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Hot spots丨"Chinese elements" appear in the World Cup

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■中国经济时报记者 孙兆

作为全球瞩目的“顶流”赛事,The World Cup is not only a technical competition between teams from various countries,It is a national brand、商品、The stage of serving the same competition.With the whistle of the World Cup,“中国元素”Much attention in Qatar,With the help of the World Cup stage,China has also created new sparks with the world.

World Cup stadium“中国造”

With the Lusail pitch being printed on10Rial denomination banknotes,The main body of China's construction industry market is going further to the world.

被誉为“金色之城”The Lusail Stadium is the main stadium for the World Cup in Qatar,It will host events including the finals10场比赛.The stadium was built by China Railway Construction International Group,It is also the first World Cup stadium project undertaken by a Chinese enterprise as the general contractor of design and construction,除此之外,Trinity equipment、精工钢构、Chinese companies such as Juli Rigging have also participated in the construction of related facilities for the Qatar World Cup venues.据悉,Russell Stadium is currently employedFIFAWorld's most advanced standard build、规模最大、The professional football stadium with the most complex system.

IPGBo Wenxi, Chief Economist for China, told the reporter of China Economic Times,China Infrastructure made its debut at heavyweight events,It shows that the comprehensive competitiveness of China's infrastructure industry as well as its global market position and social influence have been qualitatively improved.And for Chinese infrastructure companies,Participating in the World Cup is also to deepen and expand the international market,An effective way to increase your influence in the world.

“It is the first time for a Chinese infrastructure company to undertake the construction of the World Cup main stadium as a general contractor,For expanding the brand influence of China's infrastructure,Expanding the boundaries of business means a lot.”Yang Haiping, a researcher at the Securities and Futures Research Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics, told this reporter,China Infrastructure and China“智造”Outstanding performance in this World Cup,Let us see China's participation in the international cycle relying on China's infrastructure and China's smart manufacturing,Promoting the broad future of a new type of globalization.

For Chinese enterprises to complete the construction of Lusail Stadium with high quality,Qatar has repeatedly given high praise.Hassan, Secretary-General of Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee·阿勒萨瓦迪表示:“The Lusail Stadium has the most complex facade and roof structure,Able to successfully build this complex course,This proves the technical capability and service level of Chinese enterprises.For all those who come to the Lusail Stadium to watch the game,They should thank Chinese engineers and builders.”


With the final whistle sounded,Hosts Qatar lost to Ecuador,Although the first game of the World Cup appeared“爆冷”的情况,But the contrast is obvious,The fiery atmosphere of the World Cup sponsors has not diminished in the slightest.

Every World Cup cycle,Not just a feast for fans,It is also a contest of strength among many brands.The World Cup is a carnival event for global sports,It is also one of the most profitable businesses in professional sports events in the world.A total of four Chinese companies have been selected as official sponsors of this World Cup in Qatar,That is Wanda Group、海信集团、蒙牛乳业、vivo.其中,Wanda Group has become one of the top sponsors of the World Cup in Qatar as a partner of FIFA,与可口可乐、阿迪达斯、现代、起亚、卡塔尔航空、Qatar Energy as wellVISA并列,The same as the highest level sponsor,属第一层级.海信集团、蒙牛乳业、vivoSponsor of the FIFA World Cup,属第二层级.

And according to the data analytics and consulting firm“环球数据”(GlobalData)提供的数据显示,Chinese sponsors for this year11月20日至12月18The Qatar World Cup held during the day was put in13.95亿美元,超过了美国企业投入的11亿美元.

“A range of sports sponsorships,Let Hisense deeply understand that sports events are a common language and communication method in the world,It is the most direct relationship between the corporate brand and consumers、简单、Pure and efficient way of communication.”Pang Jing, General Manager of Hisense Brand Management Department, said.

According to Hisense,从2016The European Cup is here2018年世界杯,再到2021年欧洲杯,海信的全球知名度从37%上升到59%,海外销售收入从196亿元增长到725亿元,海外收入占比从不到20%上升到41.3%,自主品牌占比超过80%.

“The World Cup held every four years attracts worldwide attention,The World Cup in Qatar is the first World Cup since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic,Therefore more attention is paid.”Wang Peng, a researcher at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, told our reporter,一方面,Chinese companies sponsor the World Cup,Through the World Cup channel,Better display the image of Chinese enterprises.另一方面,The World Cup has a very high degree of attention,For Chinese companies sponsoring the World Cup,Help to increase their own popularity.此外,The sponsorship of the World Cup by Chinese brands also shows that the internationalization level of Chinese enterprises is constantly improving,Help Chinese enterprises to go global,开拓海外市场.



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