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The whole process of Douyin account planning

2022-08-06 16:26:46midnight

Today I will share with you my experience in operating Douyin. There are five parts as follows, be sure to like and favorite:

First, positioning: You need to provide other people with dry goods value or emotional value, give everyone a positioning method, think about who I am,What value do I provide for what kind of people? For example, I have ten years of experience in self-media operation, I can share the knowledge of self-media operation, provide fans with analysis accounts, create personal IP, account accompany running and other values.For another example, if you are a purchaser, financial officer, or programmer, you can share relevant knowledge on the platform. What kind of occupation you are in, you can share your experience to attract relevant personnel. Isn’t it simple?

The whole process of Douyin account planning

Second, Realan: Why is the positioning right, and the video you posted is still not seen by anyone?, Mostly because you don't pretend that the pretense here is the atmosphere of the account. Being a personal IP is like being a brand. If a brand wants to be out of the circle, it must have a unique temperament. For example, Hey Tea is cool and fragrant.It’s very expensive, and pdd is very down-to-earth, so what is the atmosphere of your account?For example, my character design is to operate self-media for ten years. I used to be the operation director of a big Internet company. It sounds like the temperament of the whole person is professional, and it can help everyone in operation.I.

The whole process of Douyin account planning

III. Introduction: Add your label identity to the first line of attribution, for example, I haveMedia operations blogger.The second line summarizes your best experience in one sentence. For example, I have helped tens of thousands of short video micro-main accounts hatch, and the entire network has millions of fans.What can you give us in the third line?For example, I operate dry goods sharing from the media, help fans account analysis, 1-to-1 consulting services, etc.

The whole process of Douyin account planning

Fourth, content: what about the steps to make content, I divide it into two steps, competitionFor product analysis and topic selection, the first is the analysis of competing products. The most taboo thing to do is to be proud of yourself. Catering to the needs of the audience is the kingly way.The following is the specific operation method:

1. Competitive product analysis: Be sure to do competitive product analysis, the specific operations are as follows:

1-1. Search for your positioning keywords on the homepage, such as new media operations, collect notes of popular styles with more than a thousand likes,

1-2, find 20A good account of peers, collect their notes with good data, each person collects ten, so you have 200 popular topics.

2. Topic selection: My suggestion for making topic selection is to directly copy popular styles. If a topic is filled with a large number of popular items, it means that it must have market demand.Yes, but remember not to copy other people's content, you must type your own differentiated content.

The whole process of Douyin account planning

V. Look at the data: Those who can read the data will not be too bad luck, I foundThe following data rules:

1. Popular video: If the completion rate after release does not reach 40%, then this video will basically not be able to enter a larger video.flow pool.

2. Comment interaction is really important and can affect whether the system will continue to push your video, so we must rely on content to attract people to comment on you.

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