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Concert tickets for $5000, who is in the "pay"?

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近日,One of America's Greatest Rock SingersBruce Springsteenannounced that he andEstreet band in2023annual tour itinerary.

只可惜,The expectations of music fans were mostly dispelled after opening the ticketing interface.据悉,The tour in Hollywood, Florida、Front-row seats are over priced in several cities, including Long Island, New York5000美元.

Not only did this spark outrage among fans,It also sparked criticism from many practitioners.7月22日,Former Head of Bulletin Board Editorial OfficeBill Werdejoked on twitter:“很难相信Bruce SpringsteenThe one who will make fans start to miss scalpers.”

那么,到底是什么促成了Bruce Springsteenskyrocketing ticket prices?Average annual salary in the U.S.13.47%ticket price,How reasonable is it?

Why do high ticket prices provoked outrage?

who decidesBruce Springsteenskyrocketing fares?This is a question that fans have been talking about.

7月20日晚,Bruce SpringsteenfanzineBackstreetsResponded to fans' questions on Twitter:Thanks to the ticketing platformTicketmaster的合作,The tour launched“Platinum Seat(Platinum seat program)”.

简单来说,Ticketmasterprovide a“动态定价”,That is, the algorithm analyzes the needs of platform users in real time,If a particular location is in high demand,The price will automatically increase;And for the rare seat,The price will be lowered accordingly.official explanation,This pricing logic“Similar to how air tickets and hotel rooms are sold.”

As the music copyright price exceedsBob Dylan的摇滚巨星,Bruce SpringsteenThe tour is clearly in short supply,Eventually the situation of present in ticket sales platform all tickets prices are soaring.

当然,It is understandable to rely on market supply and demand to determine fares,Taylor Swift、Drakeet al have used dynamic pricing ticketing strategies before.然而,This time the tour artist isBruce Springsteen,In the eyes of his fans,The sky-high tickets betrayed his original intention and conscience of rock music.

五十年前,Bruce SpringsteenSaid in a radio interview after a performance,For many fans from New York had to pay more than10US dollars to buy a ticket,He felt very depressed when he heard.在彼时23岁的Bruce Springsteen看来,Cost to see a rock gig5U.S. dollars are more than enough,“If rock abandoned its plebeian roots(folk roots),它就会死去.”

很显然,mentioned in the official twitter4400The dollar has far above“平民”的承受范围.正如ELPAIS记者Miquel Echarri所言,“When you sell is the belief of the proletariat,You shouldn't price Iranian caviar.”

In ticket prices continued controversy,Tickets go on sale a week laterTicketmasterhad to stand up and explain.

TicketmasterPublished a series of stats since ticket sales,表示“动态定价”of tickets only account for11.2%,剩下的88.2%Tickets are sold at a fixed price,价格从59.5美元到399美元不等,Does not include additional service charges.

截至到7月24日,The average price of all tickets sold is262美元,其中56%The ticket price is less than200美元.从统计数据来看,4000High fares above the dollar obviously“有价无市”,仅有1.3%of tickets cost more than1000美元.

Two days after the platform side issued a statement,Bruce Springsteen的经纪人Jon Landau也接受了《纽约时报》的专访,The high ticket prices for the tour,“At the time of the tour price,We took a closer look at what our peers are doing.Our fares are on par with everyone else's,even lower than some tour prices.”

Landau承认,“few tickets”以超过 1,000 美元的价格出售,But he asserts that the average cost per ticket is 200 美元左右.根据他的解释,Higher prices are the result of dynamic pricing algorithm completely,Its role is to intelligently exploit the laws of supply and demand,Allowing fans with more resources to get better seats closer to the stage,Help lower the price of the remaining tickets.

In response to dissatisfaction from fans and the industry,Landau表示,“I believe that in today's environment,The price is fair for someone who is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of this generation.”在他看来,As the history of the most popular songwriters and artists,Bruce Springsteen这个大IPenough to be worth it5000US dollar fare.

然而,Defence of high ticket prices does not quell outrage in social media,The voice of dissatisfaction continued to be released.Variety在报道中,The pricing model that points directly to the ticketing platform is in“割韭菜”,“值得指出的是,There is no evidence that anyone5000美元或4000The high price of dollars bought the tickets,The ticketing platform just throws this price out,See if anyone bites the hook.”

西班牙媒体《ELPAIS》speak for distraught fans,表示“With or without algorithm,Bruceconcerts will increasingly become a luxury that his die-hard fans cannot afford..”

Is the high fare justified??

Dynamic pricing is notBruce Springsteen的首创.

For dynamic pricing dispute,至少可以追溯到2018年Taylor Swift的Reputation巡回演唱会.当时,Music fans who were seated close to each other found that they were at different times because of the purchase time.,Prices will be differ hundreds of dollars.

Although a certain degree of price discrimination is practiced,Admission prices but also in the fans to accept scope.Even if fans are dissatisfied,但Taylorof music fans are obviously more comfortable with the business model、Bonuses with little faith value,Therefore not asBruce SpringsteenGenerally the wave of public opinion.

在国内,The high ticket price was attacked by public opinion due to the black-box operation of the show organizer and the ticketing platform.

这要追溯到2016年王菲的“幻乐一场”演唱会.彼时,The organizer divides the ticket price into three tiers,分别为1800元、5800元、7800元;据媒体报道,The organizers will only10%The tickets are reserved for the first-level ticketing platform,将90%of tickets are placed on multiple secondary ticketing platforms,At that time, ticket prices were all the way up,From thousands to tens of thousands,甚至几十万上百万,令人咋舌.

Questioned as the sponsor and the ticketing platform“勾结”, The concert was a hit,The result is a total loss.The concert starts on the day,Ticket prices in the secondary market plummet,directly below par,even caused the government to intervene in the incident,Ticketing website Niu Demon Wang and Piao Niu were investigated by Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

The more long-tail effect is,Sky-high tickets are undoubtedly a loss to music fans' emotions and star image.

在探讨这个问题之前,An often overlooked fundamental question that we need to clarify,That is, what role does the star play in the negotiation of tour tickets?.But the reality will make the music fans feel cold,Because the star is fully aware of the organizer's pricing mechanism,And normally for seats have a veto.

2020年,Australian singing groupCrowded Housemade a statement,拒绝Live Nation(票务平台Ticketmaster的母公司)推出的In Demand门票,Such tickets are also“Adjust prices based on real-time supply and demand”.对此,Live NationFang responded,“How it is priced and sold is always up to the artist,尤其是In Demand类门票,Platform is designed to ensure that all earnings are the audience back to the artist,instead of falling into the ox's pocket.”

最终,在Crowded House的要求下,Live NationProvided financial compensation to fans who purchased this ticket at a premium.

Bruce Springsteen经纪人LandauIn an interview, also made it clear,Tour team refuses to cap ticket prices,因为“it will benefit scalpers,They can buy at a lower price than the algorithm suggests,Then resell the tickets on the black market for whatever price they want.”并且,LandauAsked in an interview,“If someone is willing to pay more than 5000 see you in dollarsBruce,Why pay the criminals instead of Bruce and his business partners??”

无论是Bruce Springsteen还是王菲,None of them can survive fans' anger at high ticket prices.在一定程度上,All high ticket prices come at the expense of the emotional connection between fans and stars.而从另一个角度看,High ticket prices are actually highly dependent on the emotional value of the fan economy.因此,There is always a paradox in the pricing strategy of high ticket prices.

Based on the major premise,The organizers of the show are more and more keen on the value-added services of the show,The value of the fans to further mining economy.

比如,The organizers will often bundling of tickets and peripheral products,while raising ticket prices,Drive sales of peripheral products;在LivehouseAnd other small concert venue,When the visual presentation and sound effects of the venue are limited,Show organizers set to work for early admission、The photo opportunity is clearly marked.Take Jiang Yunsheng, who has also caused heated discussions recently.2022annual tour example,buy the highest669Music fans with a dollar fare can get early admission,And receive peripheral products and signed posters.

除此之外,Value-added services also bring more possibility of value release for online concerts.2020年,TFBOYS举办了《日光旅行》7th Anniversary Cloud Concert.The organizer has set three levels of fares,分别为30元、158Yuanhe has rare online performances with high ticket prices860元,Differentiated between different grades with different fan rights.例如,购买158元和860Yuan tickets fans can unlock all single flight reservation;购买860Fans of Yuan fare can get the purchase privilege of limited physical peripherals and the main blind box.

事实上,Even with so many attempts at flexible pricing,Justification of high fares is still questioned.

毕竟归根结底,The high ticket prices far exceeding the market average cannot escape a gist——粉丝经济.Based on the whole industry,The fan economy is too unstable,“superstar worth”和“sentimental bubble”、“增值服务”和“割韭菜”Seems like there's always a line.


Organizers who support high ticket prices often think that,High fares can limit performance tickets are rampant in the secondary market,At the same time, the high ticket price is also the performance level offered by the organizers to the fans.“保证书”.

然而,Each high ticket price sparks outrage from fans and criticism from the industry.

一方面,Music Performance as a Cultural Product,Art and economic attribute respectively at opposite ends of a balance,Too much emphasis on economic returns will inevitably lead to an imbalance in the focus on music fans,After all, we always hope“Some songs should be sung to those who understand”,而不是“富的人”;另一方面,A sky-high ticket is enough to break the balance of an industry,Although high fares will bring one or two short-term benefits,But in the long run, it will suppress cultural consumption that hinders the entire market.

The most difficult years in offline,only reasonable pricing strategy,H. steadily to boost performance market.相反,High fares do more harm than good,Just drinking poison to quench thirst,竭泽而渔.

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