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A live broadcast made a net profit of 4 million, and the full amount of 43 million to buy a villa!What is the intention of the Internet celebrity anchor to reveal the income?

2022-08-06 13:46:16Sogou WeChat

How profitable is the live broadcast industry??

8月3日,Internet celebrity anchor Rainbow couple released a video saying,Live broadcast with goods sold in one day2.3亿元,净赚约400万元.还曝出2022full year4300万买下800Flat detached villa,Saying that Internet celebrities are really making money.

The news once rushed to the hot search.截至8月5日早上,This video posted by this streamer has been removed.

Internet celebrity anchors reveal their income intentions?


此消息一出,立刻引发网友热议.Some netizens questioned whether he really earned that much,Some netizens are also concerned about whether they pay taxes in accordance with the law.

“These have really stand out,I hope she survives the investigation”.

“are paying attention to other people's earnings400万,But no one saw the donation100万”.


“The live broadcast industry should be the focus of the tax bureau!”

“Now web celebrity anchors make money too much,Ordinary people can't imagine such a speed of making money.”



Chengdu tax department investigation

8月4日,据北京青年报消息,The reporter learned from the Chengdu Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation,Tax inspection department has received a real-name to report on the state of the business tax,The Chengdu Taxation Bureau has recently been paying attention to“Color the color is the rainbow”企业,The report has been investigated.

据央广网消息,近年来,明星、The anchor was arrested for tax evasion“塌房”的案例屡见不鲜.Ruweiya was pursued and punished for tax evasion13.14亿元、Lin Shanshan fined for tax evasion2767万、Sydney fined for tax evasion6555万、邓伦偷逃税被处罚并追缴1.06亿元,说到底,In the face of huge profits, they try to use fluke to play legal games.


According to a previous report by the Southern Metropolis Daily,The tax part is mainly found through big data supervision.根据《中华人民共和国税收征收管理法》第六十三条第一款规定,对纳税人偷税的,由税务机关追缴其不缴或者少缴的税款、滞纳金,并处不缴或者少缴的税款百分之五十以上五倍以下的罚款.


head carrier,近一个月8Televised game sales3831.1万

“彩虹夫妇”主播拥有936.6万粉丝,已绑定“Color the color is the rainbow”企业店.According to the business license,The enterprise whole rainbow color color is called chengdu information technology co., LTD,坐落于中国(四川)Chengdu High-tech Zone, Pilot Free Trade Zone,成立于2020年12月4日,注册资本100万元.


图/Rainbow couple trill,拥有936.6万粉丝


图/8月3日,“彩虹夫妇”Post a video and expose yourself to bring goods in one day2.3亿,净赚400More than a million yuan aroused attention

The legal representative is Sun Caihong,持股比例90%.Business scope includes marketing planning、食品互联网销售、化妆品零售、化妆品批发、日用品销售、箱包销售、鞋帽零售、Stationery wholesale、Jewelry Retail、Sporting goods and equipment retail, etc..


据“彩虹夫妇”发布的视频显示,他们是一对“90后”夫妻,Her husband called \,Wife's name is Sun Caihong.

According to Sun Caihong's self-reported,She and her husband are high school classmates,Her husband is three years younger than her,in love so far11年.两人经过8年恋爱长跑,从校服到婚纱,Has three children.婚后,The couple make a living by selling insurance,Promoted from probationary salesperson to five levels within three years, both promoted to senior manager.




2020年,Rainbow couple starts shooting short video,凭借“女追男”“姐弟恋”The experience has attracted many fans.In the past to live,Rainbow couple mainly sells household daily necessities、母婴、Affordable products such as food and beverages.Its latest live-streaming hits include conditioners、自热火锅、棒棒糖、瓜子等,单价从9.9元到99.9元不等,product page displayed“已售”数量从700多到1万多不等.

“彩虹夫妇”Live dynamic display of the account,they just8月3Day held“Rainbow Birthday Field”直播,从9时53分到23时41分,A total of three periods of13个小时的直播,Hundreds of items sold.其7月22日的“Confinement Extra Large Field”The live broadcast is divided into two periods for a total of approx.4小时,per sale60多件商品.

According to data from the live e-commerce digital marketing service platform,“彩虹夫妇”The number of fans and the level of goods brought belong to the top talents,8月3日以7502The sales of 10,000 live broadcasts ranked first in the list of people with goods,Sales of more than three times the second.

自曝2022full year4300万买800平别墅

2021年,Three million followers on their short video account,And rely on live broadcast to bring goods,their full600万,Purchased a building with an area of260平米的大平层.


2022年5月15日,Sun Caihong is on his short video account again,High-profile announcement to move in4300Wan Luxury Villa,而在此之前,She issued an invitation to the relatives of her husband's family to live in the mansion together..




Sun Rainbow likes to be lively,So after buying this house,She took her parents-in-law and her parents to the villa to live together,At the same time, he also called his brother, sister-in-law, sister-in-law and other relatives who were working outside home.,Bring them together to make money.

Internet celebrity anchors reveal their income intentions?

据红星新闻,Although web celebrity anchor stresses in the video“I don't want to deceive everyone”,But such a rare self-exposed income behavior,Still confusing and confusing,在相关报道的评论区,In addition to some people about the matter said,Many people live in regrets take goods input is larger,Not just making money on the surface.

What does the presenter intend to do?,I'm afraid only I most clearly,However, the incident still had a considerable impact on the public opinion field..比如,Some netizens can't help but use her example as an incision,To speculate on the salary level of the entire live broadcast industry;登上热搜后,The anchor will objectively receive more attention,The influence has become larger and the performance of her live broadcast delivery has been improved;更重要的是,She revealed that her income may hide such a subtext——My ability to carry goods and attract gold is excellent,以此为噱头,The anchor may get more business cooperation.或许,She really doesn't want to cheat everyone on her income,I don’t think too much about self-disclosure income,but objectively“一石三鸟”的营销效果.

当然,as long as the source of income is legal,It is not necessary to the legitimate income pointing to others.No matter what the motives of the Internet celebrity anchors to show their income,Netizens did not lose themselves in the face of high income,On the contrary, it can rationally treat the high income of the live streaming industry,This reflects both attitudes towards legitimate wealth,It can also reflect the public's awareness level of the profit model of the live broadcast industry.

在直播带货行业,The anchor room is layered,Income of course have to compete,像“彩虹夫妇”Such a celebrity anchor,Its influence is not formed overnight,相对应的,Its high income also needs to be dismantled,Part of the income will continue into operation.流量时代,Consumption hotspots will iterate rapidly,Consumer attention may shift at any time,If take the owner can not adapt to this change,Bring new shopping experience to consumers,may soon be left behind.用网络流行语来说,这个行业“卷”得很厉害,“高收入”Unable to generalize the changes and pressures in this industry.

更残酷的事实是,In this uncertain industry,Head anchors and ordinary anchors are generally more difficult,But in the end, who will be among the top earners is unknown..有媒体2017年报道,Half of internet anchors earn less than 1,000 yuan per month,10,000 shortages1成.many lack platforms、Tail anchor supported by funds, etc.,It is difficult to go ashore in the tide of live to take goods,After putting in a lot of effort,may still have little effect.

近日,Another news report worth noting,“Short videos become children's summer addiction‘新选择’”,让人惊讶的是,Some children confess that they want to be internet celebrities.not to stigmatize“网红”,But if the children read the famous too easy,May lose motivation to study and live.This attempt to take shortcuts、The idea of ​​instant riches or instant fame should not be admired.

因此,For the Internet celebrity anchor's mouth“带货2billion net profit400万元”,The public must have their own discernment,Stand on the side of the correct value orientation.对于普通人来说,The correct value orientation is derived from solid facts and comprehensive truth,It will help us understand society correctly,Guiding people to create authentic and happy lives,rather than delusional.



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