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US Space Force's new military anthem gets ridiculed on social media platforms

2022-09-23 08:21:58Chinese Industry Information Station


And now, the US space service now has a military song of its own.The song is called "Semper Supra," which means "always on" in Latin, and is the department's motto.According to the official Space Force press release, the song was created to capture the team spirit of current and future Guardians.The composition of the song was heavily influenced by military heritage.James Teachenor, who served in the U.S. Air Force Band, wrote the lyrics and composed the melody.U.S. Coast Guard band trombone player Sean Nelson then added 30 instrumental tones and harmonized the music.

A total of 12 review comments were submitted for the song, which evolved, revised, and changed over many months before finalizing it.Not everyone feels the same, however, especially the ever-critical Twitter and Reddit commentators.

Many people thought this song sounded corny


Raoul F. Camus, a professor at Queens Community College, told The New York Times that he "didn't want to use the word 'ridiculous,' but forget it.".He further added that the song is hitting the limits of what patriotism truly represents.DefenseOne executive editor Kevin Baron tweeted: "The lyrics are terrible." In a follow-up tweet, Baron further added that he believed "the lyrics are a verbal salad version of a bad Air Force painting."

A man named Andrew Nadeau called it a copy of Mel Brooks' song "Jews in Space."And George Takei, who shaped the beloved Hiklo Solo in Star Trek, took to Twitter with a succinct "Oh dear" and a cringe emoji with a pretty clear message..Some obviously love the retro vibe, but not everyone sees the appeal.One Twitter user joked that the song made him feel like he was going to fight aliens in 1895.

Mashable said on Twitter that its team thought the song was "fake," while Duffel Blog thought the song "sounds like the first time we're inWritten and recorded decades before space".Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, Politico's defense editor Dave Brown, and talk show host James Corden were among those who had some not-so-good opinions on the song.

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