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Trill promoting drainage to do?Drainage of promotion way? What are those?

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It is the best way to create personal IP, make original short videos, and get users to like and follow by high-quality content.Only in this way will there be great room for later realization.

There are many friends who do Douyin short videos now, so Douyin promotion and drainage has become very important.Of course, many people are also curious about how to do Douyin promotion and drainage? Therefore, let's talk about the content of Douyin promotion and drainage.

How do you do Douyin to promote traffic? What are the ways to promote traffic?

One: How to do Douyin promotion and drainage?

1.Creating a personal IP, making original short videos, and getting users to like and follow by high-quality content is the best way.Only in this way, there is great room for later realization.However, the premise of Douyin attracting fans and drainage is that it is necessary to clarify user portraits, and then locate content according to their labels and portraits.

2.Comment drainage, the mechanism of Douyin is similar to that of Toutiao.After the first video is uploaded and approved, the video will be classified by interest, and the video will be pushed to users who frequently read it.Decide whether to continue recommending to more people.

3.Put information feed ads, which are paid like "DOU+", that is, in the video streamThe original ecological method is widely implanted.This method has the characteristics of being non-mandatory, not disturbing the user, and making the user happy to accept it.

Information flow has emerged in the past two years. Information flow can be set for multi-dimensions such as crowd, interest, region, etc., The product is presented to the precise crowd.This is also a rude drainage method.

How to do Douyin to promote traffic? What are the ways to promote traffic?

Two: What are the ways to promote Douyin?

1. Background music drainage, this is a relatively concealed way of attracting traffic. Change the uploaded title to contact information. When using music or others, it iswill show the way.However, this only works if the exposure of the work is high enough.

2.Content drainage, the contact information should not be too obvious in the content, you can pass it in the content,Or show it in other clever ways, not too rigid.You can also use the cover image for drainage, usually in groups of 3, and put the contact information on it in an obscure way.

3.Live streaming, the current threshold for live streaming is relatively low, as long as real-name authentication is required.Like other channels, we can guide users to add private domains through oral streaming during the live broadcast, by receiving free gifts, or joining communication groups.

But you must pay attention to this method, otherwise there will be the risk of being cut off or banned.Be careful not to frequently mention the word "WeChat", it is the same in any scenario.

Three: Use short links skillfully to get to WeChat without worrying

A new feature that was launched recently, I wonder if you can use it?After WeChat Douyin is interconnected, with the help of the short-chain graphic promotion function, users can directly send WeChat QR codes in Douyin private messages, and users can enter WeChat to add friends at one point.

shorten me short link graphic promotion function in previous productsThe release has been introduced (), this time I mainly interpret the shortened link, in the application scenarios of Douyin and Toutiao:

1. Headline posts and comments:

① can support adding mini program promotion links in the headline graphic content;

② can support the headline graphic contentComment Mini Program Promotion Link in Comments

2. Toutiao Personal Center:

① Posting pictures and texts with links to the applet will be deposited on the personal center page.When users visit the personal center, they can view all historical information and promotion links, and click to enter the applet.

3. Toutiao, Douyin private message:

① You can open the WeChat applet in Toutiao and Douyin's private messages, which can be used with private message campspin, autoresponder and other tools are used.

Private message marketing is recommended to be used reasonably to avoid harassing users and causing account bans.

Four: Summary

Want to do Douyin promotion and drainage, you can create a personal ip, comment drainage and use paymentDrainage to expand. After opening from these directions, there will be a series of drainage operations. You can conduct drainage according to the needs of the current account, and choose the most suitable method, not the method of others.
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