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Hangzhou released a new policy for the animation and game industry, including e-sports for the first time

2022-11-24 18:32:00IT News-IT Home

IT House News on November 24th, the General Office of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the General Office of the Municipal Government jointly issued the "Several Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Hangzhou’s Animation, Games and E-sports Industry in the New Era, this “Opinion” was included in the e-sports section for the first time, aiming to strengthen the positive guidance of the development of the e-sports industry.

As a special policy to promote the integration of high-quality development of animation games and e-sports industries in the new era, this "Opinion" has four main highlights:

The first is to promote the construction of a new pattern of industrial development.On the basis of full research and demonstration, the e-sports sector will be integrated into the development layout of the animation and game industry, and a special fund of 100 million yuan will be allocated every year to support the deep integration and mutual promotion of the animation, game and e-sports industries with related industries.

The second is to encourage the creation and production of original animation products.Persist in supporting the excellent and the strong, support original animation films, and encourage outstanding award-winning animation works.

The third is to guide and tap the value of the game industry.Strengthen the supervision and positive guidance of the game industry, guide the development of high-quality original games, dig deep into the comprehensive value of games, culture, technology and innovation, and further create a good ecology of the game industry.

The fourth is to support the expansion of new tracks such as e-sports and Metaverse.Seize the opportunity of the Asian Games e-sports event, build an e-sports event system, standard system, and talent training system, and promote the construction of an internationally leading e-sports event infrastructure.

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