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Analysis of the SEO optimization function of the commonly used CMS system for website construction

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< td id=article_content> hello!I'm a little bear to optimize SEOER in seo optimization have been employed for more than 7 years, the industry optimized many personal and corporate websites, according to many years of experience was summarized some optimization experience, now most of the sites, especially the unit is based on the nature of the web site CMS is used to do, today, here I will share it over the past few years I come in contact with the characteristics of several optimization of CMS, hope to be of help.< br>< h1 class="PGC - h - arrow - right"> a, weaving dreams (dedeCMS) < / h1>< br> I am begin to contact the dream weaving (dedeCMS) content management system, in 2013, when the dream weaving is the most popular, often used to do personal portal, information class and enterprise website, just late due to weave the dream team is disbanded, leak too much, and no maintenance team, lead to weave the dream now users is lost, although now many companies still use weave a dream, but the basic are two open version, if there is no second PHP open ability, now recommend careful security environment, because is frequently hang a horse not only the Internet surveillance shores, is devastating for seo, hard to optimize the effect will be disappear because of a loophole.< br>< br> system features: easy operation, site speed.If you watch a template, you can the fastest the website set up good, only need to do a simple change can, for a little bit of code but it does not require a large amount of writing code SEOer;< br>< br> the structure is clear, intuitive directory tree.< br>< br> weakness: the system code is in the open, easy to be a hacker using source vulnerability to modify web page elements is replaced or direct page < br>< h1 class="PGC - h - arrow - right"> 2, PageAdmin Cms < / h1>< br> PageAdmin is my second contact Cms, because dream weaving Cms frequent blasting hole problem, many with dreams to customers reflect the old horse was hung ranking disappear, so urgent need to find a safe and functional can meet the requirements of Cms, after a lot of testing, finally chose PageAdmin.< br>< br> PageAdmin system more commonly used in enterprises, schools and government websites, with dreams, PHPCMS traditional CMS team such as dissolution and, throughout the CMS industry, PageAdmin CMS is the mainstream, is also my small make up I mainly use the CMS at present.< br>< br> system features: the function is all ready, flexible extension system provides many useful plug-ins, such as payment order function, plug-in, office to PDF, keywords, such as a plug-in link function can meet most of the functions of the business site.< br>< br> optimize features: PageAdmin CMS security is very good, the update frequency is good also, currently in two to three times a year big update review rate, template making relative to other CMS more convenient, good for baidu, 360 in major search engines included, once collected by search engine, indexes, and collected data quickly.< br>< h1 class="PGC - h - arrow - right"> three, Discuz!The community content management system < / h1>< br> Discuz!Community management system, as the name implies, general BBS class website, see more at community program easy to understand, even if you are a little white, as long as you contact a long time, you will be more or less on the structure of the website do you think it necessary to modify.< br>< br> 1. The system features: program is so powerful that the background is rich in plug-in can meet your requirement for various functions.< br>< br> 2. Optimization features: fast, stable rank, is suitable for the industry portal BBS specificity.< br>< br> in general BBS website, if you don't do discuz to do seo optimization is not recommended.< br>< br>< br>< br>< br> summary: so that's my contact several CMS site system optimization experience over the years, welcome to put forward different views, learn from each other, mutual progress.< br>< br>< br>< br>< br>< p style="text - align: center;">< img SRC="/ /" img_width=640 img_height=427 the inline=0 Alt="website construction commonly used CMS SEO optimization function analysis" onerror="errorimg. Call (this);">< / p>< / td>

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