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What are the precautions for SEO website planning book?

2022-09-23 08:22:12Yunyong Dragon Tour

If you are a relatively mature enterprise, when we build a website, we always ask website developers to write a website planning book. Generally speaking, when we are doing website planning,A website planning book mainly includes the following factors:

①The establishment of a marketing website and the visual experience of page styles.

②Selection and configuration of domain names and hosts, and server security maintenance.

③The positioning of the website content is based on the product and business model.

④Search engine optimization solutions.

⑤ A bridge between social media, websites, and brands.Among the many factors, a large number of enterprise start-ups still ignore a seemingly very unimportant detail, that is, search engine optimization, but it is indeed very important in the later operation.

What are the SEO considerations in the website plan?

So, what are the top 5 precautions for website construction and promotion?

According to the previous experience in the construction of commercial websites, Batman IT will be explained through the following content:

1. Adaptive and responsive

In the website planning book,We must be clear about the fact that when we build a website, we must make a simple distinction between adaptive and responsive.

Here is a brief description:

①Adaptive: Usually divided into two versions, one is for PC and the other is for mobile, which often requires mobile adaptation.

②Responsive: Whether it is a PC or a mobile, the URL address is a unified configuration.

Because of the former, there are often problems when doing SEO optimization. We suggest here that the latter must be clearly selected when doing website planning.

2. Website system functions

From the point of view of SEO, we hope that each page can be customized, but for some CMS systems, when we are doing development, we alwaysThere are some small problems, such as:

①The problem that the preferred domain cannot be unified, and index.html, the homepage of multiple versions, always appears.

②The title of the page cannot be customized, even all the title of the page is the name of the enterprise website.

③Incorrectly limit the crawling and crawling of search engines.

④In the page, based on the aesthetics, a lot of Flash is called, which affects the page loading speed.

3. Website Content Strategy

①Any content creation work must be linked with clearly defined business needs.

②Rationally plan the content layout of the site, and at the same time avoid a lot of repetitive content.

③ Content marketing plans must be constantly tested and adjusted to improve KPIs.

④Improving the quality of page content is not only based on the SEO perspective, such as the creation of content materials and work plans.

4. Website area planning

When we are making a website planning book, we often ignore the establishment of local businesses. Therefore, for a brand-new corporate website, we are buildingAt the beginning of the website, you should focus on the available local resources, such as:

①Create regional keywords to cover long-tail keywords in the regional industry.

②How to effectively cooperate with local media.

③Whether it is necessary to focus on developing local customers and actively establish online word-of-mouth and popularity.

5. Website performance evaluation

A mature website planning book should contain a professional website promoter performance evaluation manual. We need to plan every detail reasonably, so as to effectively improveThe enthusiasm of employees, quickly promote the development of SEO projects.

Summary: For website planning, we still have a lot of related issues that need to be discussed, and the above content is just the tip of the iceberg on how to write a website planning book, for reference only!

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