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Private Domain Operation Notes Strategy Layout: User Strategy (10)

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Which link is the most difficult in private domain operation?The answer is retention. Keeping valuable customers for continuous interaction and repurchase is the dream of any enterprise and merchant operating a private domain at present, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the ultimate goal.The reason why many people are focusing on private domains is that they did not pay much attention to user retention before. Now that the cost of traffic is high and the competition is fierce, it is only when they remember that there are existing customers.

Since you want to keep people, you have to give them a reason, whether your products are cost-effective or irreplaceable, or your brand has a detached and refined attribute, or the service you provide has already surpassed Haidilao by dozens of streets.Talking about retention, not talking about how much one's internal skills have been cultivated, is not talking about martial arts.Fancy punches and embroidered legs can only beat Mr. Ma Baoguo, but not your competitors.

So, let's first understand the user retention models commonly used in private domain operations, and then talk about internal strength cultivation.The user retention model mainly includes new user activation, new user retention, old user activation, and lost user recall. It is mainly used to analyze user participation and user activity to determine the value of users.As shown in the picture:

Private Domain Operation Notes Strategy Layout: User Strategy (10)

For further subdivision, N-day retention must also be considered, that is, users who return on the next day.Retain within N days, that is, all users who return within the first few days.The custom observation period is retained, that is, for example, the first observation period is set to 3 days, the second observation period is 7 days, the third observation period is 15 days, and so on.

There is nothing to say about new user activation. In the previous article, Lao Ma talked about other types of models. The core point is to find the right channel, find the right person, and useThe right point to impress the other party.As for the retention of new users, the method commonly used in the industry is the membership system, which issues an identity recognition to new users, sets up a membership system, pushes information they are interested in from time to time, and encourages them to interact and upgrade, consume and spread like playing games.Upgrade, timely rewards during the process, and set long-term rewards, etc.

Then here we have to think clearly, what carrier to use to take over the new users who need to be retained, the carrier is selected, it is convenient for users, and can be reached at any timeYes, even through continuous guidance to generate high-frequency usage, such as WeChat applets and official accounts, Mr. Zhang Xiaolong said that no matter how small an individual has its own brand, that is what it means.

As a social platform, WeChat creates the foundation of your brand’s private domain, and then strengthens customers’ brand awareness and memory through continuous interaction, just like the sweetness of Michelle Ice City, Let’s not talk about the number of stores, if you brainwash too much, you will become a brand.But the problem at present is that most brands and enterprises have their own carrier of Tmall and, as well as WeChat applets and official accounts. The official accounts are divided into subscription accounts and service accounts.Headquarters and branches, this is not counting the customer service WeChat of Qiwei and stores.

The layout, which looks like a matrix, is actually easy to cause confusion for new users, and it is necessary to sort out the choices again.The retention of old users lies in interaction, allowing them to participate in the design and dissemination of products and brands, and to meet their needs as much as possible.Although the recall of lost users can be induced by various benefits, Lao Ma still feels that it is necessary to add one more step of simple interviews with customers to understand the reasons and details of user loss.

Finally, let’s talk about the internal strength of cultivating user retention. To a large extent, we must pay attention to pre-sales and after-sales services.Operational discount promotion scheme.After-sales must maintain a certain rhythm, activate customers to repurchase more, and return to customer experience more often, so that timely responses and efficiency are the first, and continuous improvement and upgrading.

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