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Behind the Kuaishou Jay Chou Friends Club, short videos and live broadcasts reshape the star public opinion field

2022-11-24 18:19:32clear-eyed

短视频和直播,Is reshaping stars and public communication field.

「哭了,爷的青春回来了」「He was singing peninsula tin box」「The degree of every local points in full chorus」「I'll take you to,我的整个青春」……

Jay Chou quickly exclusive online「哥友会」于11月19日晚8点举办,Trigger tech-oriented jie fan out.

Well quickly jay Chou elder brother friend will be back,A short video and broadcast star reshape public opinion field

Highest number of online at the same time once the night break 1129 万,总点赞数高达 10.5 亿.According to a small concert 3000 人计算,Equivalent to held at the same time 3700 Multiple offline concert.And this time online「哥友会」Live from the preheat phase as,Only booking number is more than one 2883 万.Such seismic data also maximize the commercial value,Help the「哥友会」Named quotient level national brand of red flag car brand spread value.

在今年 7 月 15 日,周杰伦新专辑《最伟大的作品》上线之时,Jie fan as well quickly「捕捉」到周杰伦,Participate in jay Chou's live、定制短视频、合拍互动玩法、Exclusive events such as live.这次,周杰伦的「哥友会」终于来了.

「哥友会」More than just a live,Quickly and jay Chou the whole cooperation,Represents the star、Fan shape in the new broadcast short video media ecology a sample,更深层来看,More represents the star and the public communication media from graphic to video、The trend of the live update.

准确来说,Behind the star online meeting,A dominated by short video broadcast platform of public communication change is happening.


Ten million people to jay「点歌」,

Interactive become content itself

「哥友会」Live content include「线上演唱」和「Chat even wheat」两个环节,唱歌之外,And fans interaction has become a song fans content itself.

On the evening of jay Chou sang five songs in total,《半岛铁盒》《晴天》《稻香》Three by quickly users vote,Cumulative voting m super 1000 万,The other two are new album《最伟大的作品》中的《还在流浪》和《错过的烟火》.

Well quickly jay Chou elder brother friend will be back,A short video and broadcast star reshape public opinion field

Jay Chou's songs with a generation of youth,The concert so link「名场面」Also engraved in the memory.「The strongest surface ex」、男粉丝《红模仿》……For fans friends,Jay Chou's concert so link is the perfect moment to realize desire,Is also a memory of youth back.

As jay Chou in concert forecast video,「Haven't driven a concert for three years,Favorite part is the point of fans in concert to sing,This is one of my favorite link,Each song has fans own story behind.」

「哥友会」Is there in the harmonics,The latter is a record company in small public,To meet the interactive activities organized by the stars and fans,Is not only the record company propaganda way,Also is a bridge to keep the relationship of stars and fans.

From the real record period to online media age,Stars and fans interact also changed,「歌友会」Functionality is by replacing the online social platform of communication part.On one side is star on social platform show yourself,变得更加「接地气」,更像「真人」;On the other side of the subject status of the fan is more obvious,Incited a strong,Interactive demands more diverse.

This quickly with jay Chou's「哥友会」Also undertake can make the function of the stars and fans close contact,Presented to the fans today「新鲜」的周杰伦,更真实、更鲜活.

Such as the opening and wenshan attachment is「大爆料」,Fang wenshan said first jay「Does he」,印象不好,Live in the company to sleep in a sleeping bag,「Just like homeless」.Jay Chou is laughs,「The teacher mean I rent in province,Because actually wake up can do music,很方便.I was composing very hard-working,跟现在不一样.」

Online connection link and the name of and offline concert scene,Fans also created a lot of small「意外」.Connect a pair of small couples fans,The boy asked:「This is jay Chou really?」,Jay Chou joked:「假的,假的」,The boy with his cat said to the camera,「Quick call uncle jay Chou」.Another fan is in the attachment show a jay Chou like magic,But came up a goof,Tying the line card be see clearly.

Although the attachment link is filled with small「意外」Embarrassed to bring everyday feeling,In the home and idol video chat to tell about daily has been lucky.In line to see concert period,粉丝在「哥友会」,Not only can see「哥」,Can when a jay Chou MV 主角.

More fans in the barrage and the interaction of jay Chou,Do the barrage as wall and wishing well,You can see attracted a group of highly interactive young users.In addition to viewing and thumb up data,The live broadcast of the amount of user interaction many,In the number of thumb up、Pink salute、Concert on gifts and other official design,Have good data show.

Well quickly jay Chou elder brother friend will be back,A short video and broadcast star reshape public opinion field

针对「哥友会」,Well quickly custom 16 款「Jay Chou theme」The studio gift.值得注意的是,Each gift only 0.1 元,And present income will be donated to the development of Chinese rural foundation.This is jay Chou calling for rational exceptional at the same time,Call for the audience together contribute to the development of Chinese rural public welfare strength.

Well quickly jay Chou elder brother friend will be back,A short video and broadcast star reshape public opinion field

在商业化层面,Quickly and jay Chou to complete such a set off a live,Bring the same level as the national brand of red flag car higher brand spread value,Together with closed-loop commercialization.Live inside and outside and the high frequency linked to red flag,Help new red flag H5 这款定位 B+Wisdom level luxury sedan successful completion of the young consumer groups oriented mind touch up to.

「For ordinary people's congress stage」的快手,To each individual creative space gene.The content of the future consumption need more written by each individual,The trend from the short video era has become a consensus when.

在快手,Fans to participate in or spontaneous rich variety of activities,Such as and jay Chou sing、With jay's classic song take a short video of the background,「杰迷大挑战」Interactive activities and so on.在快手,Around the star jay Chou has already formed the fans ecological creation,Interactive creation has become the platform of fan itself more important source of content.

The broadcast will portrait、交互、Even Michael these short video elements applied to concert,Count as industry,It can be seen in the era of live,Quickly has deep thinking about how to innovation and development content.



From social media images and went into the studio

可以看出,Offline there is different with the past,Short line in the form of live video「哥友会」里,Is no longer simply to star as the main body.Live in the stars and fans and short video interaction of this cultural phenomenon in the,The depth of the public entertainment online video, the trend has to shape.

尤其在 2020 年以来,New crown outbreak has affected the offline activities,The current major singers are held in various video platform online concert,Many people put table at a time,Like back to the age of the TV festival show,Tens of millions of people watch the same concert together.

Short video and broadcast it's more than under the outbreak of「替代品」.To explore the public entertainment online the reasons behind the trend of,Outbreak is only a catalyst,本质上,This is a upgrade media change is happening,As a graphic content upgrades and supplement,Short video and live has been in reshaping public field communication.

The quick hands and jay Chou's cooperation case,As jay Chou in the only a Chinese social networking platform,「周同学」Brings to the jay Chou is not only a voice channel,More inspired jay again more value.Jay Chou new album released《最伟大的作品》后,7 月 18 Jay Chou sole held in well quickly「可以说的秘密」线上直播.统计数据显示,The live time cumulative number of super 1.1 亿人,最高实时在线观看人数超 654 万,直播间互动总量更是超过了 4.5 亿.

This is based on the well quickly powerful distribution ability and the ability to create content,Power stars spread demand,Touch up to a broader crowd deeper.Behind this is jay's more than one case,More stars and have spread the body of the appeal will shift the positions of all short video platform.

With the development of the medium changes,Stars and public communication changes occur simultaneously and irreversible.In the previous media migration in the history of,Stars and fans from offline to online interaction,Moved to weibo、WeChat graphic social platforms such as,Interaction also from indirect to more direct communication,At the same time also brought by social networking platform a lot「明星-粉丝」生态流量.

如今,A public communication process from graphic migrated to short video broadcast media also is happening,Under the new media upgrade trend,Short video platform is also become more suitable for star bearing channel and fan interaction.

A more direct、互动性、Affinity and so on the characteristic of short video platform for stars,Can more affinity real image from,Have established long-term stable interactive channel and fan,Can bring a lot to star quantitative commercial value.

不过同时,Graphic form of communication is not will disappear,Graphic to its carrying more rich content、Release the characteristics of the threshold is lower still has strong stickiness.As offline concert still irreplaceable,Each kind of medium form,Every type of communication has its own value,Short video platform is also「杀一个回马枪」,Layout rich graphic information,Bring the audience more diverse information receiving、Creative and interactive experience.

「周同学」和「哥友会」的背后,Celebrity stars and fans channels of communication through the mass media from「喊话」,到在「去中心化」The graphic social platform「聊天」,To today's live short video「见面」,The two sides distance near step by step,The form is still in the constantly changing of the public communication.

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