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Owned by the appropriate and bytes to beat into birth

2022-08-06 12:05:15Chinese Industry Information Station

2021年9月,Xiaohe Health invests in US-China Yihe for the first time,持股17.5748%.今年6月,Xiaohe Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Xiaohe Health, increases its holdings in the United States and China Yihe41.49%股权.本次增持后,The shareholding ratios of Xiaohe Health and Xiaohe Hong Kong are respectively30.47%和69.53%股权,合计100%.

Relevant documents of the State Administration for Market Regulation show that,Unconditionally after the acquisition, the public has been approved.The person in charge of Xiaohe Health said:,The transaction was approved by the relevant authorities,In the future, we will continue to explore high-quality medical and health services.

公开资料显示,US-China Yihe was founded in2006年,is a high-end private medical institution,Mainly for fertility needs,Covering Obstetrics、妇科、儿科、辅助生殖、产后康复、Postpartum Recuperation, etc..目前,US-China Yihe Owned7Women's and Children's Hospital、2comprehensive outpatient center and5家月子中心,覆盖京津冀、The three major regions of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.

Meizhong Yihe started from obstetrics,But also seeking to expand into more medical fields.Founder Hu Lan accepts《健康界》采访时曾表示,“The future hopes that the United States and China should be harmonious for women、Children up to the rest of the family create an antenatal to fertility service,Closed loop of life cycle medical services until aging.”

The relevant person in charge of the company has disclosed to the media,The high-end family superstores that the United States and China Yihe has served50万,newborn baby super7万;A large part of group revenues from maternity,The unit price for obstetrics is about7万元.

Compared with the regular charges of thousands of yuan in public hospitals,U.S.-China Yihe is really not cheap.A number of respondents who have purchased services from US-China Yihe reported to the Alphabet(ID: wujicaijing)表示,U.S.-China Yihe Service is first-class,But the fee is high.

不过,Under the pursuit of high net worth people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen,Meizhongyihe has gradually become one of the leading domestic high-end medical companies,Become the sweet pastry of the capital secondary market.

Photo source US-China Yihe official website
Photo source US-China Yihe official website

据不完全统计,2011年至今,The United States and China Yihe successively obtained Legend Capital、华兴资本、华平投资、高瓴资本、光大控股、Aerospace industry fund institutions such as investment,并在2019年12Received a strategic investment from the well-known pharmaceutical company WuXi AppTec.

2020年10月,U.S.-China Yihe Launches Listing,Plan to land on the Growth Enterprise Market.但在次年8月,The appropriate and citing market change and its strategic considerations,Termination of listing counseling,And a month later, he accepted Xiaohe Health's shareholding.

如今,With the completion of the accumulation,Byte has officially become the new owner of US-China Yihe.US-China Yihe has found a new backer,Investors who have been running with them for a long time finally got the opportunity to exit.

对于字节而言,The acquisition of US-China Yihe is more like a step“闲棋”.The high-end obstetrics and gynecology medical services that the US-China Yihe focuses on are separated from the Internet business of Bytes,No impact on existing business portfolio,It is also difficult to bring in large income quickly.But after winning this new business,Bytes will be able to experiment and see up close the details of how medical services work,Find more channels for the realization of traffic output,And accelerate to catch up with Ali in the Internet medical track、腾讯、京东等先行者.


Mizhongyihe, which Byte recently acquired, is known for its obstetrics,There is a coincidence with Zhang Yiming's personal interests..

Zhang Yiming has publicly expressed his interest in life sciences many times,认为“生物从细胞到生态,物种丰富多样,但背后的规律却非常简洁优雅”.坊间传闻,He preferred biology major when he entered Nankai University,It was only because of the adjustment that I ended up reading software engineering.

此外,2021年5Yue Zhang Yiming resignsCEO时,He said in an internal letter“虚拟现实、生命科学、科学计算对人类生活的影响已现黎明之曙光,We need to break through the inertia of business to explore.”


不过,The layout of bytes in the medical field,最早可追溯至2019年的“绿松果”.这款APPHope to provide services such as medical record inquiry and online consultation,Building an online community patients.However, due to the lack of content and other factors,Turquoise pine cones didn't make much waves.

直到2020年底,Byte established a big health department“极光”,For a single brand“小荷健康”,由原百度副总裁吴海峰负责,直接向张一鸣汇报.Byte Medical has accelerated its development since then.

推出之初,Xiaohe Health's products mainly include Xiaohe for patients.APP,And a doctor for the xiao-he doctorAPP.两款APPMainly revolves around online diagnosis and treatment services,Also provide health related information;几个月后,Added online drug purchase service.

与此同时,Byte's first foray into offline medical care,Launched the first store in Zhongguancun, Beijing“松果诊所”,Services cover gynecology、全科、皮肤科、中医、健康管理等.


进入2021年,Xiaohe Health through the establishment of a branch,Continuously expand business scope,Involved in pharmaceutical retail and wholesale、进出口,医疗器械销售,检验检测等,Continue to expand along the health management industry chain.

Ample Funding from Bytes,It is an important weight for Xiaohe's rapid expansion of health.This includes, first and foremost, investing heavily in recruiting professionals.Hit the net according to a report,Xiaohe Health insider revealed,“Xiao He's salary is far ahead in the industry.”

更重要的是,Byte through a series of equity investments,Quickly formed a product service matrix in the pharmaceutical track,Complementary to your own Xiaohe health.

例如,字节2020In the first half of the year, it acquired the famous doctor of Encyclopedia,The transaction amount reaches hundreds of millions of yuan.The latter claims to have the largest independent copyrighted medical knowledge map in China,且为“国家卫健委权威医学科普项目”Unique designated website.Relying on the medical science content obtained from this acquisition,Bytes follow up“小荷医典”,Benchmarking with Tencent Medical Code.

2021年,With the health of Xiao He was born,Bytes in medical track shots more intense.

当年9月,Byte led investment in mental health medical platform“好心情”,In addition to having an Internet diagnosis and treatment platform, the latter,Have an offline psychological clinic;同月,Xiao-he health investment in the appropriate and HTC and love,The founders of both companies are Hu Lan.

In frontier fields such as new drug research and development,Bytes also dabble.

2020年12月,多家媒体报道称,Byte AI Lab's R&D teams in China and the United States are hiringAI制药领域人才.次年10月,Byte invests in new drug research and development platform Shuimu Future.公开信息显示,The company's main business is to accelerate the development of new preclinical drugs,Validation of new drug targets available、Compound library screening、Comprehensive technical services such as lead compound discovery.

整体来看,Byte's layout in the medical track has begun to take shape,Existing online and offline content community and diagnosis and treatment services,It also has upstream and downstream capabilities in the industry chain such as pharmaceutical sales and new drug research and development.,Only the overall scale is still lacking,可谓“麻雀虽小五脏俱全”.


Byte acceleration layout big health,Just before the main business of the bottleneck period.

过去两年间,Byte growth continues to slow down.2021年底,Many media quoted byte insiders as saying that,Byte's domestic advertising revenue has stopped growing in the past six months,今日头条处于亏损边缘.Advertising revenue is the bulk of byte revenue,Its stagnation means that the entire company is stagnant.

另一方面,Bytes ever bet big教育The plate has sunk in the policy shift,而音乐、游戏、Metaverse and other sectors are growing rapidly,But it will take time to become the new engine.

Bytes do the traffic business,In addition to having an endogenously grown flow pool,There must also be a diversified flow of traffic to undertake realisation scenarios.Encountering ceilings in old business、When new business is still difficult to take on the task,just need、High-frequency medical sector to do it,不失为一种选择.

Internet medical care is a huge market of hundreds of billions.根据《2021中国互联网发展报告》,2020和2021The size of China's Internet medical and health market in 2019 was1961亿元和2831亿元,The annual growth rate is close to50%.

此外,根据第48次《中国互联网络发展状况统计报告》,The scale of online medical users in China2020年12月的2.15亿,增至2021年6月2.39亿,Online medical usage rates from21.75%提升至23.70%,There is still much room for improvement.

在这条赛道上,Ali and have a very early layout,Alibaba Health and JD Health went public successively,The peak value of up to hundreds of billions of hk.Tencent also cast a more beautiful、微医、New oxygen and many other star enterprises.相比之下,bytes come in late,The industry position is also slightly inferior to the other three companies.

The advantage of bytes is in traffic and algorithms.目前,Through both self-operation and investment,Bytes have taken up a number of“桥头堡”,Among them, there is no shortage of leaders in such sub-sectors as the United States, China and Yihe.If supplemented by the precise flow output gameplay that bytes are good at,Byte has a great chance to shape the medical matrix as“Byte Health”,与阿里、Jingdong is equal.

但是,Byte as a latecomer to Internet medical,its options are shrinking.

一个显而易见的事实是,Internet companies do medical business,Selling ads is the fastest way to make money.但在2016After the Wei Zexi Incident,This sector is not only subject to strict supervision,In the field of public opinion, it is also the object of public scorn.Zhang Yiming himself also stated“no medical advertising”,and has largely kept that promise over the years.

But as the bytes in the medical track frequently move later,U.S.-China Yihe such direct-line troops began to increase.In the face of these medical enterprises promotion needs,Whether Byte will break the promise of the year is worth watching.

另一方面,Byte Medical is also facing“sell medicine”的两难.

A common sense of Internet medical care is that,The platform must make money by selling medicines.上一财年,The revenue share of drug sales in both Ali Health and JD Health exceeds85%,The proportion of services such as online diagnosis and treatment is very low.Bytes want to make a difference,must also move towards this model.

但今年上半年,《互联网诊疗监管细则(试行)》和《药品管理法实施条例(修订草案征求意见稿)》相继发布,The regulation of online sales of drugs has been significantly tightened,Ali Health and JD Health's single-day declines exceeded10%.

Both platforms hold offline pharmacy qualifications,The main body and belong to different companies,Therefore, the actual impact of the above-mentioned new regulations is relatively limited.对于字节来说,It has added pharmaceutical sales to the subsidiary's business,If you want to sell medicines, you have to pass the offline qualification..

不过,Byte Health is still in the early stages of development,It's too early to tell where it's headed.Acquired US-China Yihe,It helps Byte to observe the operation status of offline medical care at close range,and provide a new proving ground for its traffic output.在此过程中,Bytes will have the opportunity to deepen the understanding of medical care,And find a suitable position for yourself in this huge and complex track.

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