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The first batch of 120km/h wide-gauge passenger cars exported from my country to Bangladesh was shipped

2022-11-24 20:27:05IT News-IT Home

IT Home According to news on November 24, the first batch of 15 wideThe rail cars are all loaded at Tianjin Port today, and will be shipped to Chittagong.This batch of passenger cars is designed to run at a speed of 120km/h and adopt a wide gauge of 1676mm. It is planned to run on the Padma Bridge railway connection line in mid-2023.

CRRC Tangshan exported 100 wide-gauge buses to Bangladesh for the special design and manufacture of the Padma Bridge Link Project, aiming at the natural For the environment and train operation requirements, for the first time in my country’s export passenger cars, ferritic stainless steel is used as the main material of the dissimilar steel welded structure car body, and the side wall adopts a full-length longitudinal beam and side column plug-in structure, which greatly improves the flatness of the side wall of the car body .The new wide-gauge passenger car also uses new structures and technologies such as built-in side doors, roof water injection, split large ventilation shutters, and ecological toilet collection system to achieve the goals of better structure, lower energy consumption, more comfortable ride, and more convenient maintenance..

IT Home learned that Padma Bridge is a road-rail bridge. After the bridge is completed, the original several hours of river crossing time will be shortened to 10Minutes will end the history of local residents traveling by ferry for thousands of years.On August 23 this year, the track laying of the Padma Bridge railway connection line began. The connection line starts from Dhaka Station, the capital of Bangladesh, and passes through the Padma Bridge to the terminal station Jessore. The total length is nearly 170 kilometers and will be used for the Trans-Asian RailwayComplementing the Asian Highway network, it has all-weather passenger and cargo transportation capabilities. In the future, it will become an important international railway transportation route linking the east to Myanmar and west to India.

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