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HuaChunYing: will never allow us to continue to other sovereign states as Freud to kneel

2022-08-06 10:36:19Sogou WeChat

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“外交部发言人办公室”消息,在8月5日外交部例行记者会上,总台CGTN记者提问:据报道,The White House national security strategy communication coordinator and other officials said,China overreacts to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan,以此为借口,Increase in provocative military operations in the Taiwan Strait,制造危机.NATO's secretary general echoed this view.中方对此有何评论?

华春莹:The current situation is entirely caused by Pelosi and American politicians.U.S. officials say this,Let a person have a look“The emperor of wearing new clothes”的感觉,The US's arrogance, selfishness, hypocrisy and domineering should really be corrected..

Currently the ins and outs of tension across the Taiwan strait,是非曲直一目了然,The US is an active provocateur and crisis maker.

The essence of the Taiwan issue is not a so-called democratic issue,It is a major issue of principle concerning China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.The U.S. should think differently,If a state in the United States tries to break away from the United States and form a separate state,while another country provides it with arms and political support,Can the U.S. government and people allow it??

Pelosi's escalation to Taiwan is a serious provocative move to escalate substantive US-Taiwan relations,严重违反一个中国原则,Serious violation of the basic norms of international relations,严重损害中国主权和领土完整.China has made maximum diplomatic efforts,Repeatedly warned the US through various channels of the seriousness of Pelosi's escapade、危害性,Make it clear that China will not sit idly by,不会给“台独”Separatist forces in any space,由此造成的一切后果由美方全部负责.All parties in the international community have also issued warnings,Pointing out that Pelosi's move to Taiwan is a completely unnecessary and malicious provocation,will cause a serious crisis.可惜,The U.S. turned a deaf ear,一意孤行.

美方恶意挑衅在先,中方正当防卫在后.China's countermeasures are a necessary warning to the provocateurs、The legitimate defense of national sovereignty and security.Now the US and some of its followers have jumped out and accused China of overreacting,If they really care about regional peace and stability,Why didn't they stand up earlier to discourage Pelosi from visiting?早知如此,何必当初?!In problems involving China's sovereignty and territorial integrity,China's countermeasures are justified、必要的、恰当的,毫不过分.America as the perpetrator and initiator of this crisis,Should and must take full responsibility for it.

China's relevant measures are also a firm safeguard for regional peace and stability, as well as international law and basic norms governing international relations..几十年来,We have seen the United States and NATO, led by the United States, apply the principles of international law to,不合则弃,make up various so-called weapons of mass destruction“威胁”借口,Fighting against other sovereign states without any reason、start a military war, 在南联盟、伊拉克、利比亚、叙利亚、Places such as Afghanistan has created many human tragedy and tragedy?How many innocent civilians were killed、How many families got separated、家破人亡,Have they had any reflections on this??Have you ever felt any guilt about the serious consequences and disasters you caused??They had anything for these countries people's apology?Has there been any compensation??

在21世纪的今天,We must not allow America to call itself the police of the world、international judge,Continue to treat other sovereign countries as Freud who can kneel and kill at will.If China remains indifferent in the face of the increasingly pressing US interference in internal affairs and damage to sovereignty,Don't be mad at the US、Irresponsible behavior will be firmly resisted,Respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and other purposes of the UN Charter and basic norms of international relations will be reduced to a dead letter,占世界人口80%The vast majority of developing countries mentioned above may become the next target at any time. 正因为如此,已经有160Many countries have recently issued a voice of justice,reiterated adherence to the one-China policy,Support China in resolutely safeguarding its own sovereignty and territorial integrity.This is a hegemony and counter-hegemony、Interference and Anti-Interference、A major struggle between secession and anti-separatism.

China has been invaded by foreign powers in history,Today, the United States and a few of its comrades continue to be brutally interfered in the internal affairs of the country from time to time.、damage China's sovereignty and security.但是,中国已经不再是120年前的中国,China is not Iraq、叙利亚和阿富汗. The Chinese people will never allow foreign forces to bully、压迫、奴役我们,谁妄想这样干,必将在14亿多中国人民用血肉筑成的钢铁长城面前碰得头破血流.The position of the Chinese government and Chinese people on the Taiwan issue is consistent,坚决维护中国国家主权和领土完整是14亿多中国人民的坚定意志.Hope the United States and those so-called“民主”The country's followers clearly recognize this,Attach importance to and respect the core interests and firm will of the Chinese people, who account for one-fifth of the human population.



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