个社交属性较低的平台环境,without choice The user recommendation algorithm deems the advertisements suitable for the user,Viewed and exposure.

3.1.2 Advertising business type

Quickly after constantly updated,目前 app With three versions of the page,分别是“Main Edition Double Waterfall”,“极速版”,以及“概念版” (也就是新添加的“精选”面).In the three versions of the platform environment,快手衍生出了自己的一套广告产品矩阵,分别是“信 Streaming advertising(有封面)”,“Falling on the domestic advertising(无封面)”和“视频播放页广告”.

3.1.3 Advertising service fee form

快手广告是以竞价的方式进行出价的,Bid into forecast earnings,预估收益较高的广告主广告优先获得展现的 机会,Kuaishou mainly has the following three forms of advertising fees:

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

3.2 直播打赏分成

3.2.1 Rewarding via live broadcast is Kuaishou’s main monetization method

The presentation form of the Kuaishou recommendation page is a double-column information flow,Require users to select and watch the displayed content,Ads in the news feed are easily ignored by users,Ads are actually less effective when viewed by users.相比于抖音,Douyin's main source of revenue is its feed ads,这主要得益于 其单列下拉模式使得广告的触及效率更高,Therefore its advertisements effect significantly.快手的这种展示模式决定了其需要依靠 Models other than short videos for commercial realization.This is why fast worker is given priority to with short video、直播为辅的商业模式形成了以短视频为辅、 Live primarily realized mode.

Judging from the streamer's reward for running water and daily active users,Live have realized commercialization strength,Laid the base of well quickly turned into cash.Currently its live DAU 超过 1 个亿,Single game live DAU Over the teeth and the sum of the betta;And from the list to see,For different platforms of the same rank anchor, Kuaishou anchors earn higher rewards than Douyu and Huya,Look from the day live users and exceptional water,Quickly have realized commercialization strength.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

3.3 电商带货变现

3.3.1 快手分成和激励机制引导电商流量向自营商品倾斜

2019 年 7 月 20 日起,快手电子商务对全部快手小商店交易量订单信息收取服务费.In electric business platform with a third party 的合作关系中,Marketing promotion commission never extract promoted to 50%.以淘宝为例,对于从快手平台跳转到淘宝完成的交易, Taobao, first of all, according to the volume of business 6%A service charge of special content scene,在此基础之上,the remaining commission 10%作为技术服务费; 而快手则在淘宝扣除内容场景专项服务费和技术服务费的基础之上,Commissions remaining promotion 50%.Kuaishou for self-employment fast-hand merchandise,如:The magic chopsticks star selected is equal to the volume of business 5%The amount of commission as a promotion.

同时,为了激励电商业务的发展以及推广自营fast-hand merchandise,快手将把收取的技术服务费用于设立商户成长 奖励金.for consumer satisfaction、商户服务能力等重要指标符合平台要求的商户,Kuaishou will pay the monthly technical service fee In the form of fast money back to the merchant.商户各方面指标评级越高所获得的成长奖励越多,The maximum amount is the technical service paid in the current month 费的 200%.商家发展奖金的设立不但不会危害优质商家的主动性,It is also conducive to creating and maintaining a green ecology for businesses.Also fast 手还对快手商品实施了一系列推广措施,比如快手商品可在快手电商微信小程序首页优先展示.

3.3.2 Well quickly electricity with cargo ecological health,Fu can realize the content creator at the level of cash

2020 年 9 月 16 日,快手电商宣布 2020 年 8 月快手电商订单量超 5 亿单.过去 12 个月,Kuaishou e-commerce cumulative order Single amount after taobao Tmall、京东、拼多多,成为电商行业第四极.36 氪获悉,快手高级副总裁马宏彬在磁力引擎双产品升级发布会上宣布,今年 1-8 月,Well quickly commercial revenue growth than the same period last year 2.5 倍,头部客户新增 2.6 倍.

快手电商带货生态下头部红人收入高企,300 10,000 fans are a watershed in the ability to monetize traffic.Well quickly red anchor distribution structure as Typical pyramid structure,从 KOL 的数量来看,粉丝量 100-300 万的 KOL The number of fans 300-500 万的 KOL 数量的 6.84 倍,Shoulder reds number advantage prominent.Kuaishou's head anchor has a very strong ability to carry goods.快手 2020 年“616 品质购物节”Bringing goods hot first One of sanda elder brother live on the same day with the goods 1.8 亿元,Now the elder brother of the sanda well quickly for fans 5048 万.而 2019 年“116 Cargo Day”Cargo heat Xin Youzhi is the first 2019 The total number of live broadcasts during the year GMV 为 133 亿,The number quickly simba fan is as 5924 万.quickly gathered A lot of waist and tail masters,For the waist and tail reds on the Kuaishou platform,30 万粉丝是直播红人满足基本收入的门槛,300 万粉 Silk is a watershed in fan growth and revenue realization,300-500 万粉丝的 KOL Advertising offer rate is 100-300 Thousands of close 2 倍,粉丝数量超过 300 万,Significant increase in liquidity.

快手的内容创作环境有利不同的粉丝层级的创作者实现粉丝持续的增长.快手平台“老铁关系”social atmosphere 围使得内容创作者能够通过内容和直播沉淀优质的私域流量,Increase fan retention.其中 300 万到 1000 万粉丝的 Strong powder capacity.

快手在疫情期间迎来众多明星和企业老板带货,Live new infrastructure power industry to break.Kuaishou for the first time with 3C Home appliance brand bigger large-scale sales activities,5 月 10 The turnover of the first live show of the Japanese Dong Mingzhu Kuaishou broke through 3 亿元, Used by the air conditioning that decide frequency sell surplus 6700 台.Kitty zhang live with The total transaction value of the first show exceeded 2.23 亿元,粉丝数量达 819.7 万.自 2020 年 3 月起,快手推出“百城县长,直播助农”活 动,Cumulative turnover broke 3 亿元.其中,Xinjiang special sales 65 Xinjiang specialty agricultural products,Total turnover 1949 万元.4 月“快人一 步”Help Hubei restart plan,Hubei agricultural and sideline products sales 6100 万元.

The sales quickly is still at a low price goods,受疫情冲击的品牌入驻有助于提升客单价.据卡思数据,Fast hands highest sales business product belongs to 30-50 Meta range products,占比 35.12%.6 Month quickly with the highest sales 50 A mammal host guest unit price 38%突破 100 元,32% 在 50-100 之间.受疫情冲击,服装、美妆、珠宝玉石、Fastest appliances class brands to quickly,Bringing an increase in customer unit price.

Well quickly electricity with cargo ecological health,Income distribution is more balanced,Waist tail web celebrity can also benefit from it.According to Yu Shuang, vice president of Kuaishou, accepting other media Responses to the interview:Although the head is dazzling,But Kuaishou traffic and conversions are still concentrated in having 10-100 万粉丝的主播区间里.Score from fans Look at the cloth,Among the 500 accounts with the strongest ability to carry goods 29%来自 100~300 Thousands of fans echelon,And all levels of fans KOL 中,100~300 万 Echelon of fans KOL 数量占比为 45.97%.It means that Kuaishou's shoulder net red has a strong ability to carry goods,Income is not entirely determined according to the number of fans. According to the data of two anchors extracted by Cass(Because it is more sensitive,We blur out KOL 的名称)可以看到,尽管 KOL A More fans 高,And live with cargo frequency high rhythm(一周 2 次以上),但 KOL B Video of operational data better,Higher quality fans.From the delivery 能力来看,KOL B 单场销量、Sales and guest unit price are higher,Fans have more spending power.

Well quickly electricity with high cargo conversion,Promotion content can effective touch of consumers,并通过熟人社交或者短视频社区互动进行有效传 播.《快手 2019 创作者生态报告》显示,约有 40%快手电商主播的粉丝会转化为意向购买者.According to Cass data 计,97%看过相关产品的短视频受访用户产生过产品购买兴趣.其中 58%of surveyed users will choose Choose to buy,43%of Kuaishou surveyed users would recommend the product to their family,47%的用户会在快手视频评论中询问其他消费者的使用体验.

Well quickly goods satisfied,Users purchase intention and purchase intention is strong.92%的快手受访用户满意快手主播推荐的产品,84% 的快手受访用户表示未来愿意接受快手主播推荐产品.

3.3.3 快手、抖音、Taobao live with goods have significant ecological,The core of realization is different


抖音于 2018 年 3 Monthly open shopping cart function,2018 年 5 月起,用户可进入达人的个人主页内的店铺进行购物.2019 年起,Trill gradually access millet mall、Jingdong, and other third-party electric business platform.2018 年双十二,The head of Douyin's seven uncles and grandfather started live broadcast 首秀,The first shot fired trill electricity.2020 年上半年抖音直播带货累计成交交易额 119 亿元,During the same period, Kuaishou reached 1044 亿元.Douyin e-commerce started three months earlier than Kuaishou,But e-commerce business is weak,In the first half of the volume of close to ten times the gap,Still monetized through advertising 为主要营收方式.

Douyin focuses on content,Mainly based on the scene to electricity diversion short video content.抖音小手商品的渠道分为自营的抖音小店和淘 宝、京东、Netease koalas are a third party such as electricity.此外,Trill also self-built applet electricity.Douyin's algorithmic distribution mechanism centers on content,2.7% of video content occupies 80%以上流量,Focus on the distribution of popular content.KOL 和粉丝之间的关系类似于明星与追随者,互动较少, 用户更多是对作者的某个短视频作品内容感兴趣,Fan less viscosity and conversion rate.But with the help of Douyin's user volume and centralized flow quantity distribution,to aggregate content,So the trill is more suitable for grass with content fans,The user based on the video content to buy more.Most live with cargo commodity trading Part of the jump to taobao or Tmall clinch a deal,Only a tiny part trill their own goods.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

抖音对于导流到第三方电商平台的交易和抖音小店的交易设置不同的分成比例.Take Taobao as an example,Taobao first First from the commission charge amount 6%The content scene special service fee and the remaining commission 10%的技术服务费,Trill platform commissions actual promotion 1%The technical services and sales of 0.6%的广告费用.

抖音电商直播带货目标用户以一二线城市年轻人为主.Registered users in the majority with a second-tier cities,女性比例 60%,24 岁 以下占比 51%,30 岁以下 77%,To a certain extent, it represents the favorite direction of popular culture..从收入水平来看,3000 元以下占比 33%, 3000-5000 元占比 32%,5000-10000 元占比 23%,More than 10,000 yuan only 12%,low income of young people.Because first- and second-tier cities of consumers have more choices,信息通畅,Barriers to consumption are low,在抖音平台上被种草后倾向于货比三家,Not easy to spend on impulse,to shake Live sound with cargo conversion increased the difficult.

The unit price of Douyin users' commodity consumption is higher than that of Kuaishou,Users are relatively less price sensitive.According to Kath数据《抖音 vs 快手 30 red electric business research report》,Trill good item in the list on the list of goods 0~50 Yuan goods accounted for the highest,为 41.25%,快手 0~50 Yuan Commodities 占比例为 63.32%,抖音 0~200 The total proportion of goods in RMB 84.61%.但也有较多单价高的商品吸引了用户的分享和关注, @The unit price of Pan Huaer appearance manual sweater release 4990 元的男士手工毛衣凭借极致的工艺频繁上榜抖音好物榜.

由于抖音主要以内容为核心进行电商带货,粉丝数量并不能决定抖音电商带货的销售量.According to Kath数据, 抖音在 2019 年 9 月 11 日至 2019 年 10 月 10 日前 20 of salespeople,6 名 KOL The number of fans is less than 50 万,8 名 KOL 粉丝量 低于 100 万,优质的内容、good interaction、过硬的产品质量保证是主播带货量的有力保证.Low fans account on Douyin Also has the potential to be monetized.

3)淘宝直播,Merchant number remains high

Taobao Live was the first to develop,于 2016 年开通,Initial development is slow,2018 年开始起飞.2018 年 3 月,Taobao Live Entrance from APP The fourth screen to move to the first screen,Taobao live broadcast DAU 突破千万,Hundreds of billions of transactions,同比增速接近 400%,.2019 年双 11, Taobao live broadcast transaction volume broke through in just a few days 200 亿.2019 年淘宝直播全年 GMV 超 2000 亿元,Live for three consecutive years lead to clinch a deal to add 速 150%以上,成为近三年全球增长最快的电商形式.

淘宝平台培育了大量的头腰部专业主播,The number of active Taobao anchors has grown rapidly in the past two years.与此同时,据《2020 淘宝 Live new economic report》,Taobao live clinch a deal the permeability continued rapid rise.2019 年末,淘宝直播在阿里巴巴电商平台上的整体渗透率接近去年同期的两倍,Average daily air anchor year-on-year growth of more than 100%,The average daily growth of the number of merchants that start broadcasting is close to that of the same period last year. 100%,Live live Gradually become an important marketing channel businesses.

Taobao live Matthew effect significantly,头部主播和中小主播带货能力差异巨大.以淘宝最有名气的两大主播宝一姐薇娅 And lipstick one jia-qi li, for example.薇娅在 2019 年 10 月 21 No sales to live in the morning 97.6 万,销售额达 6.612 亿;Li Jiaqi is double 11 预售第 1 天销售额达到 6.607 亿,位居第二.头部主播带货能力与中小主播之间差距巨大.According to Zhigua data 2019 年 10 月的数据显示,在前 519 In taobao popular anchor in sales 300 The number of people over 10,000 is 5 人,占比 1.5%.And monthly sales 10 万 The following people are 365,占比 70.4%.

Small and medium-sized anchors are a solid foundation for Taobao Live,The ability to carry goods in the vertical field has good potential,Part of the small and medium-sized anchor fan transformation ability. 519 among the popular anchors,Before the carrying factor 20 Only two famous anchors have more than one million fans.剩余主播粉丝体量均在十几到几十万之间, But the sales are huge.Cargo factor=近 30 Days sales averaged live/Anchor on the spot in front of the number of fans

Famous brands businessmen fanbase in large number,The live broadcast with the goods performed well,Is directly proportional to the number of fans and live with cargo.在 519 among the popular anchors, 粉丝数排名前 10 The squirrel feeder respectively、President of BESTORE GOODS、Grass bouquet smell house brands, such as small taste.Three Squirrels BESTORE, Number three businesses such as grass bouquet smell home near 30 Day live take goods sales over millions of.

3.4 Knowledge to pay or become a new bright spot

2018 年 6 月,Well quickly on-line fast worker class,The first step to make knowledge to pay.2019 年 7 月,Well quickly launch education ecological partner plan, Invite excellent short video knowledge producers to enter.19 年 11 月,快手高级副总裁马宏彬表示春节前将拿出 66.6 billion traffic to help teach Parenting class account in cold start quickly platform.To promote knowledge types of,Make more knowledge flowing.

Well quickly platform support knowledge to pay,The development space of knowledge accounts in the future has unlimited potential.As well quickly platform video length longer,知识文化 Financial content will have more room for development.目前,Quickly has on the product side layout,For paid content to build a separate entrance.on the side of Kuaishou bar function,点击更多功能,Ability to see paid content、The entrance to the learning at home and shop order、音悦台、Small theater, etc.,点击进 After the can see all kinds of classification of course.

快手为知识付费者成长变现提供变现平台和良好生态.快手的智能推荐技术能够帮助知识生产者积累私域 流量,Perfecting education commercialization scene,实现商业变现.Fast worker class in a few months later,2018 年 11 Monthly cumulative income breakthrough 1 亿. 据官方数据显示,43%of educational content producers use livestreaming to sell courses.其中 94.9%的人获得了收益,51%的教育内容, Producers use short video selling course,其中 95.2%的人获得了收益.截止至 2019 年 11 月底,Well quickly education ecology is about 160万付费学员,Students paying monthly growth rate 95%,The average study time is 30 分钟.

Knowledge to pay into the era of the great plains,快手为专业教育机构提供了更好的触达下层市场的渠道,Breaking the education geographic boundaries. 专业的教育机构能够在快手上提供优质的内容,使得三四线及以下的大量用户接触到更多的优质教育资源.据 统计,快手 65%The teacher from a second-tier cities,74%的学生来自三线以下教育资源匮乏的地区.

Well quickly with a rich selection of sinking user,Paid content and user needs matching degree is high.时下,低线城市对于知识消费的需求正逐步释 放,But intellectual paid product pricing is on the high side.而快手知识付费内容相比精品知识付费定价较低,More life style and ground 气,价格和风格都能够满足快手平台海量的下沉用户的需求.在快手,Everyone can be a knowledge producers,Hurry up and close 于老百姓衣食住行的知识类内容非常丰富,快手主播“闫妈妈街边小吃”By doing well quickly snack tutorial,收获了 4.6 万粉丝,Earning more nearly 30 万.Combined with fast worker in private domain traffic advantage,Efficiently build user trust through short videos at the shortest speed,使得用户 Has the very high pay will.Brother ACai mathematics classroom, for example,售价为 9 Yuan of junior middle school mathematics video there 10 万人购买.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

知识付费下半场,Knowledge content producers are from to get、知乎为代表的专业知识付费平台转化到抖音、快手、西瓜 and other mass traffic platforms.得到、Zhihu knowledge the threshold of the pay is higher,Both are invited,Knowledge producers need according to the known、Work card slot, Meet a certain standard and qualification,to enter the platform,而大众流量平台对知识付费设置的门槛较低,As long as think own experience 有价值,You can open to pay column,Eligibility is fully open,低门槛和高流量使得快手成为知识内容生产者的有利选择.

快手知识付费崛起冲击得到知乎专业知识平台,But two classes of platform core don't coincide,The two sides destroyer is among the crowd. 得到、Zhihu are college students、The main land to white-collar and middle class,The average user higher degree relatively quickly,Requirement for the quality of courses and discrimination, Hope the course has a framework、结构化、成体系,最好有创作者的过往经历和教育背景为课程质量背书.The Kuaishou user group 更加多元化,lower average education,Of course appeal to zhihu、Get the user does not quite the same.因此,The two sides for intermediate users compete for Core lies in the occupation of user mind,For the same two types APP 的人群而言,打开 APP 的几率越大、时长越长,Browse to class The greater the risk of routine recommended.Short video platforms go beyond graphic and audio platforms,On the user's duration rising,Combined with higher daily living and traffic, AI 算法能根据用户兴趣进行课程的智能推荐,The rise of knowledge payment in Kuaishou can be expected in the future.

四:Kuaishou's traffic advantage:优秀的私域流量与国民级公域流量有机结合

4.1 关注私域流量,Broaden platform business boundaries

The private domain flow is refers to the individual(企业或个人)owned by a specific channel,able to reach directly、无需付费、Access for repeated use 户量.

4.1.1 The private domain flow the cause of the rise of

4.1.2 Quickly the private domain flow form the driving factors of

Interface design is conducive to the formation of brother relationship,Promote the formation of the private domain flow interaction based.我们在前面提到,Quickly find pages with waterfalls flow The form of a short video content,Short videos are equipped with titles and covers for users to choose from,The user needs to exit the current video to watch the next video,And when The user slides down the front video interface is the user comment area,With the trill interactive difference is very big,这种交互形式人为的打断了用户的沉浸感, 一方面促进用户有更多的精力参与评论与交互,另一方面降低了用户度对高吸引力内容的期待,Good for the long tail 内容的展示,More options to the user.此外,快手的交互设计让平台上的流量入口相对平均,Put the attention page The same city page is placed in the same position as the discovery page,Content posted by Kuaishou users can be seen by followers.Public domain traffic-oriented platform with strong operation 相比,Formed a strong differentiation.Kuaishou users prefer to watch creators they follow,Instead of looking for new and interesting content on the discovery page.对于创 作者来说,Can provide the opportunity to communicate with fans,Increase stickiness with fans,Lay the ground for the formation of private domain flow.

The algorithm is inclined to provide traffic for medium and long tail accounts,Platform intervention for the private domain of guide.由于交互形式为平台提供了更高的容错率, Kuaishou can pass the algorithm,Based on the user behavior data,为用户在发现页提供了更多的中长尾内容,Discover the user more points of interest. 通过用户的关注行为不断地转换为中尾部账号的粉丝.且用户对于尾部账号的关注通常是基于小众兴趣,这种 Attention usually has a high viscosity,It is conducive to the formation of a trust relationship between the two parties,The private domain traffic precipitated in this way may not be large enough,但是通 often of high value.

Platform concept is the key,The focus of the creator is its core idea.快手的核心理念就是让每个人都能够记录真实的生活, a chance to be seen by the world.在这种理念的指导下,快手平台更关注创作者是否更真实的表达自己,Content expressed by the creator Can be more people to see,这种对创作者的关注为创作者在平台上发布针对不同受众的内容提供了很好了机会.快 手的用户界面设计和算法导流均是基于这种理念来服务不同圈层的创作者.Platform to support different content creators,发掘 of users' niche interests match creators,创作者通过高度切合用户的内容和直播留住用户,Strengthen the relationship with the user's trust, Thus precipitation valuable private domain flow.

4.1.3 Quickly the value of private domain flow:三方共赢,Promotes the development of the ecosystem, the future

对于创作者来说,The private domain flow stability,Realization is controllable.In the predominantly male domain flow platform,Traffic control mainly in flat to Taipei,The exposure of content creators' works is subject to the platform.As in Douyin、Weibo platform which mainly public domain flow,Content creators have little control over their traffic System and platform dependent logic distribution.Content of work flow is not stable,The number of likes for the short video released is hundreds of thousands,as little as tens of thousands, Point the zambian side difference is bigger,It also led to the liquid is difficult to control.

In the private domain flow based platform,Creators don't have to chase hot,Instead, you can focus on running your own featured content,从行业角度来 讲也可以避免内容的同质化现象过于明显.Video creation is currently relatively expensive,In the public domain flow based on the platform,花费 时间和精力制作的内容如果没有受到平台的算法推荐成为爆款,那么就没有价值,Value transformation is unstable.但是在 On a platform like Kuaishou, which is dominated by private domain traffic,Limit header traffic,Adhere to the content for more users to see,Although hot style work content is less,但 Is playing as well as the thumb up relatively stable,Unceasingly to attract users attention.Even if the user amount of fans is not a lot,But as long as you like、Trust the creator, The creator could live through like、电商带货、Operational forms such as advertising and knowledge payment realize monetization.总体而言,Private domain traffic is beneficial to the waist Monetization of front and back users,流量稳定,Realization is controllable.

对于用户来说,Meet the demand of the user characteristics.当前新一代消费主力人群的消费需求呈现品质化、社交化、个性化, 不同的消费人群有着不同的消费需求和不同的兴趣点,This requires platforms or content creators to actively explore.Quickly through the The slant of long-tail content,Can help users discover niche interest,to attract users' attention;创作者不断地发布符合其粉丝特质的内容 To meet the demand of the content of the consumer.通过这种方式,用户在平台上能够找到自己所需要的内容和服务,entertainment and entertainment for users fee provides convenience.

对于平台来说,吸引流量,提高用户黏性,Broaden platform business boundaries.创作者和用户的双向沉淀能够提高用户的 粘性,Continue to attract different categories of creators to settle in,创作者的入驻又为平台带来了更多的内容,So as to realize the virtuous circle.根 According to a report, the data show that,在快手,Fan interaction outperformed trill,Look from the video creators average praise comparison(Refers to the creator set average The ratio of comments,数值越小,Show that the more fans interaction will),The average rating of Douyin likes is 42:1,即 42 Who can get a comment, And the quickly the comparison with mean 13:1,13 Who can bring a comment.The smaller the trill present a fan base,Praise comparison ratio, the smaller the situation, That is, the number of fans is less,The higher the fan interaction;The overall performance of the Kuaishou praise rating is relatively stable,这Explain fast通过信任建立起来的私域流量, It will not be diluted by the increase in the number of fans.整体较高且较为稳定的粉丝互动表现增加了私域流量的整体价值,change as a whole Laid a solid foundation and expand the business scope now.沉淀的私域流量为创作者带来收入的同时平台抽取佣金费用也可以实现稳定的 商业变现.

此外,在快手不断地推动商家号发展的基础上,能够将商家号沉淀的私域流量转换到线下,从而实现品牌 Connected with the local service.不同品牌或者同城店铺通过短视频吸引当地用户,消除信息不对称,to promote their own products or In the process of customer service, it can attract users to come to consume,达到引流的目的.这种通过私域流量打通生活服务的商业模式使得快 Hands are no longer limited to video entertainment platform,Discover more business possibilities,Expand their business boundaries.

4.2 From the private domain flow to the whole flow field,Kuaishou's new story

快手近期很突出的改变点在于将擅长点私域流量扩大范围至公域流量,Realize high-value private domain traffic and national-level public domain The organic combination of traffic.

4.2.1 Quickly towards public domain flow“破圈”尝试.

Well quickly broken change to use“Jay Chou”Star to join with the rational utilization of strategy,This is means perfect platform influence. “娱乐明 星”天然就是“私域流量”的代名词,引入一位顶流明星的代价远远比不上其贡献,Top flow star firmly loyal fans Platform itself bring more new traffic,And star output of high quality content、topicality,也将进一步丰富整个短视频平台的内容多样性.Aware of this well quickly,在 2020 The first year, please《乘风破浪的姐姐》Zhang Yuqi, who is popular in China, acts as an e-commerce endorsement 人,First live broadcast win 2 more than 100 million turnover,Kuaishou e-commerce business completed“出圈”;随后,快手迅速拿下周杰伦一系列版权与直播权 益,To further supplement the top flow void.The introduction of top stars,Is moved quickly to key business horn,Is right after the wave crest flow from the positive letter 号,More quickly by star borrow,On the one hand, foster vertical users and high-quality content,On the one hand, to expand the new flow.In order to expand the old mass of In fast hands“乡土”观感,Start with the arrival of idols,Allow the user to change stereotypes of platform,Eventually convert it into a platform for users.

The marketing platform has been newly upgraded to“磁力聚星”Help fast worker's access to the public domain flow,Advertisers brand value and influence.2020 年 9 月 22 日消息,快手宣布旗下达人生态营销平台快接单正式改名为“磁力聚星”,Merchants can find suitable delivery on this platform People do the promotion,Daren receives orders through the platform,To complete the task and revenue.值得一提的是,One of the important change is that,过去, Works by Magnetic Stars,只在快手 App 的私域分发.在升级后,will enter the public domain,That is, the work is added to Kuaishou App 的发现页、同城 Featured display of pages and tags.根据 MCN 及第三方平台数据显示,快手磁力聚星达人作品进入快手公域分发一周以来, 短视频播放量最高提升 20 倍,公域流量占比超过 80%,每天有接近 30 只短视频成为播放量超过 1000 万的爆款 视频.

借助公域流量弥补私域流量的不足与缺点,Achieving a win-win effect.虽然一直以来,“私域流量”All are fast 名词,同时这也让快手在直播领域上尝到了很大甜头,For example, live well quickly speak to recognize people don't recognize the goods,As long as this master sells,What to sell will buy anything.但从硬币的另一面来看,Due to the fast worker specific community atmosphere,Top big probability of live streaming will appear some problems,For example present 现了【反智】、【Extreme sinking or even vulgar】,not obeying official orders,Arbitrary abuse damaged well quickly,It is reflected in fast worker can't like trill Just as straightforward、Direct regulation,Lack of rhythm、Powerful depth control,And this is not the depth control of talent resources,Will be out anytime Escape or the side effects of a platform.所以在这里打通公域流量也是一种对于流量分配权的重新掌控,Improve yourself better flow volume distribution mechanism,Avoid the phenomenon that private domain traffic is too protective of the header,Acceleration makes Kuaishou monetize in information flow advertisements.After going from private domain to global domain,对于 客户来说,You can give the same price to the master,Get more effect transformation and brand spread.此外,对于达人来说,也能获得 More fans growth and work exposure.

4.2.2 Whole flow field behind the purpose

This is a reflection of Kuaishou's dissatisfaction with the profit model.,To rush to the market volume huge advertising.High stickiness of the platform,Private domain traffic is hot,快 Hand's live broadcast tipping business has been progressing very smoothly,有报道这部分收入带来的营收占比一度超九成.But compared to live reward,广告 market size is larger.Douyin platform user stickiness is not so high,The exploration of live exceptional business more twists and turns,Instead, advertising more breakthrough. Because it is a single brush up and down the Settings,It is better for information flow AD.很显然,Quickly switch to single-column mode,Open up more public domain traffic,Also Hi Looking at some new progress on the advertising revenue.

By adjusting the flow distribution,Change the display mode,Influencing newsfeed ads,Continue to expand live broadcast e-commerce with extremely high ceilings.快手电商负责人 Yu Shuang thinks,直播电商的天花板很高,未来一半以上的线上零售可能都来自直播电商.And real data are also reflect Highlights the role of the platform.9 月 16 日,快手电商宣布 2020 年 8 月快手电商订单量超 5 亿单.过去 12 个月,快手电 The total accumulated orders of merchants is second only to Taobao and Tmall、京东、拼多多,成为电商行业第四极,并且仍在快速增长.Kuaishou itself is sinking Deep ploughing of the market,Laid a foundation its broadcast electricity ecological,现在通过接通公域流量给予更多人成为头部机会,Put the little man's egg Make the cake bigger,Also is the platform itself do big cake,Combined with strategic cooperation with jingdong retail,Don't need to jump in quickly App 内完成购买,这都 Show that social platforms are transformation,或者说集成电商新生态的产业链上下游.

五:Quickly development trend in the future:Accelerate the commercialization to liquidate all things

5.1 Self-built live electrical closed loop, Go quickly to the electricity industry supply chain upstream

Kuaishou Taobao business format overlap,Kuaishou seeks to become Taobao.2018 年,Taobao live breakthrough 10 亿成Payment amount,Quickly and trill amount on live Up too 10 亿.快手电商的迅猛发展在一定程度上对淘宝构成了威胁.2019 年 6 月,Ali mother released charge Payment amount 6%The contents of the scenario special service fee,Kuaishou immediately counterattack,Announced to increase access to spell and jingdong a lot,There are more supplies besides Taobao and Youzan chain selection.7 月 1 日,Kuaishou E-commerce Announcement,将于 7 月 20 日针对阿里妈妈旗下淘宝联盟在内的多个第三方电商平台, The new income actual promotion commission 50%,And said platform fee,Will be used to encourage the growth of high quality businesses.The policy will allow businesses to 减少佣金支付更倾向于导流至快手小店进行交易.8 月,Organize quickly“靠谱好货节”,A lot of activities more goods from spell More than Taobao,似乎是对淘宝此前若干限制性规定的反击和制衡.12 月,Kuaishou briefly cut off Taobao's external chain for countermeasures, 对此,Quickly response for system upgrade,The product is temporarily unavailable for review.

快手电商生态中引入服务商创造共赢局面,There is hope to compete with the Amoy Department.As the industry pattern gradually mature,Professional in Kuaishou Service provider will also to function integration,Provide comprehensive marketing for brands,Organizers or into a large supply chain.Kuaishou e-commerce starts to attract Enter high-quality service providers,为有做电商意愿的老铁们提供包括销售产品定位、内容打造、供应链、After-sales service and so on several aspects of 服务,实现一站式的电商转型.

Kuaishou comes with its own e-commerce genes,The establishment of a closed-loop ecology of the whole link has become an inevitable choice.Kuaishou compared to Douyin,Quickly doesn't seem to be content to be a Platform to the electricity diversion.丰富的私域流量和老铁氛围的社区生态使得快手天然具有电商基因,And Kuaishou needs to be in the main Sowing with them on the goods in the final sales into cash,If well quickly set up their own supply chain channel,then a considerable part of the overall commission will be paid by the third party Supply chain channel withdrawal,Quickly themselves are as a limited ability to.在与淘宝等电商平台竞争加剧的情况下,Plus code self-operated e-commerce,Build from By the supply chain is the inevitable choice of well quickly.

Kuaishou builds a commodity distribution library to meet supply diversity,尽量保证生态流量分布处于比较均衡的状态.Quickly the official will have a business product distribution library,The introduction of many brands and distributors of goods,At the same time on the big anchor contain certain supply chain end,让小主播有货可卖.But even an official 方做的商品库也会依据主播的能力做价格分层,从而给到不一样的价格.In respect of market economy at the same time,进行一定的 Ecological flow balance,To avoid a wide range of oligarchs tendency.

Quickly began to layout belt,Live in source base,源头好货成为快手电商接下来发力的核心.Kuaishou will focus on supporting 原产地、产业带、Factory direct supply and Kuaishou's native e-commerce expert.Select in category、质量把控、The third party service such as link the precision 控,Promote the development of the industry area live electricity.目前快手已落地的产业带种类有服装和玉石带.

Quickly to source vendors into ecological,源头好货和直播电商的结合正在改变当下电商市场的格局,To deconstruct the freight yard 关系.Fast hands have millions of merchants,大多数来自原产地产业带和义乌等知名批发市场的档口.过去,These businesses mainly rely on Wholesale shipments,Contact with the consumer less chance,传统电商生态不利于原产地和产业带的发展,繁琐的步骤、各种复杂的 营销工具和玩法为原产地和产业带的商家树立起了一个很高的门槛.直播的兴起给了他们一个与消费者深度互 opportunity to move,Through records related to source good content、销售商品获得收益使得这批源头好货商家弯道超车,实现商业成功.

Goods at the source make production and consumption directly linked,让利于消费者,Reduce manufacturer inventory costs,Ascension allows space.A great source of good goods Advantage lies in the goods directly to consumers,价格具有竞争力,没有中间商赚差价.另一方面,Consumers can direct and source factory contact,Factories guide production based on consumer feedback.Due to the production and consumption directly connected,厂商能够通过销售数据预估价格涨跌趋势,减少库存的积压,Make the factory cash flow more healthy,The space of benefit consumers more.

Kuaishou Community Ecology Helps Platform Source Good Goods Rise.快手的私域流量对于电商卖家来说更加友好,As a platform for traffic acquisition 影响较小,The head effect is weak,Fans contact sellers tend to produce more strong,对商家而言,相比传统的电商平台,Quick entry and luck Lower operating costs.卖家通过向用户展示真实推荐售卖的场景,Gain user trust,Transformed fans and cash.

We are optimistic about the future development of good source goods in Kuaishou.The source of the concept of good is not well quickly original,But Kuaishou is the natural development soil of good goods from the source. 原因主要有三:首先,快手的短视频生态有利于源头好货进行低成本的宣传、营销,In order to gain with a lot of exposure of product opportunity to compete.其次,快手的半熟人朋友圈社区生态也有利于加强老铁对于源头好货的品质信赖,Promote electricity Conversion rate of increase.此外,Source good price、真实的展示有力地抓住了快手主要用户的痛点,help to achieve Easy natural form.

向上“破圈”品牌升级,避免走“Cheap detours”.Well quickly started with electricity to move sinking market,前期“低价商品”There are really good ones diversion effect,But blindly open the way with low prices,后续要卖高大上的品牌产品实现向上破圈就很难.Kuaishou has previously launched“品牌掌柜 计划”,Break up to circle the goods update.Through to the brand and creators of attachment,Introducing more branded goods quickly electric business ecosystem.此外,快 Hand with jingdong strategic cooperation to upgrade,使得快手电商得以从源头好货扩张到品牌商品,To strengthen quickly electricity industry status.疫情 的影响也加速了大众消费品牌布局快手电商的进程.2 月以来,Many brands to enter special fast hands open,如阿迪达斯、 拉夏贝尔等.在这些直播中,品牌并非简单将快手视作清理库存的渠道,But injected with many new products in the quarter,Explain fast Unique value also starting to provide in terms of pulling new.

快手尝试改善电商基础设施以此扩大满足消费者需求的条件,No longer just limited to the supply side of low prices.通过直播 data structuring,Let users feel like shopping offline in the live broadcast room.比如将所有卖同类产品的直播间放在一起,Replace the shelf Graphic details page on display in the electricity business way,造出一条直播步行街的形态,So as to meet the semi-deterministic needs of consumers.If semi-deterministic Needs to be able to transfer to online live,Can form a pin logic,Live broadcast has become more of a shopping guide form,not just needles The spell at a low price and the supply end of the pin end goods.

5.2 Accelerate advertising commercialization,快手“公域+私域”Double realization

Kuaishou self-built marketing platform,Advertisements goal of ascension,Accelerate advertising commercialization.很长一段时间内,Live well quickly revenue of major department 分,Advertising is not a fast worker to liquidate the core.2018 年 10 月,Under the strong rise of trill,Well quickly announced accelerated commercial,to make up for in advertisers Industrialization's Shortcomings,Launched Kuaishou Marketing Platform.2019 年初,Quickly made 100 billion advertising revenue target,And will target to in years 150 亿元.2019 年,Well quickly complete advertising revenue about 130 亿元.

快手通过改善产品功能提速公域流量变现.Quickly to liquidate public domain flow mainly through quickly advertising,Contains information advertising and topic 标签页.Kuaishou advertising is more restrained than Douyin,注重用户体验,约 90%The user can see AD,Ad load rate 3%,更 Focus on efficiency and precision of advertising.在产品端,Quickly update the found that the function of the page,The user can select screen mode,get similar to tiktok 沉浸式体验.more than just a discovery page,快手在今年 9 月 3 Kuaishou 8.0 版本中,上线了“精选”页面,取代了原来 “同城”页面的位置,并将“同城”放到了 app 底部.“精选”The design of the page is very“抖音”化,采用了“大屏”+ “上滑下滑”User interaction system,就是为了给快手信Streaming advertising的发展提供一个合适的平台环境.在“抖音”化的 Some Kuaishou pages,一方面,优质的推荐内容提高了用户的浏览时长(大屏模式下的推荐的短视频点赞和转发率 Mostly over 10,000),另一方面,用户通过上下滑动加载信息流的方式提升了信Streaming advertising的点击率.此外,Kuaishou also added Many vertical hashtags,提高对用户内容推荐和广告投放的精准度,Promote public domain refinement operation flow,so that people can realize By interest、people by region、professional.Commission AD conversion rate and liquid level.

Quickly development platform for both public domain flow,Also encourage users and brands to build private domain traffic,沉淀社交资产.Quickly the private domain flow realized mainly through Fast hands business marketing ecology,Quick build to order“人+内容”social marketing model,更高效、Intelligently docking advertisers and 内容创作者,Make creator-advertiser collaboration programmatic,帮助广告主挖掘私域流量中丰富的商业价值.创作者激励计划 也是快手较抖音来说比较独特的商业化产品,Through to the people and content matching,On the premise of guarantee user interest,系统自动为 创作者的日常视频选择性地添加与内容相匹配的广告.这是一个针对中尾部创作者的私域流量变现计划,创作 者有 1 Thousands of fans can join.目前,The incentive plan is gradually increasing the amount of creators,据快手官方数据,The most a creator through Incentive program to get more than 3 Daily income of ten thousand yuan.The waist in the talent with strong fan interaction,There are high barriers to the operation of vertical products.快 接单和创作者激励计划能够有效释放中腰部达人变现潜力.内容生态方面,快手在 2019 年 9 Merchant account launched, Fu can brand advertisers and small and medium-sized businesses.商家在短视频平台上通过优质内容从公域流量获得粉丝,Then create a private domain traffic pool, Manage social assets,实现商业变现.The parent-child matrix account is Kuaishou aimed at enterprises and institutions、政务机构和公共机构推出的矩阵账号管理 平台,A master account can manage multiple sub-accounts at the same time,并根据子帐号表现挑选优秀内容进行定向扶持,Implementation of the private domain traffic fine 细化运营.

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

Kuaishou in-depth research report:快手,From slow to fast

The development of single waterfall stream mode、The improvement of the system of commercial,Kuaishou continues to follow Douyin in advertising monetization.然而,广告业务加速商业化对快手有着双重的影响.一方面,Kuaishou is getting more and more vibrato,有利于快手提高广告业务变现效率和潜力,进一 Step broken trill in the field of advertising cake.但与此同时,快手的内容生态也不可避免地受到抖音化的影响,When well quickly into the other 一个抖音,其电商变现赖以繁荣的社区生态基础是否还能稳固如初?快手不同商业模式变现冲突的实质是对不 Ecological choices with the same content,如何在抖音式和快手式的内容生态中寻找一个动态的平衡是快手目前面临的一大难题.


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