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Note: Douyin e-commerce has made a heavy blow, and many brand Douyin stores have been fined and deducted points

2022-08-06 12:25:14Wang Mengnan

There are more and more e-commerce platforms,The quality of the stores varies,产品五花八门,The quality is also difficult to control,For this reason, each platform has set up many platform rules to regulate the operation of merchants,一切以用户的体验为主.

其中,Douyin allows users to rate businesses through store ratings,The merchant's score will directly affect the traffic of the store、Can we continue to open the store.Such rules seem to regulate the operation of the platform,However, many merchants began to conduct fake transactions because of their ratings.近日,The Douyin platform has carried out special governance activities for this,Focus on governance of fake transactions.

False positive reviews are punished

近日,The Douyin platform was launched“虚假交易- IM评分”专项整治行动,Platform audit findings:Some businesses employ third-party agencies,在 IMIn the service evaluation, the method of brushing good comments is used,Brush up on the store experience score,Seriously disrupted the normal business order of the platform,The platform has dealt with the offending merchants accordingly.

注意:Douyin e-commerce hits hard,A number of brand shake shops have been fined and deducted points

And this Douyin governance,It is also to make merchants abide by the rules of the platform,Jointly maintain the order of the platform.

Here we also have to remind the merchants,Re-emphasis on the development of the Douyin platform【商家-虚假交易】新规,And how the platform handles fake transactions.

New regulations for fake transactions were formulated

Douyin platform will be merchantsBy fictitious or concealing transaction facts、circumventing or maliciously exploiting credit history rules、Interfering with or hindering the order of credit records and other improper means to obtain false sales of goods、店铺评分、信用积分、商品评论或成交金额等不当利益的行为Defined as false transactions.

There are more than ten kinds of fake trading scenarios,Including manipulating accounts、Take advantage of third-party hype、Use third-party fake trading tools to conduct fake transactions、Increase product sales through non-authentic transactions、Ships in empty packages、Repeated purchases from the same account、通过直播间、Private messages and other methods induce consumers to conduct false transactions、Publish a brushing task to the buyer、Take advantage of various transaction scenarios such as cashback and refund.

在这些场景中,Merchants make false transactions for their own purposes,The platform will also investigate this behavior.

比如,After receiving complaints from users、When reporting or obtaining relevant evidence,Merchants suspected of fraudulent transactions can be investigated.同时,According to big data technology、账户信息、Logistics information, etc. to verify transaction data,The transaction behavior is judged from multiple angles from multiple angles.

Once found a fake transaction,Points will be deducted according to the degree of violation.If there are more than three illegal records(Not limited to money laundering、Fraud platform subsidies),The platform will impose severe penalties on them,累积B12积分.

由此可见,Douyin's management of merchants is very strict,If deducted,Not only will it be exposed,It also affects the reputation of the a shop,We do more than just service,And the quality of the product,口碑是最重要的.So under the new rules,We should also do our best,提高店铺评分.

注意:Douyin e-commerce hits hard,A number of brand shake shops have been fined and deducted points

How merchants can improve experience points

The new regulations are only a constraint,But as a business,How to improve the user experience is a problem we must consider every day,我们可以从以下几个方面着手!

第一,Strictly control the quality of products.Product praise rate is the most important thing to improve the experience score.If your store has very few reviews,Those few bad reviews can bring down the overall store's positive rating,This in turn affects the product experience score in the experience score.Therefore, we must strictly control the product quality,Don't exaggerate,虚假宣传,so as not to affect the consumer experience,cause bad reviews of the product.

In case of bad reviews,Try to connect with users,Find the right way to fix it.

第二,优化物流.Logistics time has a great impact on customer shopping.If the delivery date cannot be determined,Don't just promise customers a few days of delivery;In case of logistical problems,Inform customers in advance,Solved by the seller and the express company,Avoid involving users in a bad experience.

第三,Customer service responds in a timely manner.Once the customer inquires,Whether it is pre-sales or after-sales processing,及时处理.拖的时间越久,The service score of the store will be lower.If the processing time is shorter,The service experience value will be higher,So the customer feedback is faster,The evaluation of the business will be higher.

以上几点,If businessmen can pay attention,Maintain the score of the store together,It won't work that well,Also get flow skew,It must have a positive impact on the sales of the store.

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