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How to do website SEO optimization?Does WordPress Push Really Work?how to record in seconds

2022-08-06 12:47:32demons

WordPress推送真的有用?使用WordPressPush the site will be included?答案是肯定的!Only after active submitted to the search engine,Search engine to find your site faster,In this way can your site included!What should we do websiteSEO优化?seo是典型的“说起来简单,做起来难”.Simple is through search engine can find the completeseo类理论,Difficult is to do wellseo人很少.尽管如此,Since engaged in this industry,Still have to keep a beginner's mind continue to struggle.

怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included

  加深对seo技术的理解,Only with strongseo理论是不够的,Also need to understand and even master the surrounding technology.

seoPeople need to learn the technology and knowledge

  一:The capitalistsseo技术.Based the theory of still need to detailed understanding.To note here is to learnseo,需要与时俱进,Continuously follow the footsteps of search engine.The Internet has many theories of with baidu algorithm a growing divide between,If they think have masteredseo而停滞不前,Will appear behind“时代”的问题.另外,Need to find a goodseo学习网站,How can you say that?A lot of timeseo是一个很随意的东西,人人都能大谈特谈,哪些有理有据,哪些是典型的seo谬论,需要仔细甄别.我们说的效率学习seo的精髓,也在于此.

二:To learn the knowledge of the search engine around.The search engine,才有sem,才有seo.If even the basic principle of search engines are not clear,No good?The basic principle of search engines and process is not complicated,Is the answer to provide users with accurate,The value of what the answer is higher,What the answer of the sort and display the better.如果在做seo的过程中,At the same time satisfy the search engine algorithms,And at the same time provide users with a more reasonable value,Then the website is successful,The optimization technology is feasible.

三:seoSite related knowledge.seoDon't need a proficient in the website construction,But the website construction related technology toseo做得更好.There are a lot of people argue,Says mastered the relevantseo技术,直接使用即可,对于这个观点,In fact there are shortcomings.Website optimization is the premise of cement,A typical code optimization,权重标签,The correlation content call, etc,If these points have a problem,No effect?或者说,即使有效果,But it is also inefficient,会耗费更多的时间,Resources or money.

四:Data analysis related knowledge.No matter how much the ordinary optimization means,Or how muchseo技术,Effect need to be reflected through the relevant data analysis.Through the analysis of the data system,To the problems existing in the mining site,To discover the advantage of web site,To remove the boards,发挥优势,To optimize the input and output higher than.数据分析方面,Such as the bounce rate,用户停留时间,uv值,Page click heat, etc,Are need to know.

五:不忘初心.seoIs a boring work,Don't cry because it is boring and lost the original passion.A lot of people at first were rallying cry,随着时间的流逝,发现好像seoIn addition to do is send content chain,These work slowly kill the original passion.实际上,Constantly optimize the site,Get more traffic,Constantly challenge their own technology,Let the mind constantly encourage their progress,Can let you keep a heart to adhere to.

怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included

六:这款WordPressAcquisition pseudo original baidu push plug-ins don't need to learn more professional,Simple steps can easily realize automatic acquisition pseudo original release+主动推送给搜索引擎,用户只需在WordPress推送工具上进行简单的设置,完成后 会根据用户设置的关键词高准确度匹配内容及图片,可选择本地化保存亦可选择伪原创后发布,提供了方便快捷内容收集伪原创发布服务!!

怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included


怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included

几百上千个不同的CMS网站都能实现统一管理.一个人维护成百上千网站文章更新也不是问题.这类织梦采集发布插件工具还配置了很多SEO功能,Through software acquisition pseudo original release pushAt the same time also can improve a lotSEO方面的优化.

怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included


通过这些SEO小功能不仅提高网站页面原创度间接也增加了网站的收录排名.Directly through the software toolsMonitoring management review article acquisition pseudo original release and baidu sogou360推送情况,再也不用每天登陆网站后台查看.目前博主亲测软件是免费的,可以直接下载使用!

七:SEOSecond, included experience sharing

Two days before the siteURL更改一下,Find sites became second included,And the effect of ranking is not bad,Original web site have two years of optimization based,But in the hurricane algorithm,被降权,So late in the optimization of the,Has been not included,This thought is content,Results not see pure static pages in baidu station platform are included,And there are traffic,And pseudo static pages are not included in the,也没有排名.


  Here is not to say that the pseudo static page to optimize,But the pseudo staticURLContains go against search engineURL,So today is theURLTo share the details of the.

上面的URLIs early before pseudo staticULR,从URLAnd don't see other abnormal,但实际上URLIs not a character,比如“II”、“-”“@”等字符,This symbol can create search engine recognition error.

This is the modifiedURL,可以看得出,The hierarchy is clear,几乎从URLYou can see,Which section of this article belongs to the site,这种类型的URLIs conducive to the search engineURL,Therefore the individual also recommends using this type ofURL.

Of course the two aboveURL是常见的,You may still has some your site with us the above two kinds of differentURL,I give you look at the details below.

  1、不建议使用UrlEncode编码作为URL,At the same time also does not recommend using Chinese asURL,This is most websitestag中的一个弱点,Of course, including my site,同样也是使用UrlEncode编码作为URL,Personal blog, however, does not useTAGPage to participate in ranked,所以UrlEncodeCode and you can't have.

 2、They may be inURLIn the end use?提交参数,This kind of situation is also a form of common,Because most of the site in order to access statistics page behavior,会利用?In the end of the article,Have a lot of friends also use this method to count the advertising effect,所以同样在URL结束的时候使用?Number to submit parameters,But advertising is usually stand outside the,咱先不管,The station is not necessary to such statistics.如下所示:

  URLMust be level and clear,If you are a large portal,Website will set up a number of columns,Nature will be different each section belowURL,因此我们需要把URLThe hierarchy of clear,As we this kind of personal blog,Original content is not much,So basically can be very clear.

And the large portal news site is different,Under such as how tall columns,Under the subtopic how tall columns,So we need to clear the hierarchy of the subtopic points,This not only can let the search engine grab,Also can let the user see the current location.

4、PC端的URL和移动端的URL需对应,Good situation corresponding is not only a domain name,包括:Generate random columns, and theurl,So the mobile endURL建议使用m,Of course rule out automatic reactive site.上面两个URL,大家可以发现,一个是PC端的URL,一个是移动端的URL,这样的URLCan be said to be the corresponding,Content is the same,In addition to do identification equipment jump is ok.

5、URLCorresponding relations between phenomenon need to be revised,Such as before is pure static page,So now instead of pseudo static page,So we can't delete all the pure static page,If you remove the appear404错误,Is to the pure staticURL做好301Redirected to the pseudo staticURL中.

  另外,Let's change theURLNeed to submit to changping taichung,Will be released revised rules go up,但如果说URL改版后,前后两个URLThere is no corresponding relation or rule,So can't write out the revised rules,Way is to manually find twoURL,Manual upload to changping taichung.Of course the revision here isURL改版,If change the template or website content,而URL没有发生变化,It does not need to submit to the webmaster platform.

6、Baidu is now welcome to usehttps的协议,So if there are conditions as far as possible to do friendshttps协议,Well after the agreement,需要把http的URL 301到HTTPS的URL中.At the same time must ensurehttp和https的ULR是有对应的,每一个页面的URL都需要对应,如果没有对应,So the search engine may judgehttpsPage for the dead links.

7、A blank pageURLOr a dynamic pageURL建议使用robots文件屏蔽,What is a blank page,Simple said is it seems there is not much value in a search engine page belongs to a blank page,比如说:登入注册、关于我们、联系我们等.原因很简单,Do I find the media platform,I will go to baidu search“登陆注册”这个词,Can say every industry to search for their industry products will search this kind of words,So page belongs to a blank page,So this type of pageURL需要在robots文件中屏蔽.There are certainly some sites,Not to do total pseudo static,One cannot do a partial page pseudo static,Because there is no plan to use dynamic pages to participate in the ranking,So the sameURL需要用robots屏蔽.

8、URL长度不要超过256个字节,See many blogs did this,文章页面的URLIs the post title in Chinese pinyin,Depending on the seems to fit identification text can be conducive to ranking,But often the title character too much,很有可能超过256个字节,This is not conducive to search engine optimization.

9、URLIf English with that of the Chinese if search,May be more conducive to search engine optimization,This is a small one detail,Do you know why doSEO的,网站URL中都会出现SEOLike English,This domain name is actually an advantage,如下图所示:


  当我们搜索“SEO赚钱”这个词的时候,You will find the article pageURL中,其中“SEO”This is bold in English,This is not my bold,But the search engine at the time of recognition to the bold one detail optimization.


  Baidu can identify not only English,Also can identify the Chinese,When you search in Chinese words,The domain name is in English,Baidu is the same as can recognize,And to the bold.

怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included

  总结:Though the content is very important,但是URLA key point when is optimized,On the white paper on mobile search,关于URLAll reminded many times.

怎么做好网站SEO优化?WordPressPush really useful?How does second included


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