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GameStop's NFT marketplace criticized for selling indie games without permission

2022-08-06 11:37:22Chinese Industry Information Station

Ello stated that he would only try to add open source games that are licensed for commercial use to his NFT collection, but apparently he didn't do enough homework.The creative copyright information of "Worm Nom Nom" is placed on the page, and its engine PICO-8 also requires users to obtain the creator's certification before using it.

After encountering resistance, Ello proposed to hand over all NFT revenue since July 15 - a total of $55,000 to the original developer, and remove NiFTy Arcade from GameStop's NFT market.But developers say these practices are insincere and too late."My game was sold without my permission," said Kyrstian Majewski, the developer of "Breakout Hero". "Even if someone gives me the money back, that's the cryptocurrency market."Dirty money from here."

Ello cannot continue producing products on GameStop's NFT marketplace until licensing issues are resolved.But there is still a very serious problem, that is, the games that have been sold by him and put on the chain cannot be removed, and they can still be sold in other NFT markets.

In this incident, GameStop's failure to take measures such as taking down and taking screenshots forensics services has also been questioned by many people.GameStop did not respond to media inquiries.



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