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As expected of a child who grew up in the "Chinese Poetry Conference"

2022-08-06 18:09:38lonely city dream


Remember the amazing amount of poetry

小朋友Wang Hengyi吗?

被网友称为“Small Chinese Poetry Library”的他

First time on board at the age of five and a half《中国诗词大会》时

Will back580多首诗

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

如今,8Years old he came again



不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

现场,He beat a hundred with one

挑战“Surname Feihualing”

Responsive throughout

Second grade pupils“横扫千军”

成功挑战“Surname Feihualing”

Wang Hengyi from Qingdao, Shandong



He played with the Hundreds“横扫千军”

挑战“Surname Feihualing”

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

Wang Hengyi challenged20轮“Surname Feihualing”文字版

01.刘:玄都观里桃千树,尽是刘郎去后栽.02.杨:杨柳青青江水平,闻郎江上唱歌声.03.王:王师北定中原日,家祭无忘告乃翁.04.王:八骏日行三万里,穆王何事不重来.05.安:安能摧眉折腰事权贵,使我不得开心颜!06.黄:黄师塔前江水东,春光懒困倚微风.07.康:何以解忧?唯有杜康.08.沈:梦断香消四十年,沈园柳老不吹绵.09.李:李白乘舟将欲行,忽闻岸上踏歌声.10.宋:摇落深知宋玉悲,风流儒雅亦吾师.11.张:酒酣胸胆尚开张,鬓微霜,又何妨?12.罗:碧毯线头抽早稻,青罗裙带展新蒲.13.朱:朱雀桥边野草花,乌衣巷口夕阳斜.14.黄:黄四娘家花满蹊,千朵万朵压枝低.15.静:人闲桂花落,夜静春山空.16.姜:孤舟蓑笠翁,独钓寒江雪.17.何:闻说梅花早,How to spring in the north.18.周:故垒西边,人道是,三国周郎赤壁.19.徐:莫听穿林打叶声,何妨吟啸且徐行.20.钟:故园东望路漫漫,双袖龙钟泪不干.

Wang Hengyi is confident and calm

Even encountering duplicate surnames,也能对答如流整整20轮,挑战成功

There was thunderous applause for him

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

Many netizens still remember

Xiao Hengyi, who loves ancient poetry

At the age of fourCan be recited proficiently


不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

目前,He can already recite1400余首诗

After class, I often share historical allusions with my classmates

奶奶:As a child I taught him to read poetryNow he is my little teacher

Wang Hengyi's outstanding performance on stageCan't do without grandmaHe Xia

He Xia said,From Hengyi1Years and a half

I read poetry to him every day


Arouse children's interest in ancient poetry

After Xiao Hengyi learned to speak

Grandma played poetry word games with him



I deliberately asked him to guess the last word

After learning, let him guess a word、half a poem、整首诗

慢慢地,He is very fond of ancient poetryInterest is growing

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

△Wang Hengyi and his grandmother He Xia read poetry together

On the way of Wang Hengyi's growth

Grandma would study ancient poetry with him every day

The grandparents and grandchildren have learned a lot from the extensive and profound words

He Xia said,Ancient poetry is full of rhythm and rhythm

A poem is a painting、一个故事

It also contains a lot of reasons for doing things

A child's love comes from the heart

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

△Wang Hengyi

Poetry makes Wang Hengyi more cheerful

Develop a love of reading、Love the habit of sharing

Grandma hopes that Hengyi can continue to love ancient poetry


“I used to be his teacher

Now he is my little teacher

encounter unfamiliar words,Gotta ask him

My child loves reading poetry more than I do now、背诗!”

“Reading poetry is like singing

When I grow up I want to be a history teacher”

Talk about the challenge of the day“Surname Feihualing”

Wang Hengyi confidently told the head office reporter


Haven't had enough of a challenge yet!”

Read poetry and sing

All are the source of Wang Hengyi's happiness

He made many good friends through poetry

Wang Hengyi said,The happiest thing is

对着大海,Read your favorite poems aloud

“Reading poetry is like singing,Makes people very happy

Not to mention how great that feeling is!”

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

Growing up to be a history teacher

It is Wang Hengyi's ideal

现在,In addition to reciting ancient poems every day

He also developed a keen interest in history

Historical stories are often found in poetry

Tell your family and friends

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

网友:不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

Wang Hengyi is here《中国诗词大会》上的表现

Once again, a large number of fans were fiercely circled

“Look at the grown child



不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

不愧是在《中国诗词大会》grown up kid

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