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Tsinghua Charity Hotline is on fire!Volunteer: What if someone is standing on the edge of life but fails to get through

2022-08-06 16:46:51midnight

7月15日,一则关于“Tsinghua Happiness Public Welfare Psychological Service Hotline”的视频引发关注,视频称,Netizens hold try a state of mind dialed the telephone,Found the special psychological assistance hotline for the society not only don't have to make an appointment and charges,And it really works.对此,Some netizens said they also got help from the hotline,Affirmed the significance of the hotline,Some netizens also questioned the reliability of the hotline,还有网友建议“please don't fight,留给有需要的人.”

“Tsinghua Happiness Public Welfare Psychological Service Hotline”The project is supported by Beijing Happiness Public Welfare Foundation and Tsinghua University.2020年2Monthly joint launch,The original purpose is to provide psychological counseling services during the epidemic,Later, it was gradually transformed into a normalized service hotline.At present, the hotline has a social public line、Teen line、洪涝等灾害24Hours emergency psychological aid、More than old line, special line.

Hotline working group volunteer Bu Jing told Xiaoxiang Morning News(报料微信:xxcbbaoliao)记者,7月15Japanese netizens' videos released on the day,The number of hotlines has doubled4倍,16The total call time of the day is more from the usual2000Multi-minute increase to5000多分钟,“More missed calls.”

Bu Jing said,The working group has very strict criteria when it comes to recruiting wiring volunteers,如学历、临床经验、Qualifications for Psychological Counseling, etc.,Professional training for volunteers,Many volunteers are doctors in regular hospitals or college teachers.“The hotline is real、专业的、always,We want to leave it to those who need it most at that moment.”

Professional listening and counseling enable Tsinghua Happiness Public Welfare Psychological Service Hotline to play an important role in counselors.“Field dressing”The number of effects of the formula.According to the data analysis of the project,The caller to the operator satisfaction score achieved8分以上,“这是一个很高的分数”,Bu Jing said.

对此,Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter interviewed3A volunteer with long-term wiring experience,They have professional psychologists,有人民警察,also overseas、with China12Freelancer with time difference.They've handled crisis calls,Pull back the caller who is standing on the edge of life,Attacked and questioned by those who came,Feeling powerless and frustrated.But they still decided to stick to this hotline.

Tsinghua Charity Hotline is on fire!志愿者:What if someone stands on the edge of life but doesn't get through?

I also thought about suicide,Later, I went to counseling

My name is Hou Huijuan,今年32岁,Is an operator of Tsinghua Happiness Public Welfare Psychological Service Hotline,also an expectant mother.I majored in psychology,The profession was very cold back then,Do you think this is a“毕业就失业”的专业.I'm on the road to counseling,Because a teacher.

I was quite rebellious in high school,Also went through a year of re-reading.Because of the class change,My grades have not been very good,had thoughts of suicide.At that time, my head teacher was very sensitive to my negative emotions.,He called and chatted with me for nearly an hour,also invited me to their house for dinner.During the graduation dinner,The head teacher said he especially likes psychology,这种“Culminate in the guidelines”I chose this major.

After a systematic study of psychology,I got the certificate of National Level 3 Psychological Counselor,Later, the United StatesNGHAccredited by the Association and the Hong Kong Hypnotists Association,Now also a member of the Chinese Mental Health Association.

In tsinghua happiness cause psychological service hotline for more than two years of work,I took the social line、Many special lines such as youth line and international student line,Psychological counseling for different callers,their stories are different,But there are obvious commonalities.

I remember that there is a woman before a switching speed,She didn't sleep all night,Called us with the mentality of giving it a try.She is very fond of family,虽然已经离婚,But still love my ex.After living alone with children for a while,The ex-husband is back,Hope they can“再试试”.But after the two got back together for a while,突然有一天,The ex-husband told her,he doesn't love her anymore,This brings her back into sadness and this evacuation,I affirmed her hard work for her family,Lead her to understand that there are not so many things in this world that we can control or strive for,What can we do when things backfire,give her affirmation and psychological support.

我有一个很明显的感觉,on the hotline on marriage topics,more women than men,They are between thirty and fifty years old,“my family doesn't understand me”、“I give a lot and get ignored、被习惯”、“我要不要离婚”、“What to do if you are divorced and have children”Such problems are their common problems,Also some common problems faced by moms in midlife crisis.

有人问我,Psychological consultant is not experienced anything,How to persuade others?这个问题也困扰过我,Now I slowly understand,Although many things I have not experienced,But the sadness behind this incident、愤怒、Emotions such as helplessness are experienced by everyone.Psychologists do not help people with specific problems,but to discover the power of one's own,Make everyone an expert in solving their own problems.

I had received a call for international students,She got a good job in another state at a time when the outbreak overseas was particularly bad.如果去,she is at high risk of infection;如果不去,She may never find such a good job again,This tangle made her confused、焦虑.最后,I gave her the phone number of the local embassy,It also helped her to make a comprehensive vision of her future.:What would it be like to quit this job?,What will happen if you persist,What does she want more in life,Help her make the final decision herself.

Although now have a baby,But I still hope to keep doing it on this hotline.On a personal level,I wish there was a light that could guide those in the dark;On a social level,I hope to be able to provide a space for the society to talk with other volunteers,from personal“crutches”Grow into a supporting force for the entire society.I guess that's the point of being a psychologist..

Tsinghua Charity Hotline is on fire!志愿者:What if someone stands on the edge of life but doesn't get through?

有时来电充满攻击性,We need to dig for help while protecting ourselves对方的机会

I am Wang Lin,今年52岁,自由职业,Currently living with family in Montreal, Canada.从2017年起,I started training in counseling,一边学习,一边实践,Passed the national second-level psychological counselor、THOMASInterpreter of International Talent Assessment,Also completed the training of positive psychology instructors in the positive education practice class at Tsinghua University.

2020年,I joined the Tsinghua Happiness Public Welfare Psychological Service Hotline, a public welfare project,Responsible for hotline support in working groups,also an operator.每当提起“热线”两字,I will have a lot of life in my mind、vivid memories emerge.

Wiring means trust,also means responsibility.Online on duty for the first time I was very nervous,Fear of not being able to have a smooth relationship with the caller,Fear of betraying the trust of the seeker.那天,I got my desk ready early、材料、设备,Wear professional attire,端坐在桌前,Treat it with the same seriousness as if the visitor is about to enter the consultation room.

The first call came in,On the other end of the phone was a timid young girl,“老师,我很苦恼,我不知道我是怎么了……”随着交流的深入,I helped her slowly sort out her real troubles:Not misunderstanding by the family,Not being indifferent to friends,Not a loss of intimacy,It's the confusion about a relationship in adolescence.She stayed where she was and kept asking questions,Wish there was a full stop.I accompany her to the feelings“整理”好,She thanked me,Finally hung up happily.

Psychologists help clients while gaining self-affirmation and satisfaction.Although most of what you get at work is respect and gratitude,But sometimes counselors have to accept their own limitations and the challenges of their clients.

There is a man,is a repeat call to the hotline.很多时候,His call was full of aggression,This attack is sometimes mild,sometimes very direct、强烈.encounter such a call,we need to protect ourselves,While exploring opportunities that can help him transform his negative emotions.

某一天,I got a call from him,Just finished the welcome speech,他就说:“Why did you tell me there was a time limit on calls in the first place??You speak like that,Aren't you afraid of hurting me??”I told him it was my duty,caller's right to know,Asked what he wanted to talk about.He continued to express his anger.我说:“it sounds like you're a little angry?”“I'm being polite to you,有些话,I didn't tell you.”“听起来,You have something in your heart that you want to find a place to say?”“if i say it,I can put you scold unable to parry、体无完肤!”“嗯,I want to say thank you first.”“谢谢?”“嗯,我相信你说的话,You must be great,But you're so angry,also take into account my feelings,Try not to say anything that hurts me,我觉得,you have a good side,I am very considerate of this stranger,so i want to say thank you.”

他沉默了一会儿,did not speak ill of me.But he still refused to talk about the specific demands of the hotline,don't hang up,but talked about many metaphysical topics,As if testing me.时间快到时,He suddenly changed his mind:“my phone time is up,咱们总结一下,What do you think of today's call,Did you help me?”“I do not know to have help to you,It depends on how you feel,do you find it helpful?”“你觉得,what's the point of you being on the phone?”“有啊.”我答到.“嗯?”He seemed a little surprised by my answer.“I'm on the phone,接到了你的电话,listened to your anger,found your kindness,Also found that you are doing your own thinking on many philosophical issues,I have witnessed the dozens of minutes of your life,as a mirror,I feel like I've got a point of witnessing,like your existence has meaning.”

他再次沉默了.Before the system hangs up automatically,I heard a very light“谢谢”.

I was very impressed by this call,The interviewer directly questioned the effectiveness of the counselor's empathy and companionship and the value and significance of the psychological counseling work.This kind of situation I meet,Also felt a bit“压迫感”.It reminds me,做心理咨询,Not only will be connected with another life is deeply touched and see the joy of visitors to regain vitality,There will be denied、被质疑、when attacked.但无论什么情况,look sincerely at the visitor,And he stood together,show him his worth,is what i can do.

Many early morning calls are from insomniacs,Sometimes I'm talking and I hear the other side snoring

My name is Qiu Miao,今年49岁,Is a policeman,One of the tsinghua happiness cause psychological service hotline operator.The initial exposure to psychology was due to the needs of my job.When dealing with police situations,I've found that some people are traumatized,In addition to resolving specific disputes at the moment,they need to go deeper、long-term comfort.于是我想,If we can use some professional methods to ease people sad、恐惧、Anger and other negative emotions.

Inspired by this idea,我在2014began to study psychology in his spare time,Now a national second-level psychological counselor,也是EMDRA member of the rapid eye movement therapy Chinese treatment team.

2020At the beginning of the establishment of the Tsinghua Happiness Public Welfare Psychological Service Hotline,I signed up and became a volunteer,在做好本职工作的基础上,Set up a part of the spare time to be responsible for picking up the hotline for foreign students and those who come from sudden disasters such as floods,Stick to the morning shift for a long time,Also dealt with crisis cases.

I had received a girl calling,She was already sitting by the river,哭得很厉害,Said he was abandoned by everyone,不想活了.I immediately started diverting her attention,Let her focus on my voice and this conversation first,Slowly stand up from the river.After I guided for a while,她站起来了,I let her back again,The farther away from the river the better.

I'm starting to learn about her social support.她的父母离婚了,My father has formed a new family,bad for her,Her biological mother has been unable to contact her since the divorce..我问她,Who do you think loves you the most in this world??She said it was grandparents,But grandparents are dead,She wants to go to her grandparents.她说,She always thought that she would have a good life after all the hardships.,But found that too much pain,beyond their tolerance.我对她说,我在,I will face the pain with you,Grandparents must also want to see you live strong.

I persuaded her,while asking where she lives,let her go home slowly,while telling her,别着急,有我在,你不孤单.her mood began to ease,As she walked, she said her hands and feet were numb,Shaking all over,头疼胸闷,I instructed her to take deep breaths.Finally she got home safely,Emotions have also stabilized,I talked to her about how to deal with this emotion next time.,This crisis has been resolved,But thinking about her now,I am still very distressed.

when calling the hotline,What I got is a kind of support and concern from person to person,I listen、Accompany a stranger,try to relieve his pain.Some of the switching speed is also asked me,Long-term answering hotline,Will the psychologist also have some negative emotions??I also reacted,Find yourself without any negative emotions,Instead, the more you answer the hotline,I feel my heart getting softer,More and more positive comments about yourself.Many early morning calls are from insomniacs,I will hypnotize them,sometimes i talk,I heard the other side snoring,It's an indescribable sense of achievement.

在我看来,The clients faced by the psychological counselor bear the common suffering of human beings,by some chance,The man who endured this suffering,But the suffering itself can happen to anyone.I hope I can take some pain out of this hotline,Provide some confidence to society,Make every call can make some changes for the better.

最近,this hotline“火”了起来,Watching more and more missed calls,我开始担忧,In case any of these missed calls are like that girl,standing on the edge of life,What to do with the caller who has the last glimmer of hope but can't get through?会有什么样的后果?我不敢想象.So I want to say to all the people who need the hotline,我们一直都在,再试试;Also hope that others can leave the resource to the real need.

Tsinghua Charity Hotline is on fire!志愿者:What if someone stands on the edge of life but doesn't get through?

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Jiang Ziwen 实习生 Qiu Qiyuan


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