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Can you really afford an Apple phone?

2022-11-24 19:30:20small hook

Now that the Apple mobile phone has become a luxurious and simple arcade machine, those who have used it will naturally understand its usefulness, except for its price.

Are you really able to use an iPhone?

WhenOn the basis of putting a film on the screen with the official display effect as perfect as possible and putting a cover on the fuselage with the official handle feeling as perfect as possible, accidents will inevitably happen. Seriously, it may happen.In need of repairs.

Are you really able to use an Apple phone?

The official warranty is still available for new modelsIt is relatively simple, but relatively damaged or old models, the repair market where a hundred flowers bloom is welcome at any time, and of course the price is the same.

In order to solve these messy repair markets, Apple has gradually begun to improve after-sales, promote the spirit of service-oriented, and develop capital to the extreme.

Are you really able to use an Apple phone?

Why do you say this?

I don’t know when the Apple mobile phone officially started to encrypt the internal components of the mobile phone. Starting from the well-known battery encryption, there are more and more encrypted accessories. Let’s count down how many accessories have been encrypted.And remember.

Can you really afford an Apple phone?

The models before iPhone 8 plus are notNo encryption is performed on the internal components. I believe that many iPhone 7 and 8 generation models are still in service. If the hardware of the mobile phone is broken, you can replace it. If you have the ability to do it yourself, it is easier and easier to repair.not expensive.But starting from the iPhone X, the official has unlocked FaceID on the face. At this time, the iPhone X has not encrypted the battery and screen except the face.However, Xr, Xs, and XsMax subsequently encrypted the battery in turn. It is worth noting that these models have not encrypted the screen components. After 11Pro and 11ProMax, Apple also began to encrypt the screen components; but in the 12 seriesAfter that, Apple also encrypted the front and rear camera modules of the mobile phone. The 13 series has fully encrypted the above battery, face, screen, and front and rear camera modules. Of course, this does not include the encryption on the mobile phone motherboard, which is very obvious.Apple's official encryption is gradually infiltrating every component.

Can you really afford an Apple phone?

And these will bringWhat effects?

The first is maintenance, because official encryption will lead to non-original pop-up windows at the system level when replacing these unofficial components, and even affect system upgrades.On the contrary, if you want to get rid of the non-original pop-up prompt, you must replace the after-sales original components, and the price can easily be thousands of yuan.

Seeing this, do you know why Apple keeps encrypting the internal accessories of mobile phones?

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