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Peng'an: Break through the circle and sound the "Charge"

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< td id=article_content>< br>< p style="text - align: center;">< img SRC="/ /" img_width=600 img_height=180 the inline=0 Alt="peng Ann: break through broken ring blew endeavour" signal "" onerror=" javascript: errorimg. Call (this);">< / p>< br> landscape around peng potiphera < br>< br> early summer, looking loose earth, past modern workshop, whole production line all cylinders, a large number of key projects intense accelerates, strips traffic routes through the peng Ann economic channels and resources...< br>< br> industry is the county economy the support and power source for the development of high quality, the transportation is important in the development of county economy high quality engine and pioneers.In recent years, the county peng anxian county, based on practical, scientifically make bold innovation, choose the leading industry and characteristic industry, good education, cultivating "456" modern industrial system, speed up the formation of industrial cluster agglomeration effect;Vigorously implement the strategy of priority to the development of traffic construction of "12345" comprehensive transportation system, accelerate the peng Ann in nanchong city, the pace of chengdu-chongqing region shuangcheng economic circle.New kinetic energy, high quality economic and social development in the jialing river city continues to surge.< br>< br> industry breakthrough to foster modern industry system of "456" < br>< br> on May 9, reporter visit shu river town of anxian county, located in peng peng anxian county industrial park, I saw all of the enterprise, construction project is moving forward rapidly.< br>< br> multiple projects under construction in the zone, at the construction site is another scene: tower crane, transport vehicles back and forth, the workers toiling away, construction in full swing.The relevant person in charge of peng anxian county industrial park management committee, said to protect key projects completed and put into production as soon as possible, park management committee sent professional manager, one to one "nanny" service for the project, take the initiative to help project detailed construction plan, promoting the construction of projects with high quality and efficiency.< br>< br> in order to better give play to the role of industrial "YaCangShi", peng anxian county, introduced the peng Ann county party committee of the CCP about to vigorously implement the development strategy of manufacturing structing decision "to promote the development of economy, high quality, and put forward the" industrial size bigger and better industrial structure, enterprise quality, and the higher efficiency, the host stronger "development goals, clear vigorously implement manufacturing by" eight "action, promote industry cultivation and merchants engines, Pearson education, park gear driven by innovation, digital fu can make arrangement deployment, green development, service optimization.< br>< br> to economic development, industry breakthrough is the key.In recent years, peng anxian county, scratching, big industry, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, emerging industries expansion quantity quality, adjust measures to local conditions to build up characteristic, chain, high added value of the "456" modern industrial system and industrial structure to realize the transition from "213" to "321".< br>< br> in the next five years, peng anxian county will foster "456" of modern industry, on the special advantage industries in their efforts to achieve new breakthroughs.Modern industry, in-depth implementation of the 50 billion industrial park developing project, machinery parts, agricultural products processing, new building materials, electronic information four pillar industries, growing industrial cluster, foster a batch of "flagship" enterprises, development of a batch of "fist" products;Do best modern agriculture, grain and oil, high quality organic fruits and vegetables, ecological aquaculture, economic fruit, woody oil plants, medicinal herbs 6 big agriculture characteristic industry, global optimizing industry layout, promoting the development of "agriculture +" fusion;Detonated tour industry, adhere to the brigade integration development, high standard gear upgrades to promote tourism scenic area, a comprehensive tourism supporting facilities, building peng Ann into each first-class, domestic well-known tourist destination;Development of modern service industry, expanding trade complex, rich commercial pedestrian street forms, build a batch of gathered popularity, set ShangQi business circle.< br>< br> transportation broken ring set "12345" comprehensive traffic system < br>< br> peng Ann located in the hinterland of chengdu-chongqing expressway, adjacent to nanchong city and river new city, located in shuangcheng economic circle radiation within the scope of chengdu-chongqing region, abundant resources, unique location.< br>< br> peng, the county party committee county government profoundly realize: peng Ann resources endowment and location advantages are still not fully into development advantages.Future peng Ann how to swallow the short board, luxuriant "turn" in a new round of urban competition?< br>< br> in new development opportunities, peng Ann city development strategy and target direction also clearer: vigorously implement the strategy of priority to the development of traffic construction of three-dimensional traffic system, break through their own small circle limited, actively involved in nanchong, chengdu-chongqing region shuangcheng economic circle.< br>< br> May 10, in shun peng peng Ann section of camp level more than the construction site, the workers are busy grading, steel bar welding and concrete pouring."In order to ensure the project schedule, project bid each head every Monday open conference at the scene, in a timely manner to solve practical problems in construction."Shun peng peng Ann section of camp level project manager "hat is introduced.< br>< br> "after the LuJianCheng open to traffic, peng Ann to nanchong city and river new district and a fast path."Peng anxian county, the relevant person in charge of transport department said.< br>< br> "to build a three-level channel, enhance peng Ann section of jialing river regulation.Continuously optimize 2 road, G318 line, G244 line road and expressway environment continue to improve.Full 3 railway construction, railway train stops, han banan railway advancing rapidly, ChengDa high-speed rail transit instruction.Sped up to promote 4 highway, south girder, banan wide high-speed, traffic Lang instrument camp high-speed peng Ann regional construction, peng Ann into the provincial planning on high speed.To improve five provincial highway, S206 lines, S101 lines, S305 lines, S509 line, S207 lines interweave.'12345' comprehensive transportation system, bring peng Ann in nanchong "half an hour economic circle", chengdu-chongqing expressway "two hour economic circle" vigor and confidence."Peng Ann relevant controller introduces, county during the period of "difference", peng Ann to build a regional transport hub as the goal, to promote open, to channel into the chengdu-chongqing region construction of shuangcheng economic circle;Firm called big strong, innovation investment promotion mode, strong-built professional team, give play to the role of friends of outside and the chamber of commerce of Bridges, to introduce ", high, refined, special, new "enterprise;System optimization of market access, elements, the production and business operation, government services, and the rule of law "six big business environment, social construction, improve the policy system to support the healthy development of private economy, promote the competitiveness of the open.< br>< br> peng Ann stood Wang Zemin article/figure < br>< br> "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" main achievement < br>< br>< p style="text - align: center;">< img SRC="/ /" img_width=205 img_height=207 the inline=0 Alt="peng Ann: break through broken ring blew endeavour" signal "" onerror=" javascript: errorimg. Call (this);">< / p>< br> regional GDP, per capita disposable income in 2020 than in 2010, doubling the < br>< br> park to expand to 8.5 square kilometers, the be born industrial enterprise 87 < br>< br> above designated size industrial enterprises realized total output value 136.7 billion yuan < br>< br> built high standard farmland 440000 mu, annual complete grain surface of 1.13 million mu, total output of grain and oil to realize "five" < br>< br> number of tourists and tourism income growth remain above 20% for five consecutive years < br>< br> county level highway 2090 kilometers < br>< br> "difference" overall goal < br>< br>< p style="text - align: center;">< img SRC="/ /" img_width=204 img_height=213 the inline=0 Alt="peng Ann: break through broken ring blew endeavour" signal "" onerror=" javascript: errorimg. Call (this);">< / p>< br> area around 8.5% annual growth in gross domestic product (GDP) < br>< br> local general public budget revenue grew by an average of more than 8% < br>< br> the whole society fixed asset investment grew by an average of more than 10% < br>< br> total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by an average of more than 13.5% < br>< br> industrial output grew by an average of more than 12.5% of the < br>< br> urban and rural residents per capita disposable income of more than 9% average annual growth of 7%, respectively, < br>< / td>

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