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Fast Cloud: Why does the server go down?How to solve?

2022-11-24 16:40:46The Year of the Paper Kite

When the Hong Kong server goes down due to some reasons, the Hong Kong server will stop running, and the Hong Kong server network cannot continue to provide services.When the Hong Kong server is used for website construction, there will be a downtime, which will cause the website to be inaccessible, and the ranking position of the website in the search engine will drop and the indexed volume will also decrease.Today, Kuaiyun Xiaobian will share with you about the common downtimes of Hong Kong servers, the causes and solutions.

Hong Kong server downtime,, type: crash,,, false crash,,,

Use ping to test the Hong Kong server, keyboard switch number lock key (NumLock) / lock key (CapsLock) function, There is no screen on the monitor, or the mouse cursor does not respond, indicating that there is a hardware failure of the Hong Kong server, which is called a crash,,.

The hardware resources of the Hong Kong server were exhausted for a short time, and the external commands failed to respond.This situation often occurs during the peak period of website visits, when the bandwidth and other resources of the Hong Kong server are fully occupied. At this time, it only needs to wait for a certain period of time. When the Hong Kong server frees up more hardware resources, it can return to normal. This situation is calledIt is a fake crash,,.

Several common causes of server downtime in Hong Kong

1. Regarding the operating environment of the server in Hong Kong, the common problem is that the disk space is exhausted.

2. Regarding the performance problem of the Hong Kong server, it may be caused by poorly running SQL, or other problems, such as various bugs or wrong operations.Poor schema and index design is the second biggest problem affecting performance.

3. Regarding the replication problem of the Hong Kong server, it is generally caused by the inconsistency of the master and backup data.

4. For the data loss problem of the Hong Kong server, most of it is caused by the wrong operation of droptable, and it is always accompanied by the problem of lack of available backup.

The Hong Kong server is down, how to troubleshoot the cause

a. Check whether the application causes memory overflow or leak, outofmemory

b. Whether there are too many processes or continuous creation, so that resources are exhausted

c, whether the database program is deadlocked, the number of connections is too much

d, whether the application is abnormal

e, whether the traffic load is too muchbig

f, whether there is a hacker attack

g, whether the operation is wrong

the Hong Kong server is down, the solution

a. timelyIt was found that the Hong Kong server was down,,.Time is wealth.The problem of downtime should be found in the first time.Once the Hong Kong server goes down, the Hong Kong server provider should be notified in time for timely support and resolution.

b. For second-hand preparation, backup one more website space, which stores the same content, different ip, and different location of Hong Kong server.This greatly improves the security of using the Hong Kong server.After discovering downtime, problems, modify the domain name records in time, so that the access points to the current normal website space.

Quick Cloud: Why is the server down? How to solve it?

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