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Hair Model Scam: Benefits are behind the shaving process, and more than 3,000 videos are packaged for 200 yuan

2022-11-24 21:56:38Tears wet the blue

hair model scam:Shave hair processes behind are interests,3000Multiple video package price200元

↑Screenshots of some video resources peddled by a friend

Red Star News reporter丨Luo Mengjie 实习生 Deng Baoying 李迎

Edit丨Yang Cheng 余冬梅

11月15日,Social platform for users to stream post revealed,Claims she was scammed by a hair model who cut her hair short.据其自述,Recently in the modular group received a notice,I thought it was a paid hair model,ended up being tricked into a private apartment,Hair is also shaved“half bald”,and before shaving,The hairdresser also took pictures of her with a video camera for a long time.

After the post is posted,立即引发热议.有网友猜测,The video of Xiaoxi’s shaved hair may be posted on a special website and sold to groups with hair fetishes.And by looking at the related site,红星新闻记者发现,On various websites about hair cutting,There are hair shaving videos and pictures for sale,且价格不菲.此外,在百度贴吧、QQ等社交平台上,也有多个“发友”群存在,The communication content in it involves the sharing of shaved hair video resources, etc..

对此,多名律师表示,without the girl's consent,Cut the girl's hair and make a video to spread it,Violation of girls' body rights and portrait rights,And if the shaved hair video appears to be suspected of pornography or borderline content,dissemination of obscene pornography,Barbers should bear corresponding administrative legal responsibilities,“If the amount of obscene pornography being distributed is significant,but also for profit,charged with disseminating obscene material for profit.”

hair model scam

A female netizen posted a post claiming that her head was shaved and a video was taken

近日,一篇名为《Demystifying Wuhan Hair Model Cutting Short Hair Scam!shaving hair!》的文章引发关注.According to the author of the article, Xiaoxi,,its seen in the group chat“New Hair Design Studio”Hair cutting model recruitment news,I was thinking about cutting my hair short,且有500元报酬,便报了名.According to the agreed time after passing,Went to a square in Jiyu Bridge, Wuchang District, Wuhan to prepare for a haircut.

when she finds the appointed place“一间小公寓”时,Find the reception is own a pair of husband and wife,male hairdresser,“坐下来之后,He said it should be cut to the chin at least,During this period, he also encouraged me to get a shorter androgynous haircut several times..”小溪说,In the end she decided to cut the lowest gear,cut to the chin,Remuneration has500元.

文章里,creek said,before haircut,The couple set up a camera and took pictures of it for a long time.while cutting hair,Also let her cut back to the mirror to the ground.“I don't know how he cut it,He also shaved my hair with a razor.”小溪说,Although there are doubts about the haircut process,But because the husband and wife have been fighting to persuade her,Add in a closed space,出于安全考虑,she made no immediate objection.Until I got home and asked a friend to take a photo of myself,Only to find that part of the back of the head is shaved off the hair.

hair model scam:Shave hair processes behind are interests,3000Multiple video package price200元

↑Photos of Xiaoxi after her hair was shaved(The picture is from the party’s social media account)

After the article is published,立即引发网友热议.有网友表示,The hairstyle Xiaoxi shaved is a classic in the circle of friends“波波头”,Different from the common wave head,its interior will be shaved and hollowed out,And some hair lovers with special hobbies will get visual pleasure from the shaving process of the creek.还有网友说,The stream of husband and wife may not be in order to receive the hair,but for the shaving video,“hair is secondary,Mainly take video,A video can sell a lot of money,They also have a dedicated audience.”

红星新闻记者注意到,The creek is not the only encounter“hair model scam”的受害者,Before this, some netizens posted a similar incident.According to Shanghai netizen Xiaowen,She had been cheated“剪发”的经历.Wen told reporters,事情发生在今年11月3日晚上11点到次日2点期间,At that time, after she received a hair model recruitment notice from a hairdressing college in Shanghai,,Was asked to cut to a remote place,“It's different from what I said before, just trimming the hair,Live stream when I'm asked to cut my hair.”Due to the remote location,The scene is full of strong men,She called her boyfriend.

“The barrage in the live room keeps asking the barber to cut my hair off,他们还说,I come to the live broadcast room every day to watch girls cut their hair,feel very vented.”Wentworth says,I saw these popups,he felt a pang of fear in his heart.Xiao Wen also told reporters,The announcement of information is more small,Will be replaced after frequent use,Many girls in the group did not receive labor fees,It was also cut into a men's ultra-short hair.She didn't receive a labor fee in the first place.,Until later, she said that if she didn't receive the money, she would call the police.,The other party paid.

据了解,creek after the incident,Said to have reported to the police station.11月15日,The reporter found that the hairdresser suspected of cutting Xiaoxi’s hair responded on social platforms,Said that he had discussed the hairstyle with Xiaoxi before cutting it,After cutting, the creek is not dissatisfied,He thinks Xiaoxi's request for compensation is really blackmail.For hair problems,The barber responds“It's just the way to thin,some accept it and some don't.”随后,Reporters trying to contact the name direct messages“理发师”,But as of press time, the other party has not responded.

hair tie gray product

Benefits are behind every step of the shaving process

Many netizens whose hair was shaved said,The routine of being shaved after being tricked into being a hair model is similar,Both are based on the need to issue models as a reason,let them come in for a haircut,And videotaped on the grounds of shooting training videos、签订一份协议.Afterwards, he continued to induce the parties to shave short,or without the knowledge of the parties、Shave the back of your head if you disagree.As for where the cut off hair and the video went,Some netizens said at a hair salon in domestic can be found on the website.

16日,According to information provided by informed netizens,记者找到了2Home Related Sites.One of the sites is no longer available,Another website that can be browsed normally shows,This website is a hairdressing brand website,Showcasing different hairdressing example images.But after entering the site for a few seconds,,网页会自动跳转至“xxhair cutting net-danceHAIR”,The homepage displays pictures of different hairstyles and hair strands,Click on the picture to buy the corresponding product.These commodities include video、图片、Hair bundle etc..其中,The video sells for200多元,The photo is100多元,Each set of videos and pictures has a separate number.The works are divided into Bob head、超短发、短发、烫发等.Hair bundles are also individually numbered,Most of them are named after the title of the original owner of the hair bundle and the type of hair bundle,如“Ms. Kim's smooth hair cut”,Single bundles priced up to1000元人民币.

hair model scam:Shave hair processes behind are interests,3000Multiple video package price200元

↑Hair bundles sold on this site

红星新闻记者注意到,The website adopts a membership system,分为5个等级,After registration, you can automatically becomeV1会员,Recharge within one year330Yuan can becomeV2会员,充值880Yuan can becomeV3会员,充值2000Yuan can be calledV4会员,最高级V5Members need to recharge within one year5000元.Users need to recharge before they can use the balance to purchase goods.

hair model scam:Shave hair processes behind are interests,3000Multiple video package price200元

↑The site selling video and images

据了解,The website previously released a vibrato titled“short hair player”account QR code,The videos released by him are all shaving videos.Some netizens left a message saying that they want to buy the one used in the hair shaving video“Apron”.Cloth is also a favorite item of friends,There are special apron display or use videos in the videos spread by some friends,Some friends will also post information on the resale of cloth in the post bar.

17日,Through a few advertisements in a friend bar,The reporter contacted three sellers who peddled the hair-shaving video.One of the sellers in Chuzhou, Xiaodao, said,The videos they sell are all shaved by themselves,All are original videos,“There is a video that was just shaved the day before that can be sold,Video price80元一个.”The seller Tangerine said,他“there is a tree、Angry shaving、a fly、Broken Hair etc.”多个类型的1000多个视频,打包售卖240元.The seller Xiaoke said,其有3000多个视频,Package price200元.

Paying to Xiaoke50元后,reporter got it100多个视频.记者发现,Small salable video includes hair shaving、烫发、hair show、Show different types such as barber wai cloth,And all of them are videos of women being shaved,Most of these women shave their hair voluntarily,But there are also women who start to cry during shaving,Some found themselves in an argument with the barber after their hair was partially shaved.

hair model scam:Shave hair processes behind are interests,3000Multiple video package price200元

↑A friend selling video and text resources(部分截图)


filmed without consent、Spread related videos

Violation of the party's body and portrait rights

“Send friends circle of small customers,‘Sometimes I can't open a single order in a day’,and it is often referred to as‘网络诈骗’report for.”Xiao Ke told reporters,He himself is to send to friends,Will also buy some videos,I first entered the pit because I watched related videos and novels,“(是因为)rebel,Look at the hair a little less pretty cool.Shouldn't be a biological need,just watch quietly.”

things for creek exposure,Xiao Ke said that if there is indeed fraud, it is wrong.另外,他也表示,Recently, it has been found that some video sources of others may not be clean,Or involved in trafficking, and so on and so forth,“I'm also checking if the video on my disc is clean,Fortunately, my plate.”

对此,北京市中闻(西安)Lawyer Tan Mintao from the law firm said,“without the girl's consent,The girl's hair cut off and shoot the video、传播,Violation of girls' body rights and portrait rights.”根据《民法典》Article 103:自然人享有身体权.自然人的身体完整和行动自由受法律保护.任何组织或者个人不得侵害他人的身体权.And the article one thousand and nineteen of this code:未经肖像权人同意,不得制作、使用、Public Portraits Portraits of People,“girl's hair cut off maliciously,并且,The cropped head is suspected of uglifying and insulting women,Barber shop need to bear the corresponding civil liabilities,Responsibility includes compensation for economic losses and compensation for mental damage.”

Lawyer Tan Mintao said,Girls are willing to shoot hair cutting videos,It does not mean willingness to be disclosed or redistributed,并且,Girls' haircuts have the characteristics of insulting or degrading women,Secondary dissemination is a violation of girls' portrait rights.Fu Jian, director of Henan Zejin Law Firm, also said that,Although girls agree to be filmed,but reserves the right to decide who and how this video is used,“Even if it is re-propagated,The girl's image rights also be protected by law,未经允许,Do not publish videos with portraits of other people without authorization,否则应当承担侵权责任.”

For some shave hair may be pornographic or glancing in video content,Lawyer Tan Mintao said,If the haircut video involves pornographic content,dissemination of obscene pornography.“Definition of Sexual Content,in the current material,Hairdresser has intentional physical contact with schoolgirl,May be in order to satisfy their sexual addiction.”Lawyer Tan Mintao said,If taken in graphic sex video,should be counted as obscene,Barbers should bear corresponding administrative legal responsibilities,“If the amount of obscene pornography being distributed is significant,而且,also involves profit,charged with disseminating obscene material for profit.”Lawyer Fu Jian also said,If the scenes and images in the video are sexual,or exposed sexual organs,dissemination of obscene pornography,“Some videos slip through because they involve edging,as a potential risk,During the review process, the platform should carefully screen out,避免造成不良影响.”



hair model scam:Shave hair processes behind are interests,3000Multiple video package price200元

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