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Illustrated project management process and detailed example of role responsibilities

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Graphical project management process and detailed example of role responsibilities

Graphical project management process and detailed example of role responsibilities

Project management process description


1. 项目立项后,The project manager respondsTAPD进行项目设置,主要包括:

  • 项目信息、应用设置(需求/缺陷/迭代/Field settings for tasks, etc、显示设置、工作流设置)、Membership and permissions、News and reports, etc;

2. 项目立项后,Project managers and product managers upload project-related information toTAPD>文档或Wiki;

3. Schedule according to demand、Workload evaluation of each department,The project manager outputs the project schedule;

4. According to the project schedule,Each department has separate plans:

  • Developed by the project managerTAPD>发布计划,Set release goals、开始及结束时间,As well as planning the needs of the release plan to be realized,Set the progress calculation method;
  • and a needs review plan、Design draft output plan、Front-end and back-end development master plan、Test master plan;

5. TAPD There are three ways to calculate the progress of the release plan,分别是:

  • The closing progress of all work under the release plan;
  • Man-hour completion progress for all work;
  • Scale progress for all requirements.


2-Test master plan:

1. This test plan is a general test plan based on the project release plan;

2. Test leaders can customize test plan templates and custom fields for the project,




The project manager organizes weekly meetings for weekly planning and progress tracking:

1. When a project manager makes a weekly plan,提前在TAPD创建迭代,填写标题、封面、起止时间、Iteration target and other information;

2. 进入TAPDAfter iteration details,Select the requirement that needs to be completed、任务、缺陷等,规划到迭代;

3. 创建TAPDWeekly planning board to track progress,Project managers or group leaders create work items for task scheduling(任务>2Days need to be split)并及时更新,View work item statistics through reports,The person in charge can be viewed、参与人、起止时间、优先级:

4. 测试在TAPDCreate a test week plan on the iteration details page,Choose to associate or create a new test case according to the requirements to be tested;

5. The project manager updates the change record form and risk register in a timely manner;

6. The project manager outputs meeting minutes and follow-up of project issues in a timely manner.


4-需求分析、Requirements confirmation and tracking:

1. TAPDRequirements related settings:需求模板、需求分类、Requirements view configuration, etc;

创建需求,填写必填字段:标题,需求分类、迭代、模块、预计开始、expected to end、处理人、状态,And upload the requirements specification;

2. If the demand is large,Split into several sub-requirements associated with parent requirements;

3. The requirements specification and interactive draft need to be filed by the product department(can be archived toTAPD>文档),但TAPD>Demand only remains1The latest version of the current iteration plan,Associated with the same parent requirement,Avoid inconsistent versions obtained by members;

4. Requirements change or document upload、修订,Product managers need to comment [email protected]项目成员;

5. The pre-assessment review materials will be sent in advance in the form of emails1days to send to project members,Upload after reviewTAPD;

6. 项目经理、Product Manager andQAIt is necessary to track the flow status of the demand(可使用TAPD>故事墙).



After the design students have finished reviewing the drawings,The design drawing problems found during the drawing review of the online document feedback,评论@The project manager follows up with the design process;

As approved,评论@项目经理、产品和开发.



测试用例评审通过后,上传至TAPD,and associated with the corresponding requirements.



Product and design students will accept the problems foundTAPDIssue ticket tracking and verification(需填写“发现版本”和“验证版本”),评论@相关成员,and assign it to the corresponding handler.



Development flowTAPDRequirements and defect statuses and assigned to corresponding handlers.



1. Development flowTAPDbugStatus and assigned to B/L for return verification,必须填写“合入版本”;

2. When the risk of change is high,Added comment analysis to fix scope of influence,Give test recommendations,@相关成员;

3. Problems that are not implemented due to unspecified requirements can be transferred to the product manager for confirmation,The product manager decides whether to implement or schedule in this iteration,不要直接拒绝.



1. 需在TAPDAnnotate the actual results of the test case;

2. Failed use cases need to be associatedbug;

3. Temporary blocking uses such as conditions that need to be executed as soon as possible;

4. For use cases that cannot be executed, the reason should be noted.


12-bugRecord and verify:

1. Issues found during the execution of the tests are mentionedTAPDUnified defect management,directly assigned to the corresponding processor;

2. Uncertain handlers can be assigned to the team leader first,Redistributed by the person in charge;

3. Defects that do not conform to the description of the requirements specification can be directly billed to the developer,The optimization suggestion class defect is submitted to the product manager;

4. Defect description must meet the bill of lading specification;

5. Please add a comment appropriately to help others following thisbugstudents understand the progress.



1. 产品/If the design acceptance feedback problems cannot be fully fixed,Assess if it can be resolved after the test;

2. 测试完成后,如bugNot all can be resolved before release,Assess for legacy.


14-Acceptance before release:

Product managers assess whether requirements fulfillment is meeting expectations,If the acceptance is passed,The product manager transfers the requirement status to closed.


15/16-客户bugReproduce and repair:

Test classmate synchronizationOI表中bug到TAPD并复现,开发修复后,重新发布.

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