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Nancai Quick Review: How to improve the salaries of grassroots medical staff?

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Id = "article_content" < td> "insurance basic, strong base, build mechanism" is the core strategy to realize the objective of health in China.The party central committee has always attached great importance to grassroots and rural health work, put forward a new era of health and health work policy will "focusing on grass-roots" in the first place.Grassroots medical institutions is the population of health service system, grass-roots medical personnel are basic medical treatment of medical institutions, health care, prevention, rehabilitation, such as "six integration" the provider of the service function, give play to the important role of the residents' health "gatekeeper", is to build a health, CDC, maternal and child health care system in our country.But our country the construction of medical and health personnel generally facing the "hire difficult, difficult stay" problem.How to implement the basic medical talent "drew into the well, to retain and use", guarantee and improve treatment of grassroots health workers is imminent.< br>< br> to that end, countries WeiJianWei specially issued by the health system to carry out a new era of focusing on grass-roots party's health and the health work policy several requirements "(hereinafter referred to as the" requirements "), and put forward the local health administrative departments at all levels to actively promote the implementation of the "two allow" policy, improve grassroots medical staff wages, overall balance and the local county (district) level public hospital performance the relationship between the level of wages, gradually narrow the income gap.Performance-based pay reform is the key to promote grassroots medical staff wages.< br>< br> in fact, as early as in 2018, the national WeiJian committee issued by the "about perfecting the basic medical and health institutions performance wage policy security signing the family doctor service work notice", to improve the grassroots health workers paid detailed measures are put forward, including: (1) the overall balance and local county district public hospital performance wage level, the relationship between reasonable verification grassroots health institutions and performance-related pay total level;(2) in grassroots medical and health institutions shall be established when performance wage distribution of internal GPS allowance program, single row in performance-related pay;(3) improve the gp wages, with the local county district clinicians wages of corresponding public hospital the same conditions;(4) the contract fee as a family doctor team grassroots health institutions income part, can be used for the salary distribution.Visible, performance-related pay involves the grassroots health workers performance salary amount, level, structure, source such as a few core problems.< br>< br> to this, the national health council on November 30, 2020 and issued a "about perfecting the basic medical personnel security incentive policy advice" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), points out that through perfecting the salary incentive mechanism, set up a doctor at the grassroots level living allowance system, improve the village doctor endowment security system to promote grassroots medical staff salary.Among them, about "perfect salary incentive mechanism" explicitly pointed out that: (1) strictly implement the public a kind of financial security policy, allowing grassroots medical and health institutions to break through the current institution wage regulation level, decide the internal performance wage ratio;(2) the basic-level medical institutions in medical service income in the balance after the deduction of the cost and extract various funds, can extract more than 60% for secondary awarding merit pay, can set up a general practitioner in awarding performance-based pay post allowance, work overtime subsidies, subsidies on duty, night shift allowance and subsidies to the countryside, poisonous and harmful subsidies DengZi projects;Sign (3) the family doctor service revenue, the principle of no less than 70% for signing distribution within the team, for signing team internal distribution family doctor service contract and gp post allowance included in the total performance salary management, single row in the performance-related pay.< br>< br> so, can be seen from the above policy document, at present our country promote grassroots medical staff wages through the following path: < br>< br> first, implement the policy of "two allowed".< br>< br> it is increasing government financial input, strictly implement the public a kind of financial security policy, allowing grassroots medical and health institutions to break through the current institution regulation and control of wages, break the restriction from the total amount.The financial department of the path need local clubs, collaborative efforts, in the concrete implementation process also depends on the local finance income.< br>< br> 2 is grassroots medical institutions to increase revenue.The medical service revenue after deducting costs and extraction of various funds according to the rules, can extract ratio for secondary awarding merit pay, and in every region of the extraction ratio of different policy, such as extracting 90% of henan province.The path to implement is the premise of basic-level medical institutions have a balance of payments, improve the medical service income is the key.Different paths of trials were carried out in different cities and provinces such as zhejiang shaoxing dynamic adjustment of grassroots medical service price control hospital reform, hubei huanggang medical body performance, and increase grass-roots medical institutions reimbursement ratio, etc.< br>< br> second, increase the special funds of public health service.With the improving of the public health subsidies standards, as well as the content of public health and the increasing of the project, doctor of public health at the grass-roots level will receive subsidies is rising.At present the implementation of the path is relatively easy, around the country basically achieved with the national policy requirements is consistent to the tilt of grassroots health workers.< br>< br> the third, achieve internal and external equal pay for equal work.Due to limit of the total, grassroots medical staff in staff side there is a big difference, all relevant personnel system reform, continue to use the way such as records, try to compile and equal pay for equal work.The implementation of the path dependent on all the receipts and expenditures of grassroots medical institutions, but also rely on the local personnel system reform, which varied with the various provinces and cities.< br>< br> the whole, improve grassroots medical staff wages, narrow the income gap, need both to the support from the local government financial investment, also need continuous increase of grassroots medical institutions independent vitality, also need to constantly improve the service level, grassroots health workers to serve the broad masses of people's health based on the realization of individual value, it is a system engineering.< br>< br> (the author is associate professor of nanjing university of Chinese medicine health economic management college) < br>< br> more information please download the 21 finance APP < br>< / td>

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