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In the era of national live broadcast, how to use Douyin to quickly generate income

2022-08-06 11:04:55Dr. Ni

In the era of national live broadcast, how to use Douyin to quickly generate income

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With the popularity of short videos, the live broadcast market has become more and more prosperous, and now live broadcast e-commerce has gradually replaced traditional e-commerce as the hottestsales model.

Even if there is no Internet celebrity, professional equipment and anchors, any company can take out a mobile phone to start the live broadcast.The daily traffic of an ordinary offline store is only tens of hundreds, but the cost added after the live broadcast is almost zero, and there will be thousands of people who may swipe your live broadcast to watch it.Maybe the live broadcast data will be poor, but the live broadcast that can be achieved with only a mobile phone also brings more possibilities.

In the era of national live broadcast, two points tell you what is the golden key to live broadcast.
  1. Content First

Nowadays, the number of videos and live broadcasts is growing exponentially. How to quickly catch users' attention in a large number of video content with serious homogeneity, content and materials are obviously the key.

The data of the live broadcast room of Dongfang Selection was not optimistic at the beginning of the broadcast, but because it is obviously different from the noisy atmosphere of other live broadcast rooms, the live broadcast room full of book fragrance once burst into flames and could not be closed.Users may not be interested in the products in the Dongfang selection live broadcast room, but an anchor who speaks English while selling goods will definitely attract users to stay for a few more seconds. It is these few seconds that add up to the huge user base of Douyin., in one fell swoop pushed Dongfang Selection to the top position of Douyin live broadcast.

Whether it is a short video or a live broadcast, its characteristics determine that no one will stay for a content for too long, and how to quickly attract users' attention within a few seconds is the key.In other words, you can be unprofessional but you have to be special.
  1. Product First

The popularity of live-streaming e-commerce is largely due to the fact that live-streaming can directly interact with users, allowing users to see and understand products, breaking the state of traditional e-commerce products that users cannot see or touch, increasing the user's trust.It may be possible to obtain temporary traffic through some hot spots, but whether it is a live broadcast room or a physical store, the most important thing for long-term operation is the product.

Many live broadcast rooms disappear quickly after a rapid explosion, mostly because of product quality issues. The product quality cannot match its own popularity, and users will naturally not keep paying.Especially on an open platform like live broadcast, word of mouth collapses only overnight.

Hongxing Erke and Baixiang instant noodles, which are known as "the light of domestic products", both exploded because of some positive news, but they were promoted to "the light of domestic products" because of the high cost performance of the products.The beauty diary, which has also always used "the light of domestic products" as its marketing point, has gradually disappeared from the public eye after a short period of glory because of the product quality and the average price.

Finding the product features for marketing is conducive to the promotion of the product, but it will only exaggerate the selling point and focus on how to market without paying attention to product quality, then word of mouth will overturn sooner or later.

In the current era of live broadcast for all people, anyone and any company may become popular, but the traffic password can only become a temporary financial password.If you want to gain long-term benefits through live broadcast and truly build a brand, the focus of live broadcast always needs to revolve around products.

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