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Musk's Twitter war intensifies: Both sides accuse each other of bad behavior

2022-08-06 11:37:13Chinese Industry Information Station

Musk alleges that the Twitter platform has at least twice as many bots as the company claims in SEC filings and has more "monetizable daily active users" than Twitter claimed in its earnings reportless.

Twitter responded that Musk made false assumptions and made excuses to back out of his April deal to buy the social network for $44 billion.

The farce started in early April, when Musk bought a large stake in Twitter.After first agreeing to join Twitter's board, he reversed course and offered to buy the company instead.

Twitter initially opposed the deal, but eventually agreed to sell it to Musk for about $54.20 a share.But then, as the market tumbled and Twitter's stock price fell, Musk began to discredit Twitter in public, in what Twitter thought was an apparent attempt to get out of the deal.

Is the data true or false?

Currently, the legal battle between the two sides has begun, and in a legal filing, Musk accused Twitter of including "far from true" statements in its SEC disclosure.Musk, through his corporate law firm Skadden-Arps, said the social media company "miscounted the number of fake and spam accounts" on its platform, giving investors a false pretence.

Musk has been complaining about scams, spam and bots on Twitter for years.In a press release announcing his agreement to acquire Twitter, Musk wrote that defeating spam bots was one of his goals and motivations for taking over Twitter.

Twitter responded this week in a separate filing with a Delaware court saying that Musk and his team "spent months trying to invent a spam disclosure problem and found nothing."

Does mDAU really matter?

Furthermore, Musk's lawyers said in their counterclaim that Twitter's "monetizable daily active users" (mDAU) numbers are not actually that closely related to Twitter's revenue.Not as closely related to income as the public would believe."They claim that Twitter did not explain to shareholders or Musk exactly how they arrived at the key mDAU metric.

In response, Twitter said Musk never cited concerns about mDAU as a reason to terminate the deal.

Twitter's lawyers wrote that Musk's allegations about misleading mDAU statistics "are a newly invented litigation position."Additionally, Twitter said it "disclosed accurately in its SEC filings" how it defines the mDAU metric and its importance to the company."

In addition to questioning the mDAU data, Musk's lawyers say there are twice as many bots on Twitter as the company claims.

Musk knew Twitter from documents?

Musk said in his counterclaim that he relied on Twitter's SEC filings to determine details about the social network's business and challenges.

What Musk didn't say is that he and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have been friends for years, and the two even exchanged ideas about how to improve Twitter two years ago.

Musk also has a long-term business relationship with Silver Lake, a financial company run by Twitter board member Egon Durban.

Twitter reiterated in its filing that the company's "SEC disclosures were accurate" and that the company "did not misrepresent the facts."Twitter says Musk's claims are "not supported by any facts":

Musk sought an urgent deal, did not perform due diligence, and provided a merger agreement that he described as 'seller friendly' that did not contain representations about false or spam accounts or mDAU.

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