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How a novice creates an explosive video on Douyin, you will understand after reading this

2022-08-06 12:32:24Sao Nian

The Douyin now is not the Douyin it used to be. It is really getting harder and harder to get popular on your own, because every day you use Douyin on DouyinThere are so many people posting their work that their own work can easily be buried.Is there really no chance for newbies? Today, I will talk about how newbies create Douyin explosive videos. After reading this, you will understand!

How to create a vibrato boom for beginnersThis video, you will understand after reading this

1. Types of popular videos

1. Funny video

Whether it is a plot, a joke, or other funny videos, the main thing is to make users feel very interesting.Because the biggest role of this type of video is to make users laugh happily and relax.After all, the current social pressure is too great, and if there is a more interesting thing, it can still be liked by more people.

2. Beauty class

"The heart of beauty,Everyone has it.” Everyone likes to look at people with good looks. If you see all kinds of good-looking little brothers and sisters on Douyin, many people will like them. There are countless likes and comments. If you have this condition, you can reallyMake use of it.

3. Cute pets

General cute pets and cute babiesTheir cute appearance can make people fall into tenderness at once, arouse the love in the hearts of users, and it becomes very normal to just click a like and a comment.

4. Practical class

Users who use Douyin now,Not only want to gain happiness and resonance, but also hope to gain some practical knowledge on it.Some life tips, job skills, study tutorials and more.Not only can you make full use of the fragmented time, but you can also learn some knowledge and skills, and it is easy to be liked and praised by everyone.

How to create a video on Douyin for beginners, you will understand after reading this

Second, how to make popular videos

1. Rubbing hotspots

Rubbing hotspots is actually a very normal thing. There will be a lot of traffic under each hotspot. We can use such hotspots to make consistentwork.For example: holidays, social hotspots, and platform hotspot challenges; these are the ones that everyone likes and pays attention to, and the content is easier to spread.

2. Explosive remakes

You may often see, in a period of time, many people will follow the trend to create works of similar type.But every work will have a good effect, because every popular work will have a lot of traffic on Douyin.The reason why it can become an explosion model is definitely good, so the remake can also get a lot of effects.

3. Account matrix

I don’t know if you have seen itAfter such a situation, a team member, after the company's main account became popular, began to maintain his own account, and various accounts were connected to each other to form an account matrix, and they brought traffic to each other.However, this requirement is relatively high, and it needs a big V who is willing to bring it. This is a trick that many mcn companies will use.

How to create a video on Douyin for beginners, you will understand after reading this

Okay, that's it for the sharing of how newbies create Douyin popular videos.In fact, if you want to quickly increase followers on Douyin, the only and most effective way is to attract followers through content. As long as your works are of high quality, highly innovative and accepted by users, the system will naturally recommend your works.Naturally, more users will follow you.

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