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How much money does the World Cup variety show make?

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When the host picks up the Honor mobile phone,The video connection between the guest Huang Jianxiang and the mysterious big coffee was connected,Legendary Irving to Chinese fanssay hiAnd Shared his foresight about England's game,At the end of the video, Owen and the host shouted a sentence“Go lions spell out glory!”

可以发现,This is a brand variety show specially customized for Honor.With the World Cup in Qatar coming,Migu、All kinds of variety shows produced by mainstream viewing platforms such as Douyin have gone through a variety of investment promotion models and monetization methods.

Title customization、Sponsorship show、Peripheral sales have become the three major money-making tools for this wave of World Cup variety shows.The more distinctive name is Migu《superstar call,spell out glory》,Mengniu has successively sponsored Douyin’s《DOU来世界杯》、央视频的《world cup cutting edge》等,And all platforms are embedding e-commerce links on variety show pages one after another to achieve marketing transformation.

This year's cold wave of investment in the variety show market has not faded,The brand's enthusiasm for the World Cup variety show has become a bright spot that is rarely seen in the market,而从抖音&Hisense also《Hi!football boy》、腾讯视频&modern co-created《前进吧!Modern Soccer Boys》In programs in the form of isometric video,We can also get a glimpse of the marketing potential of sports and entertainment variety shows in the future.

“world cup economy”Is to save the variety market?

咪、Doubt is chased by sponsors

The brand's preference for the World Cup is obvious to all.

过往来看,Sports variety shows with a narrow audience have never been a hot spot for investment,But the huge amount of traffic brought by the World Cup has made brand owners who have tightened their wallets this year no longer hold back,Their figures appeared in the trump card columns planned by various platforms,Even launched a large number of small and medium-sized micro-synthetics produced at low cost.

Migu and Douyin as long、The main short form viewing platform,They develop homemade World Cup show whether you are a long short、light heavy、live, recorded,Are was chased by industry sponsors.

Migu here,Warm up variety show a month ago《沸腾吧!解说员·world cup season》The naming of Mengniu was settled,Many fans learned that Mengniu became the official global sponsor of the World Cup because of this program,This dairy company that loves World Cup marketing has also started frequent contacts with multiple variety shows.

And with the World Cup kicking off,Migu planning opening special programs《你好,世界杯》Pulled Sprite's sponsorship,In the program, Sprite was placed in the studio in the form of Lixuan board,Like a brand owner chasing hot spots and temporarily investing in big money.

比较夸张的是,Many small columns of Migu that are lighter than Wei Zong have also been favored by the brand,For example, the Feifan car is named《世界杯·Goal of the day》、FAW Toyota named《世界杯·Best assist of the day》,This small amount of sponsorship demonstrates the brands' full trust in Migu's viewing traffic.

Douyin attracts more money than Migu,Multiple talk shows customized for celebritiesIPThey have recruited gold masters from different industries.Dairy company Mengniu named the first game online in England“Tournament Guide”节目《DOU来世界杯》,为《吐槽大会》A talk show column created by the popular former international footballer Fan Zhiyi《Still Fan Zhiyi》,Before going online, it got two sponsorships from Yili and Heineken.

Wine companies,Jiannanchun named Huang Jianxiang and Deyun Club's partner《Huang's Football Class》,国窖1573Dou Wentao、Fan Deng cross-border chat ball《big coffee talk》.Car company FAW-Volkswagen named《Huang Jianxiang talk》,Sponsored by BYD《macro》.Mobile game Three Kingdoms strategy version hand in hand《Huang Jianxiang talk》,future football《Understand the ball conference》深度绑定.

From the number of sponsors,Douyin's World Cup Variety Show is winning.But what worries Mr. Rhino is that,Douyin's variety show is currently the only one that has been launched with the main game《DOU来世界杯》,Whether many projects can be successfully launched in the end、Can it create influence inside and outside the station after launch?、Then it is doubtful to drain the brand.

Except Migu and Douyin,Copyright King Central Video《world cup cutting edge》Also got the title of Mengniu,Kuaishou vertical screen micro-synthesis《legend please advise》Solicited two sponsorships from Changhong and Meiling,Tencent video flagship”Accompanied by youth football sports education”long variety show《前进吧!Modern Soccer Boys》Also supported by Hyundai Motor.

Just made a variety show for the brand

world cup also“复兴”brand custom variety show.

Jiang Wen was in《邪不压正》Li Xiaoyan“I made this dumpling because of the vinegar”,Transplant this sentence into the field of variety show investment promotion,可以发现,Many variety shows in this market do not follow the logic of seeking sponsorship with content,It's a variety show for the brand.

Migu recently launched《superstar call,spell out glory》就是典型案例,Put the name of the brand owner in the name of the variety show,节目“Let celebrity guests connect with legendary players with mobile phones”The core model is also built around the brand,The whole show reveals a strong marketing tone.

In the first program online,The host spends most of the time holding the latest Honor mobile phone,并cueThe guest Huang Jianxiang made a transoceanic phone call to Owen,While chatting about England's World Cup prospects“手机”It's going on throughout the show,Owen's sentence“Go lions spell out glory!”It can be said to be the best World Cup cheering ad.

Homepage on Migu,The platform is more《superstar call,spell out glory》The column has opened up a dedicated Honor brand page,This page also borrows“荣耀”This brand logo Amway Migu's other World Cup column——《Shining Star Qatar》.

And in this series of micro-documentaries《Shining Star Qatar》中,FAW Audi is the real marketing protagonist,When the program was an Amway star, it quietly integrated the Audi brand information into the narration,Such as introduce Thomas·muller timecueTo his daily transportation car is Audi,Such ingenious implanting of reality makes advertising invisible.

The same brand linkage logic runs through all Migu variety shows,比如《世界杯·Goal of the day》Feifan Motors, the title sponsor, packaged the goal list with brand element design,Named by FAW Toyota《世界杯·Best assist of the day》也异曲同工,Both realize the subtle influence of the brand on the user's mind.

Hisense and Douyin created a micro-synthesis《Hifootball boy》It is another way of thinking about customizing variety shows,As an official second-tier sponsor of the World Cup,Hisense wants to borrow a file“Football Junior Selection Variety Show”The influence of the brand demonstrates the social responsibility of the brand.

Hisense invites World Cup image ambassadors in the program、Former National Football Association coach Milu served as the instructor,Launched in conjunction with Tencent Video outside the program「The best living room for watching the World Cup」,The variety show is linked with brand marketing before, during and after its launch,It can be called a nanny-level customized marketing plan.

so also see,The World Cup this wave of investment boom in fact borrowed official sponsor node marketing bonus,是蒙牛、Hisense and other domestic brands that concentrated on betting on the World Cup divided the marketing cake into variety shows,It is impossible for non-competition node variety shows to obtain such marketing opportunities.


Variety show pages have also become the platform's“营销场”.

Attentive audience should perceive,Cargo World Cup merchandise with show belt is a main theme this year variety,On the one hand, many programs have broadcast information about the delivery of World Cup peripheral products through the host;另一方面,Many variety shows have completed the transformation from the content field to the marketing field by borrowing the e-commerce business of the platform.

这其中,The marketing of Migu video is the most fancy,For example in variety shows《The strongest voice in the World Cup》in the play page of,我们可以看到《最佳球会》《未来足球》Wait for the game ad to be embedded below the video on the left,On the right side there is a special「咪咕商城」的链接,Viewers can jump to buy during the gap between watching the program3DHercules Cup Charger、National team mugs and other World Cup peripheral products.

As an online video operator of China Mobile,Migu Video has also combined the content of variety shows with the marketing of China Mobile’s business,比如把《你好,世界杯》Become a member of China Mobile Equity Supermarket、M-Zone World Cup Music Festival and other marketing activities are linked,The password is hold the content of wealth.

Continuous efforts in recent years「兴趣电商」Douyin is also marketing very aggressively,《DOU来世界杯》is embedded below the play page of「Douyin Burning Love and Good Things Season」的购买链接,And all viewers can go to the official authorized World Cup through this link“Qatar World Cup Official Flagship Store”Wait for the live broadcast room with goods to complete the marketing transformation.

CCTV new media,The World Cup Variety Show page of CCTV Video and Video has recently been launched in cooperation with various brands「CCTV network selection,有“球”必应」Peripheral commodity mall link,Qatar World Cup Commemorative Pair、Rotating football mug and more“world cup goodies”It can meet the diverse shopping needs of the audience after watching the game.

长久以来,The World Cup is a carnival for fans,It is also a marketing event for global brands.Mengniu、An opportunity for Hisense and other domestic products to carry out World Cup marketing,Variety shows have opened up a rare investment channel,But can these marketing actions be used for reference by normalized variety shows?,Achieving long-term feedback on the variety show market,Still have to put a big question mark.

After all, the cold winter of investment promotion cannot be solved by a World Cup.

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