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Trill rose powder several fastest way, do you know which one

2022-08-06 13:17:34Li Xuepeng

First, seize real-time hotspots and keep up with trends

You should know that the popularity of Douyin canIt is said that it is changing rapidly. We must have the vision to catch the hot spots. Simply put, it is to be popular. Douyin will encourage users to wear hot topics and send videos. Generally, users who send videos with topics will be promoted more.There are more opportunities for fans.

Second, do a good job of vertical accounts, accurate account positioning

Before making a Douyin account, we must think clearly about thisWhat is the positioning of the account, beauty account, face value account, store exploration account, etc., if I post a beauty makeup video today and a store exploration video tomorrow, it will be difficult for fans to figure out what you are doing, to reduce the desire of fans to pay attention to you.

The fastest ways to increase Douyin fans, see which one you know

Third, imitate successful accounts and observe the characteristics of popular accounts

First of all, we must understand that imitation is not plagiarism.What you own is your own. Douyin has a very strong attack on plagiarism. Don’t destroy your painstakingly managed account because of temporary laziness. So what do I mean by imitation? He actually refers to observation.Common features of popular videos.And it can be internalized, and finally innovated to form its own characteristics.

Fourth, increase the amount of playback and gain target fans

Many users are stuck in the playback volume of several hundred thousand, stuck at this bottleneck.Then we must find a way to increase the amount of playback and increase the weight of the account.There is a stupid way to search for users on Douyin by yourself, like, comment and follow one by one, others will click on that person's homepage when they see someone likes it. This method requires a lot of time and cost, but it does notNo capital cost required.Another method is to vote + shake, but the capital cost of this method is too high. It costs a few thousand dollars casually, which is still the cost of a video. I don’t think it is worthwhile.The last method is to use black technology to operate, which not only requires no time cost, but also the capital cost is more than ten times more cost-effective than tossing +.

The fastest ways to increase Douyin fans, see which one you know

In the end, I hope everyone can take advantage of this Douyin boom and get their desired income!

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