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What to do if the website is hijacked by DNS

2022-09-23 05:24:01erjpo

Network security issues such as DDOS attacks, domain name hijacking, and web page tampering occur frequently. Among them, the impact and harm caused by DNS hijacking on websites are difficult to solve.DNS hijacking usually targets insecure websites, when a domain name is hijacked, it will resolve a domain name to a different IP than the original server, in the case of a hacker attack, the hacker will point the domain name to their server.Therefore, whenever a website user tries to access that domain name, they are directed to the wrong IP instead of the original website.

Hackers generally hijack websites with considerable traffic, imagine that when your client enters the website and is suddenly resolved to another website, your client will have a lot of confusion, anger and panic, DNS hijacking has caused manyThe company suffered serious losses.

Unscrupulous ISPs can hijack DNS. The principle of this hijacking is to capture DNS request packets, and the IP address of the domain name returned to you is not the real IP address you registered with the Internet organization, but aFake IP addresses can naturally achieve ulterior motives. In theory, there is no technical means to prevent them, but to improve them.

The following ways to improve DNS hijacking:

1. Since domain name hijacking can only be carried out within a specific hijacked network range, the domain name server (DNS) outside this rangeThe normal IP address can be returned. In the property page of the Interner protocol (TCP/IP), select "Use the following DNS server address", and set the preferred and alternate DNS servers to and respectively. After completionReconnect to the Internet.

2. Modify the HOSTS file. The priority of the Hosts file in the operating system is higher than the DNS server. When the operating system accesses a domain name, it will first check the HOSTS file, and then query the DNS server.You can add tainted DNS addresses in HOSTS to solve DNS pollution and DNS hijacking.

3. Use fast cloud DNS acceleration to continuously push the correct resolution IP of your website to the recursive server, so that users can directly know the website content from the recursive server, and can access the correct website as soon as possiblepage.Compared with the first two methods, it is more convenient to use DNS acceleration. After all, after the hijacking, it is impossible for everyone of your website users to modify the server IP and HOSTS file.Causes panic and distrust.

What should I do if the website is hijacked by DNS

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